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Standing above the wall of Lucky Wind City, Li Yunmu was holding a large tangerine in his hand and was concentrating on peeling its skin.

From the time when the spy left Lucky Wind City, it had been full five days. Even if the man had flown all the way instead of using teleport channels, he still would have been able to deliver Li Yunmu's words to the supreme transcending experts.

After swallowing the pulp, Li Yunmu helplessly shook his head and commanded, "Immediately close all teleport channels in Lucky Wind City, regardless of whether incoming or outgoing. Decline all requests!"


Blade Overlord nodded and cupped his hands toward Li Yunmu before quickly leaving the city wall.

Since Li Yunmu was the only descender who had returned from the Origin World, then even if he didn't have the method to break into deity realm, the supreme transcending experts wouldn't let him off. Not to mention that he had displayed tyrannical strength!

Since the four transcending experts hadn't rushed to Lucky Wind City as soon as they heard his words, it was certain that they had returned to their territories to gather people.

A huge battle was about to begin.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

A light breeze occasionally blew past the city wall, but Li Yunmu felt like it had become much more ferocious.

He narrowed his eyes and saw a lanky figure far in the distance. It was wearing a gray robe and was flying on a sharp iron sword, so if it wasn't one of the supreme transcending experts—Sword Sage, to be exact—who else could it be?

"Odd, Sword Sage is Sword Sage, so why…"

Li Yunmu's bewildered gaze fell upon Sword Sage's body.

He could sense the tyrannical flux energy in the man's body and the armor formed of sword intent floating around him. Its dominating manner almost caused Li Yunmu's Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Muscle Marrow Secrets to appear on their own, as if to battle against the enemy!

Although everything seemed normal, Li Yunmu was extremely astonished. He couldn't sense the slightest hint of vitality from the newcomer's body!

The Sword Sage who was coming closer to Lucky Wind City seemed to be a walking corpse?

As soon as this thought rose in Li Yunmu's mind, a bitter smile appeared on his face.

What sort of existence was Sword Sage? He was a supreme transcending expert, so if he wanted to escape, then even Battle God would find it difficult to stop him. How could anyone turn this sort of existence into a walking corpse?

Not to mention that when Sword Sage was in Heavenly Cloud City, there were three other supreme transcending experts with him. Given the scale of the powers gathered, only a couple existences on par with Zhang Xianhu could possibly eliminate two of the supreme transcending experts.

When riding on the sword, Sword Sage was much faster than Li Yunmu when he only relied on his physical strength. Within a few breaths, Sword Sage reached the vicinity of Lucky Wind City.

"What a… joke…"

Li Yunmu looked at the figure wearing plain clothes in front of the city wall in shock, and his complexion turned gloomier with each passing second.

He took note of the once clear eyes, torn clothes, and the metal blade which Sword Sage treated as his life on the verge of fracturing.

Previously, it was still possible that Li Yunmu had sensed wrong given the distance, but now, so close up, it was impossible for him to sense wrong. There indeed wasn't the slightest bit of vitality in Sword Sage's body. His flesh which seemed to have come to finish some affairs was indeed a walking corpse.

The positions of Earth's six supreme transcending experts weren't fixed. They were simply the six most powerful existences whose ranks Sword Sage had only recently joined. But now, soon after Frontline Heaven's Frontline God lost his life, this supreme transcending expert also perished.

When Sword Sage saw Li Yunmu, it was as if he was freed from a heavy burden. He lightly flicked his right hand, and a thin silhouette turned into a ray of light that shot toward Li Yunmu. He caught it with his hand.

After the ray of light lost all kinetic energy and regained its original appearance, Li Yunmu's complexion became even more gloomy. The person before him wasn't a stranger, but someone who he was rather familiar with.

It was Heavenly Cloud City's city lord, Lin Yuerou!

It was impossible for the person who kept watch over the Heavenly Cloud City to appear here. Moreover, many people knew that behind Lin Yuerou, there was a person making waves those days, Li Yunmu. Thus, few people would dare to have malicious designs on her and Heavenly Cloud City!

But her sudden appearance informed Li Yunmu that Heavenly Cloud City had fallen!

"Now, you must be a little careful!"

Sword Sage smiled faintly. Although his ash-colored face without any blood looked extremely sinister, a warm current rushed through Li Yunmu's heart.

After delivering Lin Yuerou, the final bit of power supporting Sword Sage's body dispersed. The next instant, this existence which had walked tall in the world for a long time, stood upright among the top people of Earth, and was considered as the number one master of sword turned into dust in front of Li Yunmu's eyes!




Three enormous light beams rushed into the sky, and countless black dots which represented fluxers slowly appeared in Li Yunmu's vision.

The instant Sword Sage told him to be careful, Li Yunmu knew that the people who had attacked weren't strangers, but rather the supreme transcending experts of the fifty-fifth earth.

Li Yunmu had thought that war was about to break out, but he hadn't expected that the opponent would strike so quick. But after some thought he realized that they were only afraid of his power which obliterated God Undercurrent, so how could they give him time to prepare?

However, Li Yunmu couldn't burst forth with the power that had exterminated God Undercurrent. First, he didn't trust system enough, and second, even if he was willing to allow the system to take control of his body, the extremely weakened system wouldn't be able to accomplish it.

When he thought of it, Li Yunmu couldn't help but feel somewhat sorrowful. Originally, the flux ancestor had reincarnated as Tower of Glory to absorb the energy of fallen fluxers. But when the passage to descend to the Origin World was opened, every single one of the quasi deities had bared their fangs.

Apart from uniting to face the great calamity in front of humanity, those people had no virtuous traits. Each one of them wanted to grasp the benefits in their hand and only viewed others as chess pieces which could be discarded at any time.

And this sort of people had joined together to sit at the top of the Earth?

"If you want war, I will give it to you." Li Yunmu slowly closed his eyes and said one word at a time, "You chose to start this battle, but you won't be able to end it. Since you chose to be my enemies, let me bestow you… with your deaths!"

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