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Zhang Xianhu suddenly turned around and walked away. After giving Li Yunmu a rough idea about his intentions, he quickly left without saying another word.

Li Yunmu massaged the back of his neck and asked in a profound tone, "System, don't you intend to say anything about Zhang Xianhu's way of thinking? If you see me happily agreeing with him, you shouldn't think that I believe him. If I didn't know about your existence, then perhaps I might have believed that I am a prisoner."


The system issued an average 'eh' in a drawn out ton as if rhetorically asking Li Yunmu about what he meant.

This was the first time apart from the time it showed viciousness that the system displayed something like a personality, intelligence, or the human way of thinking. Unlike before, it hadn't simply made conjunction like it had been doing from the time it started following Li Yunmu as a tool. Back then, it had seemed like nothing more than an opportunity for him to grow stronger.

However, the system's action didn't obtain any reply from Li Yunmu, so after a short while, it said, [Host thinks that the prisoner in his plane is me? And its existences like me that were imprisoned all that time ago?]

Li Yunmu still didn't reply to the system. He only let a cold sneer slowly show up on his face.

After Li Yunmu learned about the prisoner theory, he had been able to make a rough guess about what sort of existence the system was. Even if it wasn't a formidable existence from the first batch of prisoners, it was definitely a product made by those people.

In the past, Li Yunmu had been extremely weak, to the point that when he had reached the peak of the Fifth Dimension, he didn't dare to casually rise to the Sixth Dimension. Therefore, he was completely dependent on the system, following the most optimum plan made by it with all his power.

After carefully thinking about it though, he could see that the so-called most risk-free and secure plan which would allow him to obtain the highest amount of rewards wasn't actually designed particularly for him. Although he had indeed obtained many opportunities and his temperament had undergone many changes, who said that the system didn't have any other options? If it did, who would be willing to be someone's puppet?

At the battle with God Undercurrent, the system had taken temporary control of Li Yunmu's body. Furthermore, after the Zhang Xianhu informed him about the prisoner theory, his vigilance toward system, which he had relinquished just recently, rose to new heights!

[Like I chose you, you also chose me. Whether I made you or it was someone else, when the right time comes, you will naturally learn about this matter. Therefore, even if you want to trick me, it is meaningless. Even if I told you everything, some regulatory powers would eliminate the words falling from my mouth or perhaps they would change your memory,] the system stated in a cold voice.

It was paused before continuing. [Be at ease. Because of your present level, this is all that you can know. I told you this, first, so you would know about it, and second, to remind you to not investigate further.]

"You say this, and I should just trust you?" Li Yunmu asked, his brows creasing slightly.

The system's deviousness far exceeded his imagination. Until that day, he hadn't known the specific application of the energy values which the system provided him. Hadn't they always been some meaningless numbers fabricated by the system in order to slowly increase his cultivation, allowing him to mature step by step?

It has to be known that from the beginning, the system had always acted in a manner to follow the rule of conservation of energy. The monsters hunted by Li Yunmu and his shadows would obtain him experience and ability points, and if he went into the dimensional battlefield to fight other people, he would obtain space elements. And these numbers changed without any logic!

After the battle against God Undercurrent, he had felt as if his body was about to wither up. Moreover, the price he had to pay wasn't limited to this. He had yet to obtain the cultivation method which would provide him the greatest assistance and the one he craved the most—the Great Devouring Technique, one of the three thousand dao!

What exactly did those numbers mean and why did the system need those things? Also, where did the extremely formidable cultivation methods come from? Li Yunmu had a strong desire to learn about all of these, but was unable.

Humans mainly fear the unknown.

Even though Zhang Xianhu was formidable, the moment he was in front of Li Yunmu, he was sure that this person would be unable to kill him. Therefore, he deliberately maintained indifference while conversing with him, but facing a mysteriously formidable existence like the system, Li Yunmu was somewhat panicked.

He urgently wanted to know the truth about the system. At least its background! Even the tiniest bit would do!

[When you will truly stand above this world, you will possess the qualifications to discuss these matters with me.]

The system kept its mouth sealed regarding its origins. After a long while though, it added a bit more. [The sixty-six projected planes are indeed a large prison, but you aren't the prisoner, and neither am I. For now, you don't have the qualifications to know about the existence imprisoned here.]

After those words, a hint of fatigue appeared in the system's voice. [Alright, I am tired. Since you already know about some matters, I won't hide them from you. I am indeed a living being, but I don't have my own body. I also need to rest, so if there is nothing more, I will go rest.]

"I still have one final question." Li Yunmu slowly blinked his eyes and asked in a heavy tone, "Are you going to harm me?"

[Would you destroy the skyscraper which you built with painstaking effort for no reason?] the system asked rhetorically.

After a split second, Li Yunmu thought he heard it angrily curse. [Moron.]

After this, the system turned completely silent, clearly illustrating that it wasn't interested in conversing anymore.


Li Yunmu waved his hand behind his body, and the twenty-three shadows pretending to be quasi deity level experts began hacking in the surroundings of Lucky Wind City.

Li Yunmu stood silently in the air for a moment as his expression turned gloomier and gloomier. The conversation with the system had not only lightened the suspicions in his heart, he even felt as if a large, formless hand had enveloped him.

Those who stood at the peak of the true world, were they Ancient Gods? Or was there an even higher realm?

What sort of existence was the system? Or would it be better to ask what sort of existence had created it?

What exactly did the system mean when it said 'Whether it was me who made you or someone else, when the right time comes, you will understand everything'?

Those words kept echoing in Li Yunmu's mind, causing his heart to become increasingly heavier, and the fog in his mind became increasingly denser.

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