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She Who Turned Into A Demon
Author :kailananan
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10 nine

.his death, her darkness.

he willingly let himself be killed while she willingly let the darkness consume her

Standing face to face with the demon Yangxiao, Yunxi could not help but be scared a little. But she hardened her resolve. She reminded herself that she was doing this because she wanted to save Qinyan.

"Where is Qinyan?" Yangxiao asked.

"Didn't you know? Qinyan is growing weaker each day. She's slowly dying."

"How so? She was fine when I visited her." Yangxiao was baffled. He didn't know anything.

Yunxi did not answer. Instead, she attacked him. Yangxiao, who was a demon, was naturally quick in his reflex. The two were quickly engaged in a battle. Attacks here, defense there. It looked as though it would last for eternity.

Slowly losing their strength, the two stood on opposite sides. Yunxi, with red and misty eyes glared at Yangxiao as tears fell on her face.

"You wanted to know why, right?"

He did not answer her.

"A relationship between the two of you could not exist. This is against the balance of the world. Qinyan paid the price with her life force being slowly taken away."

He did not say anything. He didn't know. He stood frozen on the ground when he heard what Yunxi said. He knew this, but he ignored it because he was selfish. He loves Qinyan so much, he couldn't bear to be away from her. No one has ever stirred and warmed his heart except for her and her alone. Qinyan was his only beloved.

"I want to save Qinyan. . .that is why. . .I will kill you." Yunxi said as she walked towards him slowly.

She gripped his neck and pushed him towards the end of the tower, her warm tears falling on his face.

'Qinyan, I know you will resent me for killing Yangxiao. I am willing to bear your resentment towards me but I could not bear the thought of losing you. . .my friend, my sister. I am sorry that it had to be this way, I just want to save your life. In exchange for Yangxiao's.'

When she saw Yangxiao not fighting back, she slowly loosened her hold on his neck and let him fall to his death.

Yunxi cried and cried.

'Qinyan, I have finally saved you.'

When she thought of that, she laughed like a madman. She laughed loudly like she was insane.

She let the darkness consume her heart. Her white clothes and wings slowly turned black. Gone were the pureness of an angel. It was replaced by the darkness as her heart turned black.

She became a demon herself.
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    《She Who Turned Into A Demon》