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The senior vampire named Dennis didn't seem to have any intention to battle. He kept watching Li Yunmu attentively with his light blue eyes.

Apparently, even the twenty-three shadows who were standing behind Li Yunmu and pretending to be quasi deity level experts never entered his line of sight.

But it couldn't be denied that the Vampire Clan standing in front of Li Yunmu had tyrannical strength. If they wanted to break the siege and escape, even if Li Yunmu called all the experts among his troops, he might not be able to stop the impressive army of the opponent!

"Why should I believe that if my people provide their blood, they would gain an ally?" After saying this, Li Yunmu paused, and his eyes turned cold. "Isn't nurturing a tiger inviting calamity?"

Dennis licked his bloodless lips and smiled faintly. "I will take the initiative to show my sincerity first. As the leader of this region's humans, you can bind yourself to our Fox Clan's blood pond. As long as your soul remains, you can be reborn infinitely from the blood pond!"

Dennis wasn't trying to cheat him. In the information sent by the system, it was said that not every clan of vampires had the qualifications to take a surname. The clans like the thirteen branches one present on Earth before the Dark Age all possessed their own sacred treasures which could strike fear in the hearts of gods.

A blood pond which could allow a person to be reborn infinite times wasn't considered as an especially precious sacred treasure. In truth, it was a necessity for any vampire clan to pass on their inheritance, since the blood pond was the basis of their strength!

The blood pond produced newborn purebred vampires. After consuming a meal, the clan members would pour a portion of their blood into the blood pond. After a long time, the energy accumulated there would become enormous and allow the vampire clan to become more formidable!

Naturally, humans could also take the initiative to bind themselves to the blood pond and gain the ability to be reborn. But the price for it was heavy; when a human obtained a new body from the blood pond, they wouldn't be human anymore. Instead, they would have become a purebred vampire!

"Naturally!" Dennis raised his chin with a faint smile and spoke coldly. "The rebirth isn't without a price. If your distinguished self genuinely dies, you will be reborn as a vampire. As your strength increases, the amount of blood energy will also increase, so..."

Dennis wanted to say something else, but he hesitated. Seeing this, Li Yunmu looked through the information provided by the system. Swiftly, he learned that there was a limit to the amount of energy existing in the blood pond at any point in time. After its energy was completely exhausted, the blood pond would again accumulate it bit by bit.

If Li Yunmu's strength became extremely terrifying and he happened to die in battle somewhere, then even if he used the blood pond in time, the energy in it might not be sufficient for his rebirth. If that happened, he would genuinely die.

The existence of the blood pond was considered both a fortune as well as a restriction on the vampires.

They could constantly increase their strength and even live for a long time, but if their strength surpassed the limit, a single death would wipe them out from existence like anyone else!

Because of this reason, vampires attached even more importance to their clans. As the number of powerhouses within a clan increased, the strength of the blood pond would also increase, which would allow those standing near the limit to find their guts to advance further!

Li Yunmu's complexion became slightly better after hearing Dennis' explanation. At the minimum, this clan of vampires coming from a parallel plane hadn't tried to scam him by using the fact that he was seeing vampires for the first time. Instead of trying to bind him with the blood pond which might not have any use for him, they had directly told him its limitations!

Humans were actually a complicated yet simple species. They would frequently battle each other for benefits, but most of the time, they followed one principle passed down from the ancient times—if you give me one inch of respect, then I will give you a foot!

After nodding to imply that he understood, Li Yunmu spoke in a deep voice. "Many thanks for your warning. I want to think about it for a bit, is that alright?"

"Please do as you wish."

Dennis smiled faintly, agreeing with Li Yunmu's demand. It wasn't his first time dealing with humans, so when Li Yunmu didn't reveal that heart palpitating killing intent, Dennis knew that he had already was halfway to success!

In other words, he had already done all that he could do. All that was left depended on Li Yunmu's decision!

Actually, as long as Li Yunmu didn't want to battle to death, binding the blood pond with himself wasn't anything important. This could be considered as the best deferential treatment given by a vampire clan to their human friends.

Vampires place great importance on their clans. Even if a purebred vampire later transformed into a mixed blood, they would still be considered as a member of Fox Clan and would be able to bargain with the powerhouses of the clan to teach them all sorts of battle skills.

If Li Yunmu bound himself with the blood pond, then even if he was a human, he would still be considered as a member of Fox Clan and would receive the treatment and resources provided to the members of the clan. In fact, he could even recruit the vampires into his army!

Li Yunmu knew that he wasn't the male lead of some XX fiction novel from before the Dark Age who would attract all sorts of experts to help him as long as he revealed his threatening aura. The present situation had only come to be because the clan of vampires before had been drifting about for a very long time and were starving.

The only reason they paid attention to him was because he happened fulfill all their requirements. Only then was the idea of an alliance mentioned!


A corner of Li Yunmu's mouth lifted up. If he claimed to be number two in terms of defense, then there would be no one who dared to call themselves number one.

If Dennis had put some other conditions, Li Yunmu might have had some apprehensions, but given the present situation, his investment was very low!

As long as an ancient god level expert didn't suddenly descend, he didn't fear being killed in an instant by anyone whose strength was at the same level or higher.

Because of his perfect defense, Li Yunmu was confident that among those he knew, the number of people who possessed the strength to kill him by staking their life on it could be counted on one hand!
His defense was the basis for his confidence!

After thinking it over, Li Yunmu was about to open his mouth and speak, but at that moment, his and Dennis' complexion changed simultaneously!

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