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Chapter 582: The War Continues
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

After the battle, Xu Yuehua made a speech that was broadcasted throughout the world.

"I'm very regretful about the Union Army invading Luo Yue and causing us infrastructure damage and troop loss at a massive scale. We've lost heavily in this war, and our economy has been greatly affected already, yet the war shall continue. It will not stop now. Luo Yue is not a place everyone can invade and leave as they please. I hereby announce that if we don't get a definite answer to our demands within a week, we just might be the first to strike at some countries.

I believe the citizens of all countries are friendly people. They are like us, enjoying peace and disliking war. However, some people for their own selfish interests have started a war with us, causing innocent people to die. They are criminals. We don't like war, but we don't fear it either. I'm telling those who harbor ill will towards us right now that if you still wish to invade us, come - our missiles will welcome your arrival.

Due to the ravages of war, our economy has suffered greatly. In order to recover our production levels, we see ourselves forced to sell some of our high-tech products. I believe everyone has recognized the worth of our interference system in the recent battle. It's at a top-of-the-world standard. Due to our losses in the war, I hereby announce the beginning of our sale of this system to the world.

Of course, not every country can use our interference system. There will naturally be some conditions. Other than that, I would like to mention that Luo Yue wishes to be a nation of peace, so we welcome people from all over the world to come settle here. Our land is limited, though, so if you want to come to Luo Yue you need to act fast. Thank you everyone."

Luo Yue's speech made the whole world speechless. They had seized almost all the equipment the invading army had and captured more than 70.000 soldiers. It was rumoured that these soldiers were doing hard labor at Luo Yue, yet Luo Yue proclaimed that it had suffered a huge economic loss.

It was the Union Army that suffered an economic loss!

Luo Yue proclaimed that they loved peace, yet from their declaration it would seem they didn't want peace at all. They were holding all the soldiers captive and were saying that the war was still on.

But it was indeed Luo Yue who had been invaded this time. Sai Na indeed didn't belong to anyone before, and Luo Yue got it first.

The news of the war between Luo Yue and the Union Army was everywhere. Even little kids knew that 'Luo Yue is strong.' Their interference machine was invincible.

Yet even though it was such a precious thing, Luo Yue actually planned to sell it. Everyone would buy it unless they were an idiot.

Luo Yue wasn't selling without conditions, though m. They hadn't said it explicitly, but it was obvious what their condition would be.

To admit their independence.

Luo Yue had the ability to stop even nukes outside of their territory, and even nuclear bombs may only cause some minor losses to Luo Yue.

Meanwhile, Luo Yue had extremely accurate locating and lock on capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Union was scared ever since Luo Yue had said the war would go on. Those who had left halfway or didn't join the alliance of countries felt lucky they didn't fight Luo Yue. One could see that the Union Army had completely pissed off Luo Yue this time.


Meetings between countries went on incessantly. During one discussion about Luo Yue and their threats, the US President couldn't control his anger and smashed a glass cup on the floor.

He didn't understand how a mere Luo Yue, after merely one year of developing, could have such strong technological prowess. Completely decimating the army of the alliance of countries and capturing more than 70.000 people!

When news of the defeat reached the US, large-scale protests began. Although the President was furious, the meeting still had to go on.

More than 70.000 captives and 50.000 dead. This huge loss meant that no matter how he dealt with it, he would be impeached. The people were angry that he had started the war, but that wasn't the main point. The main point was that the war had ended in defeat. He would forever be the sinner of the US.

He knew that if he cast all concerns aside, he could probably start a second war, but Luo Yue's interference machine was simply too strong. Even if he did start another war, he could easily imagine the bad result it would have.

The third day after the battle, representatives of the US and the 12 countries that had participated, as well as Luo Yue's representative, came to a neutral country's capital to hold a meeting.

The alliance's first request was for Luo Yue to release all the captives and give back all the ships. They would pay for the tanks and other weapons.

This condition immediately made Yu Miaodan laugh on the spot. She said mercilessly, "Were we the ones who invaded others and were then defeated?"

The representatives knew that it was impossible for Luo Yue to agree to that, but the higher they set the start, the easier it would be to negotiate.

In the end, Luo Yue just gave three conditions. Firstly, the 12 countries had to compensate Luo Yue's economic losses with a sum of 120 billion USD. Secondly, they had to admit Luo Yue's independence. Thirdly, the 70.000 soldiers should not have to be released.

The first and second conditions weren't too bad. Although 120 billion was quite a lot, it wasn't bad when it was split up among 12 countries. One could only say that Luo Yue hadn't seen the truly big money yet.

But the third condition? The captives had to be released! Otherwise, wouldn't the whole negotiation be meaningless?

They agreed to the first and second conditions almost instantly, but the third one was discussed for a week, before they finally reached an agreement. The captives would be sent back in return for money.

Eventually, he 12 countries ended up paying Luo Yue a total of 300 billion USD, and Luo Yue released all the captives. But what the people of the world hadn't expected was that Luo Yue promised that when their first batch of interference machines came out, Luo Yue would give 24 of the machines to the 12 countries as a peacekeeping gift.

No one knew why Luo Yue would give up their secret to other parties, but that didn't matter at the moment.

The amount of hundreds of billions of dollars Luo Yue received was extremely crucial to them at the time. With the support of such wealth, Luo Yue wouldn't need to worry about anything in the near future. They would be able to just focus on developing their technology.

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