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Chapter 381: To Be Caught In One’s Own Trap

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
Jason laughed bleakly and pressed down on the controller. A few of the metal cages opened and the starved lion, leopard and tiger rushed out, charging towards Ye Mo and Johnson.

Jason saw Ye Mo wip the leopard away with one kick and yelled, "Open fire and break that Chinese man’s leg!"

Around one hundred people fired simultaneously, all focusing on the same spot. There were sparks all over, yet Ye Mo was nowhere to be seen.

At this moment, Ye Mo jumped up to where the people were standing and incapacitated their meridians with rapid speed before throwing them down below.

Ye Mo was very fast; after running one circle, he had thrown the hundred or so people down onto the fighting ring. Only then did Jason react. He immediately realized that this Ye guy was far more powerful than he had expected. This gladiator ring couldn’t trap him at all.

Howls of pain sounded in the gladiator ring mixed with the roaring of beasts, making people shiver.

The only thought in Jason’s head was to leave this place as soon as possible. Suo Ren was faster than him, but as soon as the two stood up, they saw Ye Mo standing in front of them.

"Mr Ye…" Jason wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. The reason he could live so well until today was because he never exposed himself to danger.

Today however, even though he thought he had prepared for everything, he had miscalculated. This man has exceeded the limits of humans. Who could jump twenty meters high and throw his men into the gladiator ring in such a short time.

If he got another chance, he would rather abandon his beautiful manor and leave as far as he could, rather than face Ye Mo. This person wasn’t a human; he was the devil.

"You are Jason?" Ye Mo looked at this man who had reigned over San Francisco all these years. He didn’t expect he would be so scared facing death head-on.

"Yes, yes, good sir. I have a lot of money, I’ll give it all to you, as long as you have mercy on me…"

"Oh, where is your money?" Ye Mo asked candidly. If there was a lot of cash, he didn’t mind taking some; he was short on money anyway.

Jason saw that Ye Mo was interested in his money and immediately became excited. He ordered Suo Ren hurriedly, "Quickly explain to Mr Ye."

Suo Ren raised his pale face and said slowly, "Jason’s money is all in stocks. He owns six companies and 5 shopping malls. These things can’t be turned into money straight away. They need to be sold. But if Jason suddenly sells these things, the FBI will investigate. This way, not only would you not get the money, but it will also cause you trouble."

"Suo Ren, you, why are you putting it like that…" Jason could tell that Suo Ren wasn’t helping him talk and was instead saying that his money couldn’t be taken now. If it couldn’t, what use was he then?

Ye Mo looked at Jason and questioned, "In other words, you have no money right now?"

"I do, I do! I still have 50 million in my bank account," Jason no longer dared let Suo Ren help him translate.

Ye Mo took out his card and gave it to Jason, "Transfer all your money to me as fast as possible. Otherwise, you'll see I don’t have much patience."

"Okay, okay; but after I do that..." Jason asked hesitantly. As long as Ye Mo agreed to let him go, he would do anything.

Ye Mo declared coldly, "Don’t challenge my patience. I don’t have so much time that I can wait for you. If you don’t want to, fine by me. I’ll just toss you down."

"I’ll do it, I’ll do it!" Jason didn't dare say anything more. He took out his phone and started making transactions.

Just looking at the blood bath down there shook his mind. Those gang members couldn’t crawl up and were being torn apart by the beasts.

Suo Ren looked at Jason who was rushing to make the transaction. There was ridicule on his pale face. He knew that even if Jason made the transaction, Ye Mo wouldn’t let him go. He could already see the sharp killing intent in Ye Mo’s eyes.

But in the depth of his heart, he was also shocked. He had witnessed many masters, but it was the first time he met someone of Ye Mo’s caliber. He saw with his own eyes how Ye Mo flew up. That moment, he at first thought he had seen wrongly.

If it had been someone else, he would’ve thought of many ways to run, but in front of Ye Mo, he felt helpless. This young man was too scary. He could tell he was the traitor of the Chinese gang from tens of meters away.

"It is done," Jason handed the card back to Ye Mo in a fawning manner.

Ye Mo took the card and said to Jason, "Since it’s done, you can go down now."

"No, how can you not-" Jason was kicked down amidst the bloody bodies by Ye Mo.

He still couldn’t understand even at the moment of his death. Johnson had told him about the character of Chinese, and being in contact with Chinese peope all these years it had been confirmed indeed. Usually, as long as he appeared subdued and respectful to Chinese people, they would be soft. And when he gave them everything he could, they would let him go. But the reality now was exactly the opposite.

He only had one thought of regret; why on earth did he build this gladiator ring? He never would’ve thought that he would be fighting the beasts in here one day, being the owner of the ring.

Suo Ren lacked the resolve to look at the bloody scene and tried his best to think of a way to live.

Ye Mo looked plainly at him and said, "You’re a smart guy. Tell me how you betrayed the Chinese gang and where sister Yan is."

Suo Ren shuddered and hesitated for a long time, "I just want to live."

Ye Mo uttered frigidly, "You don’t have the right to argue with me. I can make you talk even if you don’t want to. You’re worth less than an ant in my eyes."

"You are the Ye Mo who annihilated Earth Fiend aren’t you?" Suo Ren suddenly asked something completely irrelevant.

Ye Mo said plainly, "I am. You’re indeed clever and even know about this. But even so, what of it?"

"So it’s you indeed. I should’ve known earlier, I'm such an idiot, such an idiot..." Suo Ren murmured for a long time and still didn’t reply to Ye Mo's question.

Ye Mo sneered, "Since you don’t want to talk, then don’t blame me."

"Hold up," Suo Ren suddenly raised his hand calmly.

Seeing Ye Mo wait, Suo Ren started talking, "The moment I lay my eyes on sister Yan, I realized that she was the woman of my dreams. So, I joined the Chinese gang without further thought. For more than ten years, I did everything for the Chinese gang without hesitation, all for sister Yan."

"If things had just continued like that, perhaps nothing would’ve happened. But one day, I really couldn’t bear with the longing for her; I confessed to her."

Suo Ren stopped as though reminiscing on past memories, then he shook his head before continuing, "What I hadn’t expected, however, was that the gang leader Peng Hanwen would hear it. He used the 'three knives and six holes' torture on me without hesitation, saying that I shouldn't have dared harass sister Yan. I knew that sister Yan was the gang leader's goddess. No one was allowed to get close to her."

Having said that much, Suo Ren pulled up his pants to show six scars on his leg.

"That torture made me lose all hope for the Chinese gang. I betrayed the gang and sided with the Grey Alliance, helping them scheme. My only demand was for Jason to give sister Yan to me." There was longing and a sliver of madness in Suo Ren’s eyes.

"But, afterwards, I couldn’t find sister Yan. I don’t know where she went. Although I suspect that sister Yan was killed by Jason, I have no evidence at all. Ever since, I’ve been living my life in pain. Not because I betrayed the Chinese gang, but because I brought harm to sister Yan." Then, he went silent.

"What reason could Jason have to kill sister Yan?" Ye Mo asked.

Suo Ren answered dejectedly, "I suspect Jason wanted me to settle and scheme for the Grey Alliance without any distraction. Of course, this is only my guess."

Ye Mo looked coldly at Suo Ren, "Since you can’t provide better info, you can go down and accompany your boss."

Thus, Ye Mo grabbed Suo Ren and was going to fling him down. Suo Ren quickly screamed, "Ye Mo, you can’t kill me-"

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