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Chapter 695: Unknown Origin

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Hmmm," the guard sneered seeing that Ye Mo refused to cooperate.

Before he could do anything, the girl got off the carriage quickly and walked to Ye Mo, "Come on the carriage with us. After all, you're badly injured. Don't worry, I will treat you. Although you're not good-looking, you have some sort of heroic temperament, I actually-"

The girls' voice became softer and softer, until she looked down eventually and stopped.

Ye Mo sneered. The girl's expression didn't seem truly embarrassed, but she was acting like she was. Although Ye Mo didn't know what the girl was planning to do, he knew it had to do with him.

Suddenly, a guard from the squad walked to them and said to Ye Mo coldly, "If you don't want to die, listen to Young Miss and come with us. Otherwise, I will kill you immediately." The guard didn't seem to respect the young miss at all.

Ye Mo noticed that the girl just frowned, but didn't say anything.

Ye Mo was furious. These people had nothing to do with him, but they were willing to kill him so easily.

Ye Mo's heart raged with killing intent. Although he had no chi, he still had his spirit sense. He knew that even if he used his flying sword, he wouldn't be able to kill all the people there. Although the strongest man there was the person who threatened him, he was only yellow level. That girl also looked like she was yellow level.

If he had a little spirit chi, he would be fine for sure. However, he only had his spirit sense and his internal injuries were too severe.

While Ye Mo was still calculating how he was going to counter attack if they tried to kill him, the guard from before said again, "Kid, our Young Miss will soon become a member of the Shang Qing Mountain. It's your fortune that her benevolent heart is willing to save you. If you make Young Miss is happy, perhaps she will let you follow her."

Shang Qing Mountain? Ye Mo frowned. Was it a cultivation sect?

The guard saw Ye Mo's face and said in contempt, "You don't know about Shang Qing Mountain? That's right. It would be strange if you knew about it. You must also not know about Qian Kun Sect. Young Miss is too kind hearted!"

The girl stopped the guard from talking. She stared at Ye Mo as though trying to conquer him with her beauty.

There really was a Qian Kun Sect there. Ye Mo was shook - he had heard about the Qian Kun Sect. Luo Xuan had told him the three big sects of the inner hidden sects were the Tai Yi Sect, the Qian Kun Sect and the Ci Hang Jing Mosque.

Ye Mo looked at the guard in confusion, "What is the Qian Kun Sect?"

"Qian Kun Sect is one of the three biggest sects of the magical continent, together with Tai Yi Sect and Ci Hang Jing Mosque. Our Young Miss is going to Shang Qing Sect, which is a subordinate sect of Qian Kun Sect. It's useless telling you this," the guard shook his head.

Hearing the words 'magical continent', Ye Mo suddenly had a strange feeling. He felt like this place and the outside world had been one whole land before, but they had been separated due to some reason.

He had read about the 5000 years of Chinese history. If there really were dao cultivators long time ago, many things could be explained. Perhaps due to the depletion of spirit chi, powerful beings segregated the cultivation havens.

Such as Shu Mountain, the legendary haven for sword cultivators. Ye Mo had looked around for it, but it wasn't just about finding a single mountain called Shu Mountain.

There were many places like that. Could they all be found here?

Suddenly Ye Mo asked, "Do you know where Shu Mountain is?"

"Stop talking and get on the carriage. Someone like you trying to ask about Shu Mountain!" the guard was getting impatient.

Ye Mo looked at the young miss and suddenly smiled. He just went onto the back carriage like that. Although he didn't know why this girl was trying to get him to join them, at least she didn't have killing intent.

Perhaps this world was just as he guessed: the part of Earth that was hidden.

The reason he had agreed was because he could get to know more about the hidden sects through this woman.

Seeing Ye Mo go inside, the girl smiled. She had thought this guy was tough to break, but a slight threat had made him succumb. If she had known this earlier, she wouldn't have bothered flirting.

Ye Mo didn't talk on the carriage but his ears were alert. He heard from the talks of the servants that the carriage was going to a place called Ci Xi Town. This carriage entourage belonged to the Yu family, and the carriage at the front was for Young Miss Yu. Yu family was one of the three largest families in the town.

After another half a day of travel, they entered a medium-sized town at night. Ye Mo estimated that it was Ci Xi Town.

This town's roads were actually made of concrete and the building styles were like the ones in the outside world, but there were no powerlines. It really looked like a rural village.

The Young Miss Yu didn't come bother him and sent him to a quiet room to rest. She even called an old doctor to look at him.

For three days, Ye Mo was living comfortably. No one disturbed him and there was even a maid to serve him. He just told her leave the things somewhere and he would do it himself.

Three days had only allowed him to recover a sliver of chi, but Ye Mo knew that it was enough for self-protection.

He didn't have lotus life pills with him, but he had three spirit stones. In order to recover his strength quick, he couldn't worry too much about wasting them. He used one to recover his chi. The spirit chi there was a little better than outside, but it was still very little.

Three days later, Ye Mo walked out of the Yu family estate.

It was during the day, so the town was very busy. The currencies he saw were bronze and silver coins, and he was sure that there were gold coins too.

Since there were towns, it meant there had to be rulers. He wondered if a dynasty eas ruling there.

Ye Mo was about to go to a restaurant and ask some people when he saw soldiers rush into the village. He scanned his spirit sense out. There were more and more soldiers gathering.

Ye Mo stopped a waiter and asked, "What are these soldiers doing?"

The waiter looked at Ye Mo. When he saw the symbols on his clothes, he immediately became very respectful, "Oh, so you're a manager at Yu State. Sorry, I didn't see you there. It's said that the authorities are checking the population. Any person of unknown origin will be taken away."

Ye Mo was shook. He suspected it was Jie Xun's doing. She was forcing him to show himself.

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