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Chapter 531: A Friend Visiting
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Okay, Fang Wei, get the Indonesian soldiers to start working at the construction sites. If they don't do enough work, don't give them food. If they feel like starting a riot, kill them." Ye Mo had no mercy for these people.

"Yes, Brother Ye!"

Just as Ye Mo walked onto the dock, he received news that Xu Yuehua and co. were waiting for him near the docks. No one expected that such a disastrous predicament would be solved the moment Ye Mo appeared. After hearing what Ye Mo did, Ye Mo became someone who could do anything in their minds.

"Ye Mo!" Ning Qingxue's eyes were red. She walked over and held Ye Mo's hand but didn't say anything. She knew that if those pirates had succeeded at entering land, she would only have been able to commit suicide. Otherwise, with her appearance, her outcome would have been horrendous.

"We'll talk when we're back home," Ye Mo patted Ning Qingxue's hand and felt guilty. He couldn't even let the people around him live in safety.

"Sandao, bring these captives to the construction sites. Guo Qi, organize the ships and report back. Commander Huang, come with me to the meeting room." Ye Mo was angry, but he knew now wasn't the time for revenge.

He would visit those who tried to reap benefits from Luo Yue one by one later on.

The meeting room was full once again, but unlike before, Ye Mo had returned.

"I present to you the man who will be the commander of Luo Yue's navy from now on, Mr Huang Yinian," Ye Mo introduced.

"This time's perpetrators were the Blue Ray Corporation from South Africa and some pirates, but the real mastermind was Indonesia. I took a closer look at the map, and Indonesia is indeed very close to us." Then, Ye Mo looked at everyone and said, "If anyone has any ideas on how to react, please speak up."

Xu Yuehua knew what Ye Mo meant. She knew that Ye Mo looked calm on the surface but was planning on mercilessly killing all the people who had offended him.

"I suggest we simply announce that we shall investigate the party responsible for the attack and proclaim that we will react with military action. Right now, our main goal is to build Luo Yue and not to fight," Xu Yuehua said.

Ye Mo nodded, "I agree, we don't have that power now anyways."

Then, everyone voiced their opinions, and Ye Xing insisted on building an aerial defence system first.

Ye Mo knew that would cost money, large amounts of it.

Eventually, everyone agreed on their respective main jobs and left.

Ye Mo would also be getting busy, because people had come for the Luo Yue Immortal Hospital again.

After the meeting, Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue wanted to talk, but then Luo Fei and Luo Yin came.

"Ye Mo, we're leaving Luo Yue. We're here to say goodbye," Luo Yin said.

"You're going? Why? Is it because of the inner qi restriction inside of you? I can now remove it for you if you want," Ye Mo was confident he would be able to do it.

Luo Yin shook her head, "Thank you, but I must go back. The three years time is about to be up. I'm worried about Luo Xua. Also, our master will be very sad if we don't go back."

Ye Mo didn't try to dissuade them.


With the announcement of Luo Yue preparing to use military means, the world's gaze was once again focused on Luo Yue.

The media felt astonished that Luo Yue had the power to defend against a fleet of ships and to even take them all down. No one knew how Luo Yue had done it.

America was the angriest. When they found out that it was Indonesia who had attacked Luo Yue, they were furious. The US cared even more about Luo Yue than about the Black Sun Empire or the UFO on the Pacific.

They just wanted the recipe for the health pill. With it, their soldiers' power would increase many times over without any side effects. They wouldn't have the money to purchase the pills on a large scale, so they were determined to take Luo Yue.

But just as their Foreign Affairs Minister arrived at Indonesia to warn them, he got the news that Indonesia's ships had been completely defeated.

Although this was what the US had hoped for, they became suspicious again. How did some newcomer company beat a fleet of ships? They had to investigate this matter up to the most miniscule of details of the battle.

Ye Mo was waiting to destroy Indonesia's fighter jets as soon as they came, but contrary to his expectations, Indonesia didn't do anything for a whole week. However, there were spies and journalists from all over the world rushing over.

As to these people, Ye Mo only had one order. Capture them to help with the construction. Those who resisted were to be killed.

Ye Mo's decision made many people stop their tracks. However, a certain famous news channel reported that Luo Yue abused people like slaves and disregarded human rights.

They even managed to get some photos of the construction sites.

But Ye Mo ignored this. The US government had to stand up for this, though, so they requested Luo Yue to release the slaves, but they were also annoyed by the news channel being so nosy. To them, the more slaves the better.

So, the US government only reproached a little and didn't say that much of it.

Some people were unhappy with the US's response and soon, news of US soldiers abusing Iraqi captives were released as well.

Ye Mo didn't care about these verbal battles. He just kept on doing what he needed to do.

Ye Mo was busy these couple of days, because although Ye Xing was designing the city and Xu Yuehua was responsible for building it, he still needed to go around and check if there were areas that needed to be modified for laying down formations in the future. One day, just as Ye Mo got to the naval training grounds, Fang Wei rushed over, "Brother Ye, someone says she's your friend, and she's waiting for you in the guest hall."

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