Strongest Abandoned Son
341 Know One’s Face But Don’t Know One’s Hear
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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341 Know One’s Face But Don’t Know One’s Hear

Chapter 341: Know One’s Face But Don’t Know One’s Heart

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Xie Weizhen didn’t expect Su Jingwen to actually say it out. He thought that what happened between them two couldn’t be mentioned at home. But now, not only did she say it, she also said it in front of her mother. This caught Xie Weizheng off guard.

However, Xie Weizheng quickly reacted and walked over to Mu An, bowing: "Aunty, it’s because I saw Jingwen book a hotel room with another man. I was scared that Jingwen was inexperienced and tricked. I didn’t choose my words carefully at the time because I cared about Jingwen too much…."

Su Jingwen’s face was green with anger. She didn’t think that Xie Weizheng would twist the truth in such ways in front of her mother. It was obviously he who went into room with another woman but now blamed it on her.

Mu An’s heart sunk. Her first reaction was disbelief. She knew her daughter all too well. Now, Xie Weizhen said her daughter booked a room with a man. How could she accept this!

Just when Mu An was going to reproach Xie Weizheng, Su Jingwen said coldly: "Xie Weizheng, who are you to me? I booked a room with the person I like. What’s that got to do with you? I like it. I’m happy. Go, go now. Our family doesn’t welcome you."

"Xiao Wen…." Mu An looked at her daughter in shock. She didn’t expect her daughter to admit it.

Xie Weizheng suddenly stood up straight and said in a calm tone: "Aunty, I really don’t mind what Jingwen did from the bottom of my heart. I really like her. I just want to invite her out for a talk. Of course, if she doesn’t agree, I will also respect her and give up these thoughts."

"Weizheng, you’ve been studying abroad and I don’t see you being that devoted to Jingwen. How come this time…"

Mu An was still thinking about her daughter booking a hotel room with a man. But she also felt Xie Weizheng wasn’t right today.

"Xie Weizheng, I won’t go out with you. If you have something you can say it here. If you don’t, then you can go." Su Jingwen looked coldly at Xie Weizheng. Her tone was freezing cold.

Mu An knew her daughter’s personality. Since she said she won’t go out, she won’t go out for sure. But thinking about Xie Weizheng, she said helplessly: " Xiao Wen, how bout you just have one more talk with Weizheng. If you guys can sort if out, then things go on. If not, then never mind."

Before Su Jingwen could reply, Xie Weizheng quickly bowed and said: "Yes, anty, I will explain things properly to Jingwen. If Jingwen really disagrees, I will also respect her wishes."

Su Jingwen looked hesitantly at her mother. In the depth of her heart, she really didn’t want to go out with Xie Weizheng but her mum also said this was the last time.

Just when Su Jingwen was still hesitating, a maid brought in a disk and walked in front of Mu An passing the disk to her, "Aunt An, someone just sent in this saying it needs to be watched immediately."

Mu An took the disk confusedly and casually put into the DVD player.

When the TV screen showed, Xie Weizheng’s face changed drastically. He walked up a few steps and was going to take out the disk. Mu An stopped him, "Weizheng what are you doing?"

Xie Weizheng’s face changed many times before saying: "I’m a little uncomfortable. I’m going." Then, he didn’t even care about Mu An’s strange eyes and turned to leave.

Mu An and Su Jingwen who were very confused quickly knew from the disk why Xie Weizheng was leaving. This disk recorded the plan Xie Weizhen had for Ye Mo and Su Jingwen.

The more Mu An watched, the angrier her face got. Xie Weizheng was planning to capture Ye Mo and Su Jingwen and then get many people to rape Su Jingwen in front of Ye Mo. After this, they were still planning how to transfer Mu An’s assets.

Slap, Mu An slapped the tea table, "What did I do to your Xie family? How dare you be like this!"

"Mum…" Su Jingwen quickly came to pat her mother on the back. She was scared her mum would get sick. Although she already knew what sort of a person Xie Weizheng was, she was still in disbelief at his brutality. He was asking her out so he could rape her.

After long, Mu An calmed down and turned off the DVD player. She looked at her daughter and asked: "Xiao Wen, did you really….."

Su Jingwen shook her head, "Mother, it was just a friend. I was in the room with my friend and when we came out, we happened to see Xie Weizheng with another woman. He was going to hit me but my friend taught him a lesson."

"This bastard." Mu An said and then after a while, she continued to ask: "Xiao Wen, did your friend send this disk?"

Su Jingwen contemplated for a while and then said: "I believe it is him but he probably has something on so he didn’t come."

"If you have time, get your friend to come sit for a while. You don’t need to worry about Xie Weizheng but the Xie family is no small entity. You friend can even get this this fast meaning that he’s not that simple either. You like him right?" Mu An nodded and asked. She knew her daughter too well. If her daughter didn’t like this person, then, she wouldn’t go into the same room with this person no matter what.

Su Jingwen blushed and hesitated for a while before saying: "Mum, he already has someone he likes. And it’s not that I like him. I just don’t have any vigilance for him. I feel he’s trustworthy. He’s a good person and..."

Mu An smiled, "You’ve said so many good things about him. How can you still say you don’t like him? So what if he has someone he likes? As long as they’re not married, anyone can like him. Plus, my daughter is no lesser than anyone else. What were you going to say before?"

Mu An felt quite guilty to her daughter. If it wasn’t for this disk, she was going to persuade her daughter to go out with Xie Weizheng. You know one’s face but you don’t know one’s heart. Mu An sighed. Xie Weizheng only went out a few years and had turned so cruel but you couldn’t tell from his appearance at all.

Su Jingwen could only say: "Mum, he’s Ye Mo, the one who cured your sickness and the one sold me the spirit cleansing charm."

"It’s him…." Mu An had long been wanting to see Ye Mo and didn’t expect him to be in Ning Hai.


Xie Weizheng walked out of the Su family with a bleak face. He really couldn’t understand how his discussion in the afternoon turned into a disk this rapidly and was sent to the person he was plotting against.

Xie Weizheng opened the car door and sat in the car spitting coldly: "Su, so what if you know? I will make you regret betraying me. What I can’t get no one shall get."

"Pity, you no longer have that chance." A voice suddenly came from his back seat.

"Who is it?" Xie Weizheng turned around abruptly and saw a middle aged man holding a gun at his head.

This man sneered: "You can go back and see your men in hell. Who I am is not important, the people in the business call me 9th uncle. You can call me that too. Oh, by the way, my previous occupation is a killer."

Xie Weizheng calmed down from his initial shock. He wasn’t someone inexperienced, soon, he realized that the disk was also sent by this 9th uncle.

"9th uncle, we have no feud, plus, aren’t you killers doing your job for money? How much do you need? Name your price." Although Xie Weizheng was shaking, he immediately realized what was the focal point.

9th uncle sneered, "Drive your car first."

After Xie Weizheng started the car, the middle aged man said coldly: "no feud? You are attacking my boss’s woman, is that no feud? Ye Mo is my big boss, and Su Jingwen is my boss’s woman. Tell me if we have feud or not? You only have yourself to blame."

Xie Weizheng opened his mouth. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this powerful. In the turn of an eye, not only was his schemes known and he became a prisoner to Ye Mo. Since this man was a killer, what else didn’t he dare to do? Perhaps he would shoot his head the next moment. Now, Xie Weizheng was really scared.

Ye Mo killed Ren Sha and destroyed all the Gu bugs. Then, he spun around the island. This island was very small, less than one square kilometer. Ren Sha didn’t build any grandiloquent houses on it. Just a few simple bases used for his cultivation. However, Ye Mo didn’t know why Ren Sha bought such a small island.

Ye Mo felt a lot more relived after annihilating the Earth Fiend. That constant feeling of threat had gone.

Ye Mo walked into a room. This was probably used by Ren Sha for cultivation. He wanted to see how this Ren Sha cultivated.

Just when Ye Mo walked in, he was shocked by the dense spirit chi here. Although this was still a far cry from the cultivation realm, it still surprised Ye Mo. Spirit chi was too rare and the density of this chi here was very good despite having some impurities.

Ye Mo soon discovered that the chi here was dissipating. He looked around and immediately realized what was going on. He couldn’t help to curse Ren Sha. There was a spirit well here but after Ren Sha found this place, he dug the spirit well and ruined it.

Although it was faster to cultivate here, the spirit chi here would soon dissipate. A dug up spirit well, no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he couldn’t recover it.

The only way was to sit down and cultivate, absorbing as much as he could. Once the spirit chi dissipated, he couldn’t absorbed anymore. Thinking about this, Ye Mo sat down and cultivated without hesitation.

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