Start by Becoming a Mangaka
1218 There“s a legend
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Start by Becoming a Mangaka
Author :akikan40
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1218 There“s a legend

The game winter event would be held for three days, however, they decided only to go to the first day on the event rather and let the staff take care of the rest of the days.

Getting all of the money from the game, Yuuki didn't hesitate to book a hotel for everyone to have a party since their game had become very successful.

It might be better to open a party at home, but he thought since they had made money it was better to let them go wild for a bit.

It was also quite a rare experience and it would be good to try it when they were young.

That was why they decided to create a pool party along with booking the entire floor of the hotel.


Ranko and Yukana jumped into the pool right away.


Utaha who was reading on the side of the pool sighed and said, "Can you calm down?"

"Utaha, come! Don't just read on the side!" Ranko yelled.

Utaha rolled her eyes and said, "Shouko, why don't you go with them?"

Shouko only smiled and asked, "Where is Yuuki?"

"He's going to add one more sister for us," Utaha said and continued to read.

"Is it Eriri?"

"Well, who else?"


Eriri and Yuuki didn't join them immediately and walked together around. They walked to the rooftop of the hotel to see the night sky together.

Yuuki looked at Eriri who had invited him to walk together. He looked at her small figure that seemed to be cold because of the temperature. "Here." He took off his jacket and placed it on her.

"T - Thank you..." Eriri showed a cute smile and a bit of blush.

"If you're so cold then why don't we go back first?" Yuuki asked.

"NO!" Eriri rejected and said, "I don't want to be teased by that cow-tits....."

Her voice was so low, but it could be heard by him. He only smiled bitterly and wondered whether the relationship between Eriri and Utaha could become closer.

They didn't use a lift to go to the rooftop, rather they walked using stairs.

Yuuki didn't really mind it, but he was surprised when he saw that Eriri wasn't that tired of walking on the stairs. "Your stamina is really good."

Eriri seemed to be proud and said, "I need to walk on a slope every day to get to my house, of course, my stamina is really good."

Then both of them continued to talk about trivia and a lot more, but this conversation was strangely interesting and made them laugh together.

It was so interesting that it surprised them how short they felt to reach the rooftop since it felt very quick.

"So is there something that you want to talk about?" Yuuki asked while looking at the scenery within this city. Even though he didn't really want to admit it, the scenery of metropolitan town with a lot of high rise buildings and various light surrounding the town was indeed very beautiful scenery. He looked at Eriri who seemed nervous for some reason and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"Uuhh....." Eriri held her head with both of her hands and sobbed.

"Why are you crying?" Yuuki was surprised and hurriedly tried to calm him down. He wiped the tears from her eyes and felt confused by her sudden outburst.

"Ughh, Y - Yuuki....." Eriri hung her head down then turned toward him asking this question.

"Do you like small breasts?"


Yuuki blinked his eyes and felt that this question was very strange.

Eriri started to cry and yelled. "Is it because of my breasts, right? Is it because of my breasts that you have never touched or even laid your hands on my body, right?!"


"Ok, calm down, how about we go back first?" Yuuki felt that it was better to let this girl sleep for a night to make her calm down.

"NO!!!! All of your girlfriends have big breasts! Yukana! Ranko! Shouko! The girls from the Drama Club! That singer! and more! All of them have big breasts! Is it because of my breasts that you have nev---"


Eriri blinked her eyes since she didn't believe what had happened. She saw him very close to her and kissed her lips. She was so stunned and didn't even react for a while.

But when his lips parted from her, Eriri immediately woke up and blushed.

"W - What are you doing?!"

"Is this enough?" Yuuki asked.


"I mean is this enough to prove that yourselves that you're a very attractive girl?" Yuuki looked at Eriri and hugged her waist slowly. "You're a very attractive girl, and I don't care about your breasts."

Eriri blushed and asked, "Then, why don't you start to move on me before?!"

"Because you still have something in your heart," Yuuki said.

Eriri was surprised and thought about the plot of her hentai manga. "Y - You don't only want my body, but also my heart kind of plot, right?"


Yuuki thought for a while and nodded. "Yes, and it is already too late for you to escape from my grasp."

Eriri blushed again and sighed. "I guess I understand why there are a lot of girls around you."

Yuuki hugged her and could smell a very sweet smell from her petite body. "I love you, Eriri."

This time, it was different, the moment she heard those words came from his mouth. She hugged him tightly and cried. "I also love you, Yuuki!!!"


Suddenly there was a firework shot toward the sky creating a beautiful heart shape.

Not only did both of them see this firework, but also Ranko, Yukana, Utaha, and Shouko who were staying in the pool saw it.

Eriri rested on Yuuki's chest while hugging his firm, hard, and thick arms around her body while smiling. She felt very happy and mesmerized by the firework that had happened in front of her.

"Do you know there is a legend?"

Eriri looked up and Yuuki suddenly said those words. "What legend?"

"If girl's breasts are rubbed by the person that they love, it might become bigger," Yuuki said with a smile.


Eriri opened her mouth so wide and seemed to be very surprised. She was interested, but she thought that this guy was a bastard who would say such a shameless thing without shame, however, her answer was obvious.

"Let's try it after the firework is over."

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    《Start by Becoming a Mangaka》