Start by Becoming a Mangaka
1217 Bet between them 2
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Start by Becoming a Mangaka
Author :akikan40
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1217 Bet between them 2

The winter game event had started, and a group of gamers entered the venue with excitement.

They had been waiting for this day, and it was the day since this event was also being known as the warring state of the game industry.

The people who dared to enter this event were a company or a circle who had an ability and a lot of experience in the game industry.

All of them were veterans and they had entered a lot of bloody wars in their early days.

However, there was always an exception and those people didn't even know the fear of this industry.

But that was the most fun of it since there might be a dark house that suddenly appeared in this place.

Everyone was very excited about trying the new game that had been created.

The company, circle, and an individual who joined this event were very happy with the number of people who came to this event, however, they needed to bow down when they saw a huge crowd gathered among the most the booth of Eagle Jump.

Left 4 Dead and Clannad.

Both of them had become the hottest game within this event since it was a game that was made by Yuuki.

The name of Yuuki was very famous, singing, manga, novel, drama, pro-wrestler, game, etc.

One thing for sure as long as his name was being written on the creator list, that meant whether it was game, music, manga or anything...

They needed to buy it since it must have been something good.

One thing is for sure, both new games have become the game with the most attention at the venue.

Left 4 Dead caused everyone to scream since it was the first FPS (First-Person-Shooter) game in this world, and made them unable to wait for any longer to go back to play this game.

Zombie? Gun? Etc?

They really thought that this game was epic.

For Clannad, everyone who saw pictures of the heroines on the poster thought that those heroines were really cute.

It was very rare for someone to create a dating game, or even if they made it they had been very bored with a cliche plot that had happened, and the horrible illustration.

However, this game was different since the illustration was really beautiful making them unable to wait and bought those games without a second thought.

Tomoya who had bought the game from Eriri was really grateful since he could see the horrible number of the crowd that had gathered around the booth of Eagle Jump. He looked at both games that he had bought and smiled.

Eriri who was looking at him for a long time could only sigh and thought that this guy was only interested in a game rather than a real human, however, she could see that the number of people who had come to Tomoya's booth was a lot.

Rogue en Rogue was quite famous Doujin Circle and they had gathered a lot of fans from the birth of their Doujin circle.

Their fight was really fierce, and a lot of people kept coming toward their booth giving them money and took the game.

"Sold out!"

It was at this moment, that the booth of Eagle Jumped shouted and put a "sold out" board in front of their booth.


The people who came couldn't help but feel very disappointed since they couldn't buy the game.

The staff of the booth tried to calm down the crowd since those games would be also sold online and also in other stores.

The people who heard it hurriedly checked which store sold both of the games and some of them bought it through the internet.

At the end of the event when the event had ended, Yuuki and his girlfriends didn't go with Eriri and only looked at Eriri and her childhood friend from a long distance.

"Do you really like to steal from someone else's childhood friend?" Ranko said.


"How can you say that?" Yuuki was speechless.

"If possible, then you should also ask Ran, too, since her childhood friends often leave her," Yukana said.


"Enough of that, let's have a party," Yuuki said.


Everyone was very excited when they heard it since they knew that the number of the game that had been sold on this event was very outrageous. They also had checked the number of sales on the website and didn't expect that it would be this easy to make money.

"Let's wait for this airport chest first, I want to see the free movie from here," Utaha said while drinking cola.

"Do you think that she'll slap him?" Ranko asked.

"I don't know." Yuuki shook his head and knew that in the novel a childhood friend was the most cliche romance, but also the cutest.

But it was a sad thing that that childhood friend had met him.


Eriri who had won strangely didn't feel that happy and looked at Tomoya who was still hesitant to apologize to her. She didn't understand, and she also didn't want to understand. She thought for a while and felt that she wouldn't be happy with his apologies.

"Let's stop."

"What?" Tomoya was surprised since he didn't expect those words to come out from Eriri's mouth. He looked at Eriri and wondered how this girl could suddenly become mature.

"I don't feel angry at you again, Tomoya," Eriri said.


Eriri thought that she needed to walk forward and not be stuck in one location. She smiled and said, "Your game is really good, and I hope that you can create the game that you want."


"Then, bye, Tomoya."

Eriri turned and walked away.


Tomoya looked at Eriri's back and wasn't sure why he felt that something had been missed. He shook his head and didn't think much of turning around and decided to play his game since reality was a crap game, and that was why he would create a game that could make everyone's heartthrob!

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    《Start by Becoming a Mangaka》