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Chapter 105: The Person Trapped in the Desert

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy / Tehrn
At this moment, Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue had already entered the desert. However, they didn’t come by themselves as originally planned; instead, there was a whole vehicle crew.

Although Chi Wanqing didn’t want her father intervening, her father didn’t bring up about anything in the past this time and allowed her to enter the desert. Thus, she could only retreat a step. Besides, she knew that her father was doing it for her sake. With her compliance, Chi Youjun not only arranged a few cars for Chi Wanqing but also sent people to go with her in the desert. This was using his authority for private matters, but if it hadn’t been for his daughter, Chi Youjun would have never done such thing.

However, he had no choice. The daughter he hadn’t seen for a few years was going to the desert, and no matter how he had tried to persuade her, she wouldn’t agree. He didn’t want to have a big fight again, so he could only comply and send people to protect her.


Ye Mo carefully inspected the wall he was sleeping at over night. Feeling that it was very sturdy, he was assured and opened up the tent. It would be too hot for sleeping bag at night so he didn’t bother pulling that out.

At night, Ye Mo didn’t want to sleep. He was cultivating outside the tent but by midnight, he felt he was being watched again. This feeling made him very uncomfortable and he felt more weird. He wasn’t the only person to come to the desert but why did this only happen to him.

Ye Mo didn’t continue waiting this time. He packed his things into the bag and carried his bag. He felt that the thing that was watching him stayed where it was.

He wasn’t sure if it was the same thing from last night but since he was being watched, it meant that there was something attracting it from him. As for what it was, he didn’t know. Was it still a bare cockroach watching him? Ye Mo knew this was impossible because it wouldn’t be able to survive in the desert.

He came to the desert to find the purple heart vine. Did this thing come because of the purple heart vine in his bag? Because other people didn’t have it, only he did. If that was the case, this would mean that the thing was sensitive to the purple heart vine.

After Ye Mo put on his bag, he wasn’t in a rush to attack this thing. Instead, he took out a metal nail and marked it with his spirit sense before suddenly standing up and walking away from the wall. At the same time, he shot the nail towards the black shadow.

Chhh, Ye Mo knew he hit his target and immediately chased.

This time, he had everything with him so he wasn’t afraid of getting lost. With his food and water as well as his powers, he would be able to survive a month or two in the desert without problems

This time, Ye Mo didn’t lose it. He followed closely behind. Allthough the shadow was on the border of escaping his spirit sense range, he had marked it with a nail. Ye Mo believed that as long as his spirit sense focused the nail, he would be able to catch that shadow.

Although Ye Mo followed the shadow closely, he felt intrigued about the shadow’s stamina. He was sure his nail hit it but how was it still able to run so fast? The shadow that attack him a few days ago was like this as well.

Just when Ye Mo was thinking of a way to speed up and catch the shadow, a feeble cough sounded from the distance. The sound was so small that if his hearing wasn’t great, he definitely wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Just fazing for this moment, Ye Mo lost track of the black shadow. However, Ye Mo wasn’t annoyed, that black shadow must’ve gone hiding somewhere. The black shadow was shot by the nail. Even if it took the nail out, he worked the nail and would be able to find it with the spirit sense mark. It would be fine at least within a few hours.

Now that the thing disappeared, Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered finding it. He just followed where that moan was before.

Two men and a woman leaned weakly against a tattered tent. Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned them before he even went there.

The three had messy and dirty hair and looked very shabby. The two man actually carried guns with them. Although that woman didn’t have a gun, there was ferocity in her expression. Ye Mo seemed to have seen this ferocity somewhere.

Looking at the position they were sitting, it was obvious these three weren’t in the same group. Although they all looked like they were about to die, the two men still stared vigilantly at the woman as if preventing her from playing any tricks.

As soon as Ye Mo arrived, the three were immediately frightened. It was in the middle of the night in the desert and a figure suddenly appeared. No matter how brave they were, they would still be frightened.

Although they were shocked, it was obvious they had no strength left to get up. However, one of them pointed a gun at Ye Mo but didn’t fire.

Ye Mo noticed their cracked lips and their sandstorm tattered clothes. It was obvious they had been in the desert for a while.

“Who are you?” a person holding a gun asked nervously at Ye Mo.

“Are you a human or a ghost?” the woman looked very threatening, but how could she not be afraid seeing a person carrying a bag in the middle of the night in the desert? She subconsciously moved toward those two men, but perhaps she was out of energy, so she only moved a little bit.

“Who I am is not important, but if you continue to point a gun at me, I’ll guarantee you won’t see tomorrow’s sun,” Ye Mo said faintly. He hated people pointing guns at him, and these three didn’t look like ordinary people. Even when they were fatigued by the desert, he could still feel their ferocity whether it was the woman or the two men.

To Ye Mo’s surprise, the person suddenly took the gun back and coughed before saying tiringly, “I hate the morning sun right now.”

Ye Mo suddenly felt this person was a bit cute and smiled, “You are lost in the desert?”

At this moment, the three could be sure Ye Mo wasn’t a ghost, he should be someone exploring the desert. The man who packed the gun away also felt relieved, perhaps they could be saved by this person.

At this moment, he didn’t ask Ye Mo for water and said admiringly, “Brother, I really admire you, you can survive in the desert as if you were taking a stroll. Don’t tell me you came here on foot.”

Ye Mo didn’t answer the man’s words and looked at the other two.

The man explained, “I’m Li Hu, and this is my partner in crime, Cheng Hongzhe. We were apprehending a criminal in the desert, but we lost our way. Our car is out of oil, so we dumped it in the desert. We wanted to ask for back up, but our communication and gps were all useless. Then, we walked some distance trying to find a place with signal, but it was worse; we are still lost, and it has already been many days now.”

Seeing Ye Mo didn’t talk, Li Hu took out his phone and said, “Originally, I thought we could still call for help even if we were lost but a few days later, the phone was out of battery. Plus, in order to capture her, we went into the desert in a hurry and basically didn’t prepare anything. Although we caught her, but we’re trapped in the desert and probably will die in a day or two.”

This Li Hu seemed to be free spirited and didn’t take death seriously.

Ye Mo looked at the woman thinking that although she had been tortured by the desert to the point that she couldn’t move, her ferocity was still there.

Since they were capturing criminals, it meant these two were from the police or another department like that.

“Shameless, you two are the criminals. Is that thing yours? What right do you have to get it from me? Besides, it’s not even on me...” the woman immediately rebutted, and her tone was rather contemptuous.

Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered with these things. He didn’t care who was right or wrong. Seeing these three unable to sustain much longer, he took out fifteen bottles of water and gave five to each. Since these three weren’t from the same group, he would give it to them separately in order to avoid conflict. He didn’t give them food since he had seen some food in their bags.

“Thanks Brother, I don’t need this much. Three are fine, you are still in the desert, keep some for yourself,” Li Hu took some water and thanked him immediately.

Ye Mo gave them water because he had found a lot, and another reason was because that yellow dressed woman was generous when saving him. He felt he was affected too. Of course, Ye Mo liked Li Hu’s personality. This person was optimistic. Now, that he told Ye Mo to keep some, Ye Mo had a better impression of him.

Chen Hongzhe took the water and thanked Ye Mo but didn’t say the water was too much. He quickly opened a bottle and drank everything. He looked at the remaining water and didn’t continue drinking. He knew he couldn’t drink too much now.

The woman took the 5 bottles and thanked Ye Mo excitedly: “Thank you, you are a really good person. I’m called Feng Tian, and I only need 3 bottles too.” Then, she gave two bottles back to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “I still have 10 bottles, you don’t need to give it to me, I have enough.” However, he felt Feng Tian’s temperament didn’t match with her name [1]. she looked ferocious, but her name was very docile.

Cheng Hongzhe saw that out of the three, he was the only one to not say anything and drank first. He felt quite awkward.

Li Hu drank half a bottle and felt that he had recovered a lot. Then, he looked at Feng Tian and said, “Okay, you say you’re not a criminal, but do you dare to say you weren’t from Bei Sha? You dare to say that the explosion in Tan Du a few months ago was unrelated to you? Are you still going to say you didn’t take that thing? We already said. As long as you give me that, I can even give you payment and won’t look for trouble. Besides, do you even need it?”

Feng Tian opened her mouth but eventually didn’t say anything.


1: Tian means sweet.

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