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Chapter 252: Flying Sword Made

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Pumph! Jing Xi felt into the deep abyss outside Serenity.

At the same time, Ye Mo retreated many meters and crashed into the wall. Many of his ribs were broken, and he also spat out a mouthful of blood. However, Ye Mo took a Lotus Life Pill as fast as he could. He slowly stood up and turned to look at Jing Xian. He didn’t say anything and just left this place that made him sad and disappointed. The reason he didn't talk to Jing Xian was because he wasn’t very happy with her either.

It was obvious that Luo Ying was going to die after being sent into the frost room. Jing Xian was the leader of the sect, but he did nothing about this. This made Ye Mo lose his good impression of her, and while he killed Jing Xi, he had a subtle feeling that he was being used. Although he knew that Jing Xian might not have thought it that way, but he was still uncomfortable.

Seeing Ye Mo disappear from Serenity, Jing Xian sighed and didn’t go after Ye Mo’s responsibility. Instead, she turned and walked to the frost room that was shattered by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t go very far after leaving Serenity. He found a distance place to sit and recovered his injuries. Then, he left Serenity along the mountain path.

He came to the platform and walked over the metal chain. However, he didn’t go down the mountain. He dug a hole in the cliff face tens of meters below the metal chains. The stone cave had an area of about 3 to 4 meters. Ye Mo had two reasons to stay here. First, he wanted to digest the Essence Chi Stone, and second, it was to try his luck and see if Luo Ying would come back.

The place he was at was just about 100 meters from the top. If someone passed here, he would be able to notice it.

When everything was ready, Ye Mo started cultivating. There was a little amount of spirit chi in the Essence Chi Stone, and it was much harder to digest than spirit stone.

Although he still had a lot of things to do, he still haven’t gone to Fang Nan even though he promised he would do so. As for that taekwondo thing, he already forgot it. He didn’t even have time to go to the Song Family much less that North Sand.

Without power, everything was unachievable. If he didn’t have the resources, never mind, but he had an Essence Spirit Stone. If he just left it in his ring and didn’t use it, it would be a waste. Although he could still cultivate at other places, he still had a sliver of hope that Luo Yng would come back.

After experiencing this series of events, he knew that he shouldn’t be weak here. Luckily, he still had food in his ring, and it was fine even if he stayed here for a few months.

Time flies as one cultivates. A week later, when Ye Mo’s Essence Chi Stone had become dust, his power was at the peak of Stage 3. If he still had another one or a little bit of fortune, he could reach Stage 4.

Ye Mo sighed; he had to stop. Resources, without resources, he wouldn’t be able to progress no matter how much time he used. However, he was very satisfied with his progress in a week.

He had only been here in this world for less than a year, and this place was seriously not suitable for cultivation. But still, he was able to reach the peak of Stage 3, what could he say? When he first came here, he thought he would never be able to reach Stage 3 but now, he was about to reach Stage 4.

Plus, the reason he could cultivate to this stage was mostly due to fortune. Without those, perhaps he would still be struggling in Stage 1.

He needed to improve his power, but he couldn’t cultivate, so he could only forge the flying sword. Luckily, all the materials were ready. Ye Mo really wanted to thank this auction. Without it, not only was there not enough materials for his flying sword, but he wouldn’t even be able to reach peak of Stage 3 as well.

He casually took out the Geng Iron Essence, Deep Sea Button Wood, Green Silver Sand, Star Jade and other materials. Ye Mo felt satisfied looking at them.

These materials were top grade materials for making flying swords even in the cultivation realm, but he actually managed to gather it. He would’ve never believed he could gather it when he first came here.

Ye Mo’s power increased a step and his chi fire was also much stronger. Although Chi Gathering State chi fire was still a bit weak for making flying swords, Ye Mo had to make one. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to beat Earth Level masters.

Plus, once his power increased, he could reforge it.

The reason he chose this place to make the flying sword other than waiting for Luo Ying was because Ye Mo believed the auction holders wouldn’t just let him go. It must have been a hidden sect power that held the auction, and he also heard Jing Xi say it was some Space Organization.

Even though Ye Mo knew these hidden sects wouldn’t appear in the mortal world, Ye Mo didn’t dare to be careless. They didn’t appear in the mortal world, but it didn’t mean they couldn’t. If there was something they desire, they would be completely able to come out. For them, it was too easy to lock down Wuliang Mountain.

Ye Mo collected his thoughts and started up a gust of chi fire. Then, he put the Geng Iron Essence, Deep Sea Button Wood, Green Silver Sand, Star Jade and the other materials into the fire, making the slowly melt and mix.

Because Ye Mo’s power was so low, while he was forging the sword, he had to slow down just to recover chi.

The impurities of the materials were slowly removed under Ye Mo’s control. If he was Foundation Establishment Stage, Ye Mo could finish this in one day, but due to his low power, he took half a month to finish refining the materials.

After taking them out, he started to forge them into the shape of a sword and mark formations on it.

After another half a month, even though Ye Mo slowed down and rested in between, he was still so tired that his face was pale and his chi was empty. However, Ye Mo was getting more and more excited because his flying sword was about to be finished.

There was a clear chirp and Ye Mo immediately spat out some essence blood on the flying sword. A 30 cm long sword floated in front of Ye Mo’s eyes, emitting a faint purple light. Ye Mo knew it was due to him adding the Star Jade. Star jade was such an overpowered material. With Ye Mo’s power, he actually made a high grade flying sword.

Ye Mo waved his hand and the sword landed on his hand. There was the sense of blood relation. His power was too low, and he couldn’t change the size of the flying sword. Once he got stronger, he could turn the flying sword into a small light dot and put it in his dantian, or he could turn it into more than 3 meters long and fly on it.

The flying sword seemed intelligent and emitted a sense of intimacy.

"Go." Ye Mo casually threw the flying sword out, and it flew around in the air by itself like a glamorous shooting star. Ye Mo took it back and couldn’t help to feel proud.

Zhang Zhihui you old fatty, don’t let me see you again. If I see you, I will use your blood to sacrifice to my flying sword. And that auction place as well. Ye Mo knew that they had bad intentions for him, but he couldn’t really just go attack on their doors. After all, they haven’t done anything bad yet.

Pity he was only a bit away from Stage 4. Once he was Stage 4, he could just step on the flying sword and fly away.

Ye Mo took the flying sword back but didn’t leave immediately. He made more Fireball and Wind Blade Charms. At the same time, he used the remaining materials and made Xu Ping a long sword.

Ten days later, there were 200 more charms in his ring. Ye Mo stood up with disappointment, it was time to leave. It had been more than a month, but Luo Ying was still nowhere to be seen. She probably wouldn’t be back for now.

Ye Mo jumped up the platform in disappointment. He should go back to see his sister first before going to Beijing.

Wuliang Mountain seemed desolate in the middle of autumn, and Ye Mo no longer had the elevated feeling of when he came. If he didn’t know Susu was Luo Ying, perhaps he would feel better, but now that he did and still brushed past her, he felt very bad. Plus, he was worried about her. Although the necklace he made her had defensive and offensive abilities, she was too weak herself.

"I thought you would cower in Wuliang Mountain and not come out, where else can you hide today." A cold and sinister voice sounded ahead of Ye Mo.

"Zhang Zhihui? It’s you, old fart." Ye Mo stopped. He was worried about Luo Ying and didn’t notice that Zhang Zhihui was still waiting for him.

But now, he was very calm. He was at the peak of Stage 3 Chi Gathering, and he had a flying sword. Even if he didn’t have the sword, he could smash this old guy to death with his fireballs.

"Hmph, you got balls. Xiao Bei, learn how to be a human next life. Originally, I just wanted you to leave the Liu Blue Carrot behind, now you will leave your life behind too." Zhang Zhihui heard Ye Mo’s disrespectful calling of him and became angrier.

Ye Mo coldly looked at Zhang ZHihui and blandly said, "Old Fatty, you’re really persistent. You actually waited here for more than a month. In that case, I’ll sacrifice your blood to my sword."

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