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When Li Yunmu stepped on the seat of the city lord, the spell formation used to suppress the energy fluctuations from the city was closed.

At the same time, a terrifying energy rushed out like a dragon of blood and 

qi to circle in the sky over Lucky Wind City.

Under the attack of this formidable energy, many lifeforms that had planned to fly through the territory of Lucky Wind City chose to make a detour. These weaklings revered formidable experts, and no one wanted to provoke a terrifying existence without any reason!

However, apart from those lifeforms making a detour, even the Heavenly Cloud City began to boil.

This was because Battle Sage Vega, Blade Master, Sword Sage, and Battle God—these four supreme transcending experts—were present there at that moment. After sensing Li Yunmu's blood and qi, they also chose to release their energy fluctuations.

Four beams of light rushed into the sky from the Heavenly Cloud City, almost suppressing the light of the sun. Those with good eyesight looked in the direction of Heavenly Cloud City's city lord's manor.

The energy beams rushing into the sky couldn't be produced by just anyone. For instance, the six quasi deities under Li Yunmu might have the same cultivation realm as the supreme transcending experts, but in terms of combat power, foundation, and purity of energy, they couldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence!

There was no one among the quasi deities under Li Yunmu who could release a beam of energy of this magnitude.

"Matchless fierce sword intent. Is it Sword Sage? Furthermore, there's this gentle power. I guess it's Battle Sage Vega? Hah… at least four supreme transcending experts. You all truly gave face to this Li by coming to find me at such a critical juncture."

With his both hands clasped at his back, Li Yunmu left the room. He walking down a street in Lucky Wind City slowly but with firmly,.

Even a three year old child could understand that without the external threat of God Undercurrent, it would have been impossible for the supreme transcending experts to gather in one place. After all, all of them were masters of their transcending powers and had to protect their own domain!

Apart from internal strife and external aggression, the only thing which could unite them were benefits. Naturally, the thing which the supreme transcending expert desired most was the method to break into deity realm!

"Do you really believe that this Li doesn't have the least bit of temper?"

Li Yunmu knitted his brows and turned around to look at the alley to his side.

Now that his physical energy had been fully unleashed, his senses had become extremely sharp. There was no need to speak of him sensing hostility when even if someone just looking at him for a short while would be enough for him to locate that person!


His legs moved slightly, and Li Yunmu disappeared from his location.

Seeing him disappear, a spy hidden in the alley rushed out in anxiousness, seemingly trying to locate Li Yunmu's traces.

At that moment, Li Yunmu, who had unleashed Ghost Evasion, flanket the spy. The five fingers of his right hand wrapped around the neck like iron pincers and pinned the man to a wall in the alley.

"A trifling nirvana realm fluxer dares to intrude into Lucky Wind City?"

A thoughtful smile appeared on Li Yunmu's face, and he coldly said: "Based on your appearance, you should have returned from the Seventh Dimension not so long ago? Go back and properly inquire about all the people who had died in Lucky Wind City!"

Once he said his piece, Li Yunmu released his grip, and the spy who was on the verge of losing consciousness because of the pressure emanating from Li Yunmu fell down to the ground.

He was just a nirvana level ant. In front of Li Yunmu, he was just a single person, so he was caught easily, but if he had concealed himself in the sea of people in the present Lucky Wind City, even Li Yunmu would have had to spend some effort to find him.

This sort of ant who didn't know the difference between life and death had probably offended someone and was given the mission to lurk in Lucky Wind City. After returning to Earth, if Li Yunmu had given clear directions to Blade Overlord and others to kill all the fluxers not belonging to their side, then he would have been slaughtered long ago!

Just as Li Yunmu turned around to leave, the spy stood up with the support of the wall and said in deep voice, "Sire Li Yunmu, Battle Sage Vega has dispatched me to invite sire to make a trip to Heavenly Cloud City. Battle God, Sword Sage, and Blade Master are also present there!"

The spy's recovery caught Li Yunmu unprepared. After all, even if the other was at nirvana flux master realm, he should've needed at least one day to move again after receiving a beating by Li Yunmu who hadn't held anything back!

"Hmph!" Li Yunmu coldly snorted and flicked his sleeves before coldly saying, "Do you take me for an easy target? Go back and inform your master that I know what she wants. If she desires to speak, she must come to see me!"

'She must come to see me!'

These six words bombarded the mind of the spy like thunderbolts.

What sort of character was Battle Sage Vega? She was a super expert who had been defending Central Continent for several tens of years and was publicly acknowledged as one of the supreme transcending experts!

What sort of thing was Li Yunmu? He was an ordinary person born in an ordinary family who could have been crushed with a snap of fingers at the start. Yet now, he was surprisingly shooting his mouth, tellling Battle Sage Vega to come to him? How did he dare!?

Rage instantly filled the mind of the spy.

Li Yunmu looked at the red-faced opponent with a smile yet not a smile and coldly stated, "Youngster, I advise that you calm down a little bit. You want to obtain glory for the powerhouse you serve, which I understand, but you best weigh the disparity between us. After all, you only got one life."

The face of the spy went completely red as his fury reached the peak. but he didn't dare flare out. Even if Li Yunmu had an ordinary background, he wasn't someone to whom people at the level of the spy could give a lesson. If he truly attacked, Li Yunmu would suppress him with a single glance!

After a long while, the redness on the spy's face faded a little bit, but he still gnashed his teeth. "Li Yunmu, I will take your words to the Heavenly Cloud City and leave it up to the lords to make a decision. You best be prepared to face Battle Sage Vega's wrath!"

A sharp and clear sound of a slap echoed, and the spy became a meteor after being blown away sixty-five degree angle towards the direction of Heavenly Cloud City.

"Didn't your mother-in-law teach you to do your work properly? I will give you one way ride, no need for thanks!"

Li Yunmu patted his hands to remove the non-existent dust and his clear eyes bent, forming crescent moons!

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