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Chapter 682: Dongfang Wang Has a Secret

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
The two didn't talk anymore after that and just quietly ate. Sister Yan didn't seem to want to talk, while Ye Mo didn't know what to say.

On their way back to the room, since Ye Mo didn't want to keep staying on the boat right when Luo Yue's war just ended and he wished to immediately go back, he broke the silence by asking, "Sister Yan, why don't you pack your things and then let's go back together?"

Sister Yan looked at Ye Mo in shock for a while before asking, "The ship is still at sea, how do you want to go back? Or do you mean you want to take me back to my previous room?" Her face didn't seem too happy.

Ye Mo quickly waved his hand and said, "No, Sister Yan, didn't you see me make the flying sword yourself? I made that to fly on it - I can fly you back."

Ten minutes later, Sister Yan was tightly holding onto Ye Mo's arm while standing on the flying sword. She still couldn't believe that Ye Mo could fly - it was too absurd!

Seeing that Sister Yan wasn't saying anything, Ye Mo could only say, "Sister Yan, you will come with me to Luo Yue, right?"

"Huh?" Sister Yan just realized that Ye Mo was about to take her to Luo Yue.

She quickly stopped Ye Mo and said, "Take me to Beijing first, I still need to take care of some things. Once I'm done, I can go to you."

Although Ye Mo really wanted to just go straight to Luo Yue, due to Sister Yan's request, he still took her to Beijing. She might be at the yellow level middle stage, but Ye Mo still wasn't too assured. Seeing Sister Yan so eager to go, he said, "Sister Yan, how about I go take care of your stuff with you and then we go to Luo Yue together?"

At this moment, Sister Yan finally calmed down. She helped Ye Mo 'tidy' his not-that-untidy collar and said calmly, "I want to go alone. Don't worry about me, you've already given me the pill. I will try to improve my power. Eventually, I will go find you. Are Yin Jia and Yin Si still okay?"

"They're doing very well in Luo Yue. Sister Yan, you can see for yourself if you just come to Luo Yue." Ye Mo still wanted Sister Yan to just go to Luo Yue together with him.

Sister Yan's eyes seemingly got a bit misty. Only she knew that other than her having business to take care of, she also simply didn't want to stay with Ye Mo. She didn't answer Ye Mo's question and shook her head instead, before saying after a while, "When I remember my mirror and sky blue blanket which I left behind, to be honest, I kind of regret it."

Ye Mo took out a folded blanket and a mirror and asked, "Sister Yan, do you mean these?"

"Huh, you took them with you for me?" Sister Yan felt the blanket in joy and couldn't help but embrace Ye Mo in tears.

After a long while, Sister Yan suddenly pushed Ye Mo away, took out the diary and put it in Ye Mo's hands, "I'm going, so here is the diary. Help me keep the blanket and mirror please, and read the diary after a few years." Then, she turned and left, disappearing out of Ye Mo's sight.

As that happened, Ye Mo felt like he'd lost something. Who knew when he would see her next - perhaps he never would.

After Sister Yan walked off, Ye Mo noticed Beijing University with his spirit sense.

Who would've thought he was so close to Beijing University? Ye Mo put the things in his hands away. Although he wanted to know what was in the diary, he still decided to respect Sister Yan's wish and wait a few years.

Since he was there, Ye Mo suddenly wanted to go check up on that Dongfang Wang. He suspected that Dongfang Tang was behind all the recent matters, so not only was he going to try to find out more about Dongfang Tang, but also about his whereabouts.

Ye Mo walked around the university for a long time, scanning with his spirit sense, but he saw no signs of Dongfang Wang. He did see that Chen Guang, Fu Li and even that An Zhiqi, but not Dongfang Wang.

Even though Dongfang Wang had said that he had no relations with his two brothers and that he even hated them, Ye Mo still didn't feel comfortable about this Dongfang Wang. He had to admit that all three brothers were extremely smart and calculating.

Ye Mo suddenly thought, 'If Dongfang Tang joined Northern Sand and this was all his doing, then it could be said that both Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Tang have joined powerful military factions. Is this related to Xi Tang?'

Dongfang Wang wasn't around, so Ye Mo walked into the dining hall. Chen Guang, Fu Li, and An Zhiqi were eating there. Ye Mo went to ask them about Dongfang Wang.

Chen Guang was sitting with Fu Li and although there was no one next to An Zhiqi, there were a lot of guys sitting in her proximity. Ye Mo was no idiot and could easily tell that all those guys were totally not eating but trying to attract An Zhiqi's attention instead.

Because Chen Guang was sitting with Fu Li and An Zhiqi in the same row, Ye Mo sat down opposite to An Zhiqi.

As those guys saw someone dared to sit opposite to An Zhiqi, they all glared at Ye Mo. They didn't even dare sit in that spot, who did this guy think he was?

"It's you?" when An Zhiqi saw Ye Mo, she almost dropped her bowl of noodles. Chen Guang and Fu Li also looked at Ye Mo in shock. They didn't know why Ye Mo was there.

"It's me, and I'd like to ask you about someone. Where did that Dongfang Wang go? How come I can't find him?" Ye Mo had only seen them once, so he didn't want to waste time.

Chen Guang answered, "After we returned together, Dongfang Wang went to his place and told me to apply for a leave for him. He never came back ever since."

"He doesn't live in the dorms?" Ye Mo asked strangely. Did this Dongfang Wang guess that he would be coming to look for him, so he left?

Chen Guang nodded, "Indeed, he lives around the Yan River. His family is there."

"Dongfang Wang's family lives in Beijing?" Ye Mo was even more surprised. According to Dongfang Wang last time, his home was in a place called Xi Tang, why would they live in Beijing? Also, Ye Mo had been to the Yan River area more than once, and he knew that that was the Beijing slum area.

"That I don't know. I just know that he lives with his mother near the Yan River. His mother is from Beijing," Chen Guang replied.

"Can you tell me where Dongfang Wang's home is?" Ye Mo felt more and more that this Dongfang Wang wasn't simple. If he really had predicted that Ye Mo would be coming to find him then it was too shocking.

Before Chen Guang could reply, An Zhiqi suddenly said, "I can take you there."

"Okay, thank you," Ye Mo said.

Seeing this, Fu Li muttered strangely, "What's up with Zhiqi? Why would she offer to take a stranger to the Yan River? Also, when has she ever been to Dongfang Wang's home, how come I don't know?"

Chen Guang shook his head and didn't understand either.

"Could you tell me what it is you do, and why you would be at Antarctica that day? Wait - that's not the main point - how could you only wear so little clothes, couldn't you feel the cold?" An Zhiqi immediately asked.

Ye Mo didn't want to answer, but since An Zhiqi had offered to help him, he could only say, "I already told you last time that I'm a mountain climber."

Looking at An Zhiqi's unbelieving eyes, Ye Mo could only say, "If you don't believe me, what can I do? Anyway, do you often go to Dongfang Wang's home? How much do you know about him? Can you tell me more about him?"

An Zhiqi looked at Ye Mo speechlessly. Ye Mo hadn't really answered a single of her questions, yet he asked her many questions instead.

"Before I answer you, at least tell me what your name is." An Zhiqi felt that Ye Mo was no ordinary person after thinking through what happened that day.

"I'm Ye Mo." Ye Mo didn't want to ask An Zhiqi anything anymore and just wanted her to bring him to Dongfang Wang's home.

An Zhiqi looked satisfiedly at Ye Mo and said, "Okay, then I'll call you Brother Ye. Euhm, I've never been to Dongfang Wang's house."

After a pause, she continued, "But I do know a secret of his."

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