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Bloodreed contemplated the proceedings for a moment. “Our tribe can take to the field, but we need certain guarantees. As the main contributors, we need our pick of the spoils after we capture Jiang Chen and make Winterdraw ours. Three first-pick choices should do it. Also, credit for the accomplishment goes to our tribe.”

“That’s a little too greedy, don’t you think?” someone immediately opposed.

Of course it was. It was no secret by now Jiang Chen was a walking treasure trove. Everyone lusted after his possessions.

Bloodreed had started with a sky-high opening price, fully ready for the ensuing negotiation.

Celestial smiled equivocally. “Younger brother, you’re asking for quite the lion’s share when you aren’t the only ones to fight.”

Bloodreed chuckled. “You have to keep us fed if you want us to do the dirty work.”

“You can pick one item ahead of everyone else. How about it?” responded Celestial gravely.

“Not good enough!” Bloodreed shook his head. “Winterdraw is a large place. All four of blood demon forefathers will need to act in concert to fully cover it with our mist. I trust I don’t need to elaborate on the dangers that that entails.”

“One priority pick is already a tremendous reward. Younger brother, what of the other tribes who arrived in Myriad Abyss ahead of us? They’ve made sacrifices without any promise of reward,” Celestial countered calmly.

Bloodreed cackled. “Forgive me for being blunt, but were they as selfless as you make it sound? Weren’t they trying to nab their share before the rest of us?”

The thin veneer of altruism was torn to pieces. Or rather, the entire race knew of the first movers’ ulterior motives, Bloodreed was simply the first one to point it out so unceremoniously.

“Hmph, old fart, what do you mean?” Goldenhowl immediately grunted in dissatisfaction. The blood demon had hit a raw nerve.

Bloodreed would have paid it no heed had it been someone else, but Goldenhowl was well known for his violent temper.

The golden demon was marginally weaker than him on paper, but in a real fight, the outcome was far from certain. What if the demon went ballistic and attacked the blood tribe? He had very little left to lose, after all.

“Hehe, Old Golden, calm down. I wasn’t talking about you. I wouldn’t have objections if you asked for an item as well. Your tribe’s paid high enough a price.” He smartly diffused the conflict and tried to rope in Goldenhowl at the same time.

Sure enough, startled by the unexpected offer, the latter stared eagerly at Forefather Celestial, clearly giving serious attention to the possibility.

A refusal would go down with difficulty at this stage. Therefore, while swearing inwardly at Bloodreed’s underhanded ruse, Celestial kept a straight smile on his face. “Alright, it’s a win-win for everyone in that case. Daoists Goldenhowl and Bloodreed will both be awarded an item. Daoist Bloodreed, by nobly giving up one of your own opportunities for someone else’s sake, you embody the solidarity between our tribes and open the way to a brighter tomorrow. So let’s not argue further, lest we sour the mood.”

Further talks would only waste saliva and complicate matters even more so, so he opted to decisively settle the negotiations. Otherwise, everyone would clamor for their own share, He couldn’t let things descend into chaos.

Putting words in my mouth? Inwardly glum, Bloodreed watched helplessly as Celestial turned the situation to his advantage. What was he to do? Everyone was looking at him with complicated expressions.

Haggling further would only anger the other tribes, so he sighed. “The golden tribe deserves it. They’ve toiled hard for our cause, and Daoist Goldenhowl is someone I’ve always admired.”

If there were no more benefits to had, he might as well cajole the lone forefather and try to recruit him. The golden demon would be a tremendous asset. He was without a tribe to speak of, in any case.

Celestial glanced meaningfully at Bloodreed, then smiled coolly. “Good, it’s so decided. You will cover Winterdraw with your blood mist while the celestial tribe attacks with our soundwaves. With millions of soldiers, the yin tribe is the most suited to battering their formations. The rest will bring up the rear and offer support as needed.”

The overall goal remained the same, but the specifics had been slightly altered.

“We march tomorrow morning! Winterdraw will be ours!”

The forefathers stood up. No matter the conflict and hidden schemes between the tribes, everyone was on the same page regarding the humans.


Jiang Chen made his way back to Winterdraw after felling a celestial demon with a sneak attack. He’d gained a clearer idea about the celestial tribe’s strength, but it’d also served as a warning. The enemy was ready to launch their final assault on the island.

Fortunately, the island could rely on strong defenders and stout fortifications.

More importantly, the White Astral Tiger had reached the fourth level earlier today, and Long Xiaoxuan the fifth.

With all four beasts in the mid divine realm, they could practice the Four Sacred Beasts Formation and attain a greater mastery over their domain.

Once proficient with the formation, even advanced divine opponents might not be their match.

At a rough guess, Celestial should be the only advanced demon god they had to face. No matter how close, the others shouldn’t be at that tier yet.

While the enemy gathered their forces, Jiang Chen also summoned all of the cultivators on the island.

“Everyone, the enemy encroaches on our borders. The decisive battle is upon us. But fear not! You have all been enhancing your strength, and we have mighty formations on our side. Moreover, repeated encounters have demonstrated that the demons aren’t nearly as terrible as we’d first imagined. Victory shall ultimately be ours!”

He spared no effort to inspire his men. Morale was essential at such a time.

His fearless figure filled the crowd with renewed determination. How could they, as elders, lose to their junior in courage? How could they even think of shrinking back at such a time?

Xia Tianze grinned from ear to ear. “Come at me, demons. It’s high time I give you the works. I couldn’t participate properly in the last war, so I have to make up for lost time.”

As the Great Divine Veluriyam’s most trusted confident and the guardian of his legacy, Xia Tianze had been safely tucked away from the ancient war. But now was his turn to shine!
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