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Chapter 617: Chase

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Yes, I'll speak! I threw away most things, but I did sell such a stone."

Baosheng saw Ye Mo's face turn very ugly and immediately understood that Ye Mo was looking for that stone. He didn't dare hide anything, "That stone was colorful and sometimes changed colors. I took it to Gem Banner and the boss there, Boss Luo, bought it for 8 million."

"What?!" Xiong Qianyi didn't believe his ears. Even the Association itself couldn't easily earn 8 million, yet his most loyal man had actually secretly sold that stone for that much.

Xiong Qianyi's face was getting worse, but he soon remembered the situation he was in. His life might be as good as over, why would he care about his men's loyalty.

Ye Mo got up and said coldly to Baosheng, "Take me to that Gem Banner right now." Then he Xiong Qianyi a cold look.

Xiong Qianyi's heart quenched. He was sure he was done for. The slaughter god in front of him gave him a look right before leaving - this meant he was going to die for sure.

Thinking like that, Xiong Qianyi took out a dagger and quickly cut two of his own fingers off. He originally wanted to cut off his whole wrist but in the end couldn't do it.

Ye Mo spoke calmly, "When that cop brings people to disassemble Wu Jin Association, you know what to do. If you don't want to cooperate, you can try and run, but I don't think you can run faster than Qian Longtou."

"Young Master Mo, I wouldn't dare to. I will wait for Officer Liu to come, and I will cooperate with him to pull out Wu Jin Association from its roots." Xiong Qianyi's face was pale because of the pain, but he didn't dare say no to Ye Mo.

He knew that Ye Mo wasn't killing him only because he wanted him to help completely take out Wu Jin Association. Concerning Qian Longtou, he had indeed heard that he had also died in Ye Mo's hands. Compared to Qian Longtou, Xiong Qianyi was worth less than his nail.

As for Baosheng, he was very devious and had killed many people. Before joining Wu Jin Association, he once raped and killed two university girls, yet even though he had no significant background or money, he was still fine. From this, one could see the level of his cunning.

Compared to Xiong Qianyi, Baosheng was far better at scheming. In fact, ever since Baosheng joined Wu Jin Association, he had constantly been thinking about replacing Xiong Qianyi. So after bringing Ye Mo to Gem Banner, he was thinking of how to escape. Should he cut his fingers like Xiong Qianyi or something?

As Baosheng brought Ye Mo to the door, Ye Mo stopped and looked at the confused Baosheng, "You've killed quite a lot right?"

Baosheng didn't expect Ye Mo to ask him such an irrelevant question.

"No-" his first reaction was to deny.

"You can stay here and guard the door," Ye Mo said, but then he soon threw a backhanded wind blade before leaving.

Baosheng clutched his throat and was in disbelief. Why did Ye Mo kill him at that time? Didn't he just want him to show him the way?

Baosheng was unsatisfied, but he suddenly came to understand something as he fell over. Ye Mo had wanted to give him hope and then kill him immediately after. Ye Mo had wanted to torture him. A gust of hatred rose in his soul, and he cursed, 'Ye, even in death I will make sure you don't live well!'


Ye Mo knew that since this Gem Banner place had spent a few million to buy the stone, they knew the stone's worth. He might not be able to buy it back with money, but if he couldn't, he would just have to steal it.

But he couldn't let Gem Banner know who he was. If they knew something about him that would make them suspect him and they had his photo, that would be embarrassing.

Before he entered Gem Banner, Ye Mo disguised himself as an ugly, bearded man. He even fabricated a knife scar on his face. He chose such a look to appear more threatening.

Gem Banner was China's biggest organization for trading jade and antiques, and they had shops all over the world, so Ye Mo found it really quickly.

"Is Boss Luo here?" Ye Mo asked while scanning the shop with his spirit sense. He had a bad feeling right after, because there was no colorful rock to be found.

"Wait a moment, I will call him for you." As one girl saw Ye Mo's ferocious look, she immediately called Boss Luo.

Not long after, an old man came in and asked, "Which friend is looking for me?"

The man was in his 60s.

"I am, because I have some private things to ask Boss Luo about," Ye Mo replied simply.

"No problem, I'm Luo Yu. I'll tell you whatever I know." Luo Yu could also tell that Ye Mo was no good guy and tried to avoid offending him.

So Ye Mo straight up asked, "Boss Luo, a few days ago Wu Jing Association's Baosheng apparently sold a colorful rock in this shop, is that the case?"

Hearing this, Luo Yu's heart skipped. He had bought the stone from Baosheng rather cheaply, yet now after quite a few days, someone came looking for it.

Seeing Luo Yu not speak, Ye Mo sneered, "Baosheng stole something of mine, and I've dealt with him already, so don't try to play tricks with me Boss Luo. Or else, don't blame me for getting rough."

Hearing this, Luo Yu's back went cold. He knew who Baosheng was all too clear, yet such a person had been dealt with by this bearded man?

Although Gem Banner didn't have to be afraid of someone like him, they did proper business, so it really wouldn't be good to have this become an incident.

The people nearby heard that Wu Jin Association was involved and quickly left.

"This-" Luo Yu thought for a bit and started speaking, "Gem Banner is an upright business, but friend you're right, a few days ago I did indeed buy a colorful rock. However, we only care about the quality of the product - we don't' care about its origin."

Ye Mo sneered, "Oh, if you don't care about the origin of things, that means your place is a good place for selling off dirty goods."

"Friend, you can't say that, Baosheng said that the rock had a clean origin, and of course we can't investigate that. Gem Banner is just a simple shop, we can't investigate every customer. If we did, there would be no need for us to think about doing business." Luo Yu was worried. If it wasn't for Ye Mo looking so ferocious, he wouldn't even have said that much.

Ye Mo didn't want to waste time talking to this Luo Yu. He just had to know where it was. From Luo Yu's tone, it would seem the shop knew the value of the stone, so Ye Mo just had to find where it had been sent to and buy it as soon as possible, and if that wasn't possible, he would steal it.

Thinking like this, Ye Mo just said, "I don't want to have to say anything else. Just tell me where the stone is now."

Hearing this, Luo Yu breathed a sigh of relief, "It's been shipped to the Gem Banner in Jin City and in a few days, it will appear in an auction as the final prod-"

Before Luo Yu could finish, Ye Mo had already disappeared. He needed to get to Jin City right away. If the Five Element Rock was sold, how would he find it? He had to get it before it was sold.

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