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Chapter 224: Discovering the Evil Plan

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Tang Beiwei pouted her lips and sat on the ground. She didn’t care about how she looked but just didn’t say a word. She hated Ye Mo; her original good impression of Ye Mo was gone immediately. This person was so barbaric, not caring she was a girl at all and just carried her by the neck. No wonder someone was targeting him, served him right.

Ye Mo sneered; the only reason he didn’t use forceful interrogation was because she had a bracelet.

"I don’t know why you have my sister’s number saved or why you purposely came close to me. I just know that I won’t let the person live no matter who tries to touch my sister. I admit your acting skills are quite good, you even tricked even me. I’ll give you another minute, if you don’t talk, then don’t blame me for using force." Ye Mo’s voice was getting colder and colder.

Tang Beiwei looked up in surprise. "Who did you say is your sister? When do I know your sister?"

Just when Ye Mo wanted to rage, he saw Tang Beiwei didn’t seem to be lying, so he sneered and said, "The one saved as Ye Mo’s girlfriend on your phone is my sister. Not only did you record my sister’s number, but you also tried to get close to me, what do you want?"

Tang Beiwei was caught off guard; she subconsciously wanted to stand up but immediately realized her situation and quickly covered herself with the blanket. She frowned and didn’t talk.

Ye Mo stared deadly at Tang Beiwei. If she tried to play any tricks, he would start using forceful interrogation.

Tang Beiwei didn’t know why Wei Yongqian said Ye Mo’s sister was his girlfriend. However,no matter what, Tang Beiwei knew Wei Yongqian was tricking her. From today till now, he had been lying to her the whole time.

Tang Beiwei had decided to spill everything. When she look up, she saw Ye Mo giving her a deadly stare. Tang Beiwei subconsciously covered her chest.

Ye Mo sneered. "You don’t need to worry, I’m not interested in you, don’t need to keep acting."

Tang Beiwei’s face grew more pale but didn’t rebuke Ye Mo’s words; she rubbed her eyes and said, "A few days ago, a person called Wei Yongqian found me and said you stole someone’s girlfriend, and that person wants to teach you a lesson. So they told me to get close to you, even if I can’t be your girlfriend, I needed to get close to you and best…"

"Get in bed with me, right? You don’t need to stutter, I didn’t see you being shy before." Ye Mo sneered.

Tang Beiwei bit her lips till blood came out but she didn’t notice it at all. She continued, "Yes, then I’m to take you somewhere and that person would bring your girlfriend there too. Your girlfriend would call me ,and I would tell her the place. Then, she would see me being intimate with you, and that way, your girlfriend could see who you really are and then, I would get intimate with other men in front of you in order to make you…"

"Take my life right?" Ye Mo’s voice was really cold, making Tang Beiwei shiver.

Tang Beiwei quickly shook her head. "No, they said they would beat you up at most and injure you. They want to make you feel despair, make your girlfriend feel despair to you…"

Tang Beiwei spoke till now and didn’t even believe it herself, would these people really do that? Wei Yongqian had lied to her a few times already, could his words be trusted?

"Hmph…." Ye mo was sure that these people not only wanted his life but also Ye Ling’s too. Perhaps they would rape her in front of him to make him lose his marbles. Ye Mo sneered. "I wonder how much your first time was sold for? Oh, right, perhaps it’s not your first time, who knows how many times you have been sold?"

Because Ye Ling’s life was on the line, it was the first time Ye Mo spoke so harshly to a girl.

Tang Beiwei opened her mouth and spat out blood. Her face was pale like paper, but she bit her teeth not wanting to say a word.

She had tricked him alreadt, so he could do whatever he wanted to her. She could only blame herself for having such a harsh life. Anyone could step on her dignity and life. She had no parents anyways. Although she tricked him too, she was taking the most precious thing she had to compensate him, was this not enough?

Ye Mo saw that Tang Beiwei spat out blood being angered by him so much and couldn’t bother to look at her. Although she was pitiful, she was more detestable.

Ye Mo picked up the phone and called Ye Ling.

"Brother, why did you call, I haven’t been able to contact you," Ye Ling’s crisp voice sounded, making Ye Mo feel relieved.

"Mm, I’ll be coming back soon, has someone been calling you recently to come out?" Ye Mo asked immediately.

Ye Ling’s voice quickly sounded, "No, what’s wrong?"

"Good, listen, if I want to find you, I will call you myself. If someone else calls you, don’t believe them, do you understand? And, my phone won’t be shut recently, call me immediately if something happens," Ye Mo warned.

Ye Ling knew that she didn’t know about a lot of Ye Mo’s things and worriedly asked, "I understand, are you alright, brother?"

"I’m fine, I need to ask you one thing, can you tell me more specifically about the bracelet you gave me last time?"

Ye Ling didn’t know why Ye Mo suddenly asked about this. She hesitated for a moment before saying, "Second brother gave this to you saying your mother left it behind. I don’t know the specifics."

Ye Mo hung up the phone in disappointment. He expected this answer, but he was still disappointed.

To be honest, he came from a different world, so he didn’t really care about the bracelet that much. But today, he saw the same bracelet and that reminded him of this again.

Ye Mo walked in front of Tang Beiwei and looked at the blood she spat as well as her pale face. He suddenly thought had he been too harsh.

"Draw out the place Wei Yongqian told you to bring me to." Then, Ye Mo gave Tang Beiwei pen and paper.

Tang Beiwei was like a doll and didn’t move at all.

Ye Mo sneered. "I know even if you don’t say, is it at a distant place? Tricking my sister and I there and then kill us? You’re very smart, do you think these people would let you go after killing us? You’re too naïve. I don’t know what they promised you, but I can surely tell you, stop dreaming."

Tang Beiwei’s dead eyes seemed to move a little. She looked up subconsciously and numbly said to Ye Mo, "I never wanted to kill you nor harm your sister. Those people just want to take revenge on you, kill…" Tang Beiwei had a jeer on her face but didn’t say anything. It was a legal society now, could they kill easily?

Ye Mo was thinking, who wanted to trick him there? The Song Family or someone else? The Song Family had the guts? Ye Mo sneered, if one didn’t kill the snake, he would be harmed by it. Regardless of whether it was the Song Family, he needed to go to Beijing and end this. He wasn’t afraid of them, but what about the people he cared about?

But why did these people choose Tang Beiwei? He took a good look at her face. Although her face was numb and swollen, he saw that she was a girl that was as pretty as Su Jingwen. It was just that she didn’t put on any make up. She didn’t even draw her brows, but there was a sense of natural beauty.

Ye Mo took back his eyes, thinking these people were really sinister. He didn’t know where they found her, but since Ye Ling was fine and he noticed this plan, his anger towards Tang Beiwei was gradually gone.

He stood up and looked at Tang Beiwei and said, "Whether you believe it or not, these people tricked me there to kill me so you owe me. If you still have conscience, then tell me. What did they promise you? And where did your bracelet come from."

Tang Beiwei was sure from Ye Mo’s tone that what he said was true. Those people really wanted to kill him. Although Ye Mo was so vicious with his words just then, Tang Beiwei felt Ye Mo was more trustworthy than Wei Yongqian.

Perhaps it was because Ye Mo cared about his sister too much. When could she have a brother who cared about her like that? Her sister was really fortunate having a brother that cared about her so much. Then, Tang Beiwei thought about herself. She was a wild child. Other than a mother she lived with, no one else cared about her. All the people that tried to get close to her had all sorts of motives. They either lusted after her beauty or had sinister plans. Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but shed tears.

Although she warned herself again and again that she couldn’t shed tears in front of this mean person even if she died, but she couldn’t help the feeling of sadness from sprawling up.

Ye Mo didn’t force her again. He just coldly stood there, waiting for her to reply. Although he knew Tang Beiwei must’ve been tricked, he didn’t sympathise her at all.

"Because my mum needs surgery, but I can’t afford the money, so…" Tang Beiwei didn’t continue.

Ye Mo had understood and regretted using those vicious words to attack her just then. He should forgive a girl who sold herself for her mother no matter what the reason.

Ye Mo’s eyes eased up and his voice was no longer as cold as before. "Talk about that bracelet, my words were too serious before, sorry. However, you’re so old already, how can you be tricked so easily? Seeing how you’re desperate to save your mother, I won’t hold it against you."

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