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Chapter 499: Collapse of the ancient tomb
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in the tunnel and immediately saw a ghost in a corner. If he went in there alone, he wouldn't care about a ghost that wasn't going to attack him; but Song Yangzhu had gone in not long ago, the ghost might've attacked her.

With these thoughts, Ye Mo threw a fireball casually. The ghost immediately vanished and the tunnel seemed less cold.

Ye Mo walked through the cave very fast. After a while, he saw a stone door with luminous pearls on it. There were two bodies next to it.

Hmm. Something wasn't right. Ye Mo remembered that the Fu Brothers had said there were nine pearls, but he could only find eight there. Also, at the time they had said that other than the two bodies, they also had someone killed with arrows, how come he didn't see that body?

Ye Mo didn't mind that; he cared about where Song Yangzhu had gone. How come he couldn't see her inside the tunnel?

Ye Mo knew that the stone door could shoot arrows, so he threw a rock at it but no arrows were shot. Had all the arrows been used up?

Regardless, Ye Mo took out the eight luminous pearls, they were worth a fortune. He wasn't going to leave them for someone else.

After that, Ye Mo approached the stone door. He was going to break it apart with his flying sword but when he pushed the door lightly, it actually opened up itself.

Ye Mo walked inside and found that he was standing on a platform with a circumference of one meter. Outside the platform there was a deep abyss. Luckily, there was a stairway that led downstairs in the centre of the platform.

Just when Ye Mo decided to go down, the stone door behind him closed. Ye Mo turned around and tried pushing the door. Nothing happened, as though the stone door had been locked.

Ye Mo was angry. He had gotten tricked to go inside, and the door just closed on him.

Without thinking, Ye Mo took out his flying sword and tried to hack the door off; but his flying sword only got to cut 15 cm. He then realized that it wasn't a stone door, but a 30-cm-thick steel board. The steel board was covered in 15 cm of thick granite on both sides.

If it was someone else, no one would be able to dig through the door in their lifetime, but it was Ye Mo. He used his flying sword and dug out a big hole in the door.

Looking at it, Ye Mo felt satisfied. Probably, not even the guy who designed the door could have predicted that someone could dig out such a big hole in such a short time.

Then, Ye Mo walked down the stairs and kept his spirit sense out.

After Ye Mo had walked 100 meters or so, he saw Song Yangzhu. Song Yangzhu was at the bottom of the valley, in the middle of an underground river. Her situation didn't look good.

Her face was pale and she stood on a rock in the middle of the river. She waved her sword in all directions but there was nothing around her.

Ye Mo charged down the stairs without hesitation and threw a wooden board into the river; then, he stood on it and went towards Song Yangzhu. But as soon as he did, suddenly countless strange black heads appeared around the board. These heads were trying to bite the wooden board, some even tried to bite Ye Mo's feet. There was a foul stench coming out of their huge mouths with sharp crooked teeth.

Ye Mo was shocked. He had never seen such disgusting fish. They had sharp teeth and crooked scales; moreover, there was a strange liquid between the scales that made them look very disgusting and ugly.

Ye Mo quickly took out his long sword and hacked them. Foul stanching blood was splashed into the river and the dead ones were soon devoured by the surrounding fish. Despite so, more and more of them kept appearing. The wooden board underneath him disappeared, hence Ye Mo quickly jumped and landed on the rock Song Yangzhu was at. Even if those fish couldn't do anything to him, he didn't want to touch them; but specially not since they didn't look herbivorous. If he fell in the river, he would die for sure.

Song Yangzhu had already lost the bag and she has just kept hacking with her sword randomly, without noticing in any way that Ye Mo was next to her. She even stabbed him.

Ye Mo seized her and he immediately felt a bleak chi inside her body. It was because she had encountered the ghost, so after Ye Mo eradicated the bleak chi, Song Yangzhu calmed down.

Although she had lost her torch, Ye Mo's familiar smell made her stop resisting. She sunk into silence, she didn't know how Ye Mo had gotten there as well.

Before Ye Mo could talk, even more and more of those fish came to them, as though they were attracted by the smell of blood.

Ye Mo took out one of the luminous pearl and Song Yangzhu at once managed to see her surroundings; she got so scared that she screamed. When she encountered ghosts or when Ye Mo took her virginity, she didn't scream, but when she saw those ugly fish, she couldn't resist the fear in her heart and screamed.

The rock was too small and the water seemed to be rising, and neither Ye Mo nor Song Yangzhu wanted to fall in the river. Ye Mo would rather encounter 1000 ghosts than face the fish.

But Ye Mo couldn't use his flying sword there, he needed to think of a way to scape.

Ye Mo sliced with his sword tens of fish, that were instantly killed. Before more fish could charge at them again, Ye Mo gave a luminous pearl to Song Yangzhu and said, "I'll send you up first in a bit. As soon as you get out, leave immediately."

"Then you would-" Song Yangzhu murmured subconsciously.

"You go first, I'll come up soon." Then, Ye Mo grabbed Song Yangzhu and threw her onto the stairs perfectly.

Ye Mo kept killing the fish. He didn't have a better way to leave the river, he still had the wooden board but there were countless more fish than before.

Song Yangzhu stood on the stairs and looked dazedly edat Ye Mo fighting on the river. His image got blurred under the dim light.

Just when Ye Mo was trying to figure out how to get out of there, he realized something scarier. The fish could only stretch out their heads before but now, after eating their own kind, they had started to grow legs and could slowly crawl onto the rock.

Ye Mo felt goosebumps as he wondered whether he should use his flying sword. If his chi wasn't enough, he would fall into the river and he would be finished. The fish reminded him of the insects in the dessert, they had also become stronger after eating their own kind, what were they?

"What are you still standing there for?" Ye Mo saw that Song Yangzhu was dumbfounded on the stairway and he couldn't help but yelling that. What was she doing?

"You-!" Song Yangzhu also got angry, but then she saw the fish slowly crawling up and felt extremely disgusted. She would rather die than see those fish again.

Song Yangzhu turned away and left. When she reached the door, she saw the huge hole. She realized that it must have been made by Ye Mo, and she turned back to look at him.

Rumble- Dirt started to fall and the stone door also seemed to be falling apart. If she stayed there a bit longer, she would be covered in earth.

Song Yangzhu subconsciously ran forward as rocks and earth started to fall from everywhere. When she got outside, there was a larger rumble, the tomb was collapsing. The entire snow mountain seemed to be shaking.

When Song Yangzhu got to a safe distance, she rejoiced. If she had been a little slower, she would have been buried alive.

But then moments later, she was dazed. Where was Ye Mo?

Ye Mo had saved her, but he hadn't made it out himself. Song Yangzhu's mind went blank.

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