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Chapter 124: Hidden Sects

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
There was a lot of people at Jue Yun Temple’s stall. However, their stall was also very big. Ye Mo followed Wu Guang monk to the resting place at their stall. Immediately, a girl walked up to serve tea

Seeing Ye Mo sit down, Wu Guang monk immediately said, “Sorry for my sudden invitation, I haven’t asked for your name yet.”

Ye Mo came on his own will. If he didn’t want to come, it wouldn’t be so easy for Wu Guang to invite him. Now that Wu Guang asked, “Master Wu Guang, you’re too polite, I’m Ye Mo.”

Ye Mo thought that this Wu Guang probably wasn’t an ordinary folk. Although he hadn’t been in a fight with him, his spirit and essence seemed wholly. Despite he was an old man in his 70s, his movement weren’t slurred at all. As he spoke, his tone sounded potent. Obviously, he was cultivating an inner martial art.

“If I’m not wrong, your prowess in martial arts isn’t low. This time, I do have a few questions for you. Of course, if it’s inconvenient to answer, it doesn’t matter.” Wu Guang’s voice was very soft and very polite.

Ye Mo drank some tea and a crisp smell went into his nose. The taste lingered in his mouth. It was obviously a top quality tea, so he couldn’t help but to say, “This tea is indeed great.”

Wu Guang smiled and said, “If you like it, I can give you some later. This is given to me by a friend.”

Ye Mo wondered if that friend of his was the one who asked Wu Guang to sell magical artefacts for him. Regardless, he would ask later. However, he said, “Thank you, master, what other questions do you have.”

“Great, then I’ll be straightforward. From what I can see, your magical artefacts are even better than the ones I’m selling. I’m wondering if you made them yourself or you got them elsewhere.” Wu Guang’s eyelid sunk down, but the shimmer in his eyes couldn’t escape Ye Mo’s spirit sense.

Looking at the old monk’s eyes and thinking about the fact that he was selling artefacts for those ancient martial arts sects, Ye Mo wondered if he was too high profile. If one of such sect wanted him and took him back as a lab rat, then he would be gone. He didn’t think that with his current power, he would be invincible.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo stood up and saluted to the old monk, “Master, I wish to ask for your help.”

Wu Guang closed his hands. “Yes, don’t be polite, please be straightforward.”

Ye Mo however sat down once again and said, “These magical artefacts and pills are all made by an elder in my sect, however, he doesn’t wish to come out in the world so he told me to sell it for them. However, he doesn’t need the money. In fact, I only know a little about these sort of things.”

After looking once at Wu Guang’s reaction, Ye Mo paused before continuing, “The thing I want to ask for your help is that please don’t get these pills into those ancient martial arts sects to prevent that elder from being offended.”

However, Ye Mo thought to himself that it seemed Wu Guang didn’t really understand the power of the artefacts he was selling. If he knew, then he probably wouldn’t be using this attitude, but it was good that he didn’t know because he was connected to the sects. If he revealed Ye Mo’s power, then it wouldn’t be good.

It seemed that he need to be less in touch with this monk. After today’s things are done, he would leave immediately. Thinking about this, Ye Mo saluted with his fist. “Master Wu Guang, I also have something that I want to ask you.”

“Please speak.” Seeing Ye Mo say he didn’t make these things, Wu Guang understood. After all, someone as young as Ye Mo wouldn’t be able to make such magic artefacts. Moreover, his things seemed pretty well done, rendering a serene feeling. That’s why he wanted to buy one.

He didn’t realize the true effects of the items just as Ye Mo thought. If he knew, then he would probably bring one back no matter how expensive it was. Even if he didn’t hand it to the sects, he would keep one for research himself.

“I want to ask if the ancient martial arts sects are the hidden sects. How do I enter if I want to enter the hidden sects?” He only occasionally heard about the hidden sects from Luo Susu. Although he didn’t ask, he remembered it.

Hearing Ye Mo’s question, Wu Guang looked at Ye Mo peculiarly. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to know about the hidden sects. Not much people knew about the hidden sects.

Since Ye Mo asked, Wu Guang didn’t decide to hide it from him. Plus, there wasn’t anything to hide. He just nodded and said, “Ancient martial arts is a type of hidden sect. other than that, there are other lines such as Dao sects, Yellow sects, Rune sects, and so forth. However, if you’re not one of them, it’s best not to try to enter because even if I tell you how to, you wouldn’t be able to get there. Even if you did manage to get in, you would be killed straight away.”

Speaking of this and seeing Ye Mo’s bemused face, he thought Ye Mo was wondering why the hidden sects could kill people so easily, so he explained, “It isn’t illegal to kill inside the sects, because no one can go in. As for where each one is located, I don’t know either.”

Although Wu Guang didn’t say where the hidden sects were, Ye Mo understood most of the things. Luo Susu should be one of the lines in the hidden sects, and these people were all cultivation madmen. They usually wouldn’t come out or were not allowed to come out. However, each sect couldn’t possibly be that tight, and there were always a few restless people who ran out. After running out, they would use their abilities to establish a career for themselves.

Since Wu Guang said this, there was no need for him to ask about Luo Susu. Wu Guang didn’t even know where the hidden sects were. He definitely wouldn’t know Luo Susu’s situation. No wonder Luo Susu said it was so hard to come out once.

“Then where is your Jue Yun Temple located?” Ye Mo asked immediately.

However, this time, the monk just said “A Mi Tuo Fo” and didn’t answer. Ye Mo knew the monk didn’t want to say it and couldn’t help to be contemptuous towards this monk. The monk found him and asked him so many questions, but when he just asked him a few, he didn’t even want to answer it.

However, Ye Mo asked what he needed so he stood up and said, “In that case, I won’t disturb you anymore, goodbye.”

The monk didn’t have anything else to ask but still gave a box of tea to Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo returned to the exhibition, there was still a lot of people. He wanted to find Lin Huihe and see if he had already bought what he wanted. If he didn’t, then he wanted to leave.

He just saw a few ancient stalls and there weren’t anything good there. Even the artefacts with faint spirit chi were hardly to be seen. Plus, Wu Guang Monk said that he wasn’t from the ancient martial arts sects, so Ye Mo no longer had the intent to ask how they made their magic artefacts. They wouldn’t know even if he asked.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and didn’t see Lin Huihe. Lin Huihe was out of range, so he was probably busy. Ye Mo would also look around and see which of these things were real.

However, Ye Mo was disappointed. After going through half of the places, there were only a few real ones and barely had any function. They were just some ordinary things to cleanse the mind, but they were exorbitantly expensive.

But just when Ye Mo was going back to his stall and wait to meet up with Lin Huihe, a stall that wasn’t much bigger than his caught his attention. To be exact, the silver rock on the stall caught his attention.

Ye Mo scanned the rock with his spirit sense and found it to be a Space Abyss Rock. His heart started to beat fast. Space Abyss Rock—it was the thing used to make dimensional rings or storage rings. In the real cultivation realm, it was rare much less here.

If he had a storage ring, then even if he wasn’t that strong, he wouldn’t have had such a hard time in the desert. He must acquire this; Ye Mo’s eyes could no longer leave the rock and just walked straight towards it.

“Hey, what do you want?” a voice stopped Ye Mo in his steps, Ye Mo just realised he rammed onto someone else.

“It’s you?” Ye Mo didn’t expect the person he ran into would be An Yan. This woman really haunted him wherever he went.

However, that youth that was tailing her was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, sorry.” Ye Mo knew it was indeed his fault this time. There was only Space Abyss Rock in his eyes.

An Yan who was in a bad mood and was about to throw a tantrum saw it was Ye Mo and actually calmed down. Although she hated Ye Mo, she felt like she could make a deal out of Ye Mo ramming into her. Perhaps she would be able to get that jade necklace.

But when she reacted, Ye Mo had walked over to a stall. It meant that he didn’t even take ramming her seriously. An Yan was immediately infuriated and followed him without thinking.

However, Ye Mo was nervous at this time because he saw someone pick up the silver white rock. It seemed that person was also interested in the rock.

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