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Chapter 774: Ye Mo’s Whereabouts

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Luo Ying's eyes went red, "I also felt his chi..."

Tang Beiwei wiped her eyes. She knew that although Sister Luo Ying didn't show it, she loved her brother just as much as Sister Qingxue.

Luo Fei suddenly said, "This place is only 50 kms away from Chan City. We can go there to find out about Brother Ye's whereabouts. Chan City is the centre of the hidden sects, if Brother Ye showed himself, we can find out about him there."

Luo Ying was the head of the four. Hearing this, Luo Ying nodded, "Okay, let's go to Chan City first then."

Soon, the four arrived outside Chan City.

All of them could fly except for Luo Fei, which made her feel quite down.

Luo Ying saw this and walked up to Luo Fei, "Luo Fei, you can cultivate with us from now on, Martial Brother won't say anything if I teach you."

"Huh?!" Luo Fei's face was full of surprise and joy, but she immediately reacted and said, "Thank you, Sister Luo Ying, should I-"

Luo Ying knew what she was going to say and waved her hand, "We'll still be sisters, it would feel strange if you called me master."

"Sister Qingxue, this city is so big! But if Luo Yue City built a wall too, wouldn't it be much bigger than this?" Tang Beiwei saw the tall city walls and exclaimed.

Luo Fei nodded and said, "Yeah, Chan City is the biggest city in the hidden sects, and in the mortal world on the other side of the sea, there's also a very big city called Hang Shui City. I can show you guys later, but I've only ever heard about it."

"Okay, but we need to find Brother first." Tang Beiwei also worried about Ye Mo a lot. Ye Mo was her only kin.

As soon as the four walked into Chan City, they caught the eyes of almost everyone. Four extremely beautiful women appeared together in this prosperous city.

But Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue had very strong temperaments and people didn't dare to go up to them. In this city, power was everything. If you offended someone significant, you wouldn't even know how you died.

The four walked into a hotel, and Tang Beiwei called the waiter, "I want to ask about someone-"

Luo Fei quickly said, "Beiwei, you won't find out about anything like this. There are countless people going in and out of Chan City everyday. Unless it's a very famous person, it's pointless to ask like this. We'll ask the City Lord to put up a notice, and then I think we should be able to find Brother Ye."

Tang Beiwei nodded, "You're right, but wherever Brother goes, he always becomes famous."

"Miss, I in fact happen to collect news, so perhaps if you tell me the name of the person you're looking for, I might know," the waiter commented.

Ning Qingxue simply asked, "His name is Ye Mo, do you know?"

The waiter heard this name, and his face changed drastically. He didn't even talk and just walked away. The very noisy restaurant area of the hotel became very quiet after hearing this name.

"What's going on?" Tang Beiwei was confused.

But before anyone said anything, she walked up to that waiter and stopped him.

"Why did you leave after hearing my brother's name? Tell me or don't blame me for what I might do," Tang Beiwei said.

"Mi- Miss, I never said anything bad about Ye-Qianbei, please let me go." The waiter regretted for being a loudmouth.

Tang Beiwei said coldly, "I will let you go if you tell me about Ye Mo, otherwise…"

"I'll speak, I'll speak! Ye-Qianbei hasn't appeared for a few years," the waiter said shakily.

Tang Beiwei was angry, "Since my brother hasn't appeared for a few years, why are you acting like this?"

The waiter didn't dare to reply at all.

At this moment, a youth sitting next to the window saluted with his fist as he walked over, "Miss, I am Lu Heshen from the All Heaven Sect. It is thanks to Ye-Qianbei that we are a special grade sect now. Ordinary people don't dare to talk about Ye-Qianbei, but I can tell you about him."

Tang Beiwei studied the young man and said, "Oh, in that case please tell me what happened to Ye Mo."

Lu Heshen's face was handsome, and he was very tall. He carried a longsword on his back.

Lu Heshen saluted to Luo Ying and co. with his fist and then said, "Four years ago, Ye Mo's wife, Mu Xiaoyun, was schemed for by the Taiyi Sect, and because of that..."

Hearing this, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue's hands shook. Ye Mo got another wife here? Meanwhile, Tang Beiwei looked down as she felt ashamed to face Sister Luo Ying and Sister Qingxue. Although she didn't mind personally, this was quite unfair towards them.

But soon, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue acted normal as though nothing happened.

Lu Heshen continued, "Taiyi Sect wanted Mu Xiaoyun no matter what, but Ye-Qianbei happened to get there on time. At the hidden sects grade tournament on Magical Continent Mountain, he exerted his dominance and killed tens of great heaven and earth level masters. Then, he annihilated the Taiyi Sect, Gemini Sword Sect, Forgery Hall, and tens of sects that acted against him."

Hearing this, Luo Fei shivered and spilled a cup on the table. She was extremely shocked. Ye Mo had killed so many great heaven masters all by himself and annihilated a special grade sect like Taiyi? This was unbelievable!

If Ye Mo was this strong, didn't that mean he could easily wipe out her sect? Also, the All Heaven Sect had been just a first grade hidden sect before, yet now they were special grade. Such big changes had occurred amidst the hidden sects in a few years' time.

But Lu Heshen continued, "With Ye-Qianbei's dominance, ordinary people don't dare to show disrespect for him. After Ye-Qianbei did these things, he went around looking for his wife and disappeared for a few years. A few years ago, those disciples who escaped from the Taiyi Sect all came back under the lead of someone called Mo Youshen and formed the Taiyi Sect again, though. Although it's no longer a special grade sect, they're still a first grade sect."

"You're saying that Ye Mo has been gone for a few years?" Ning Qingxue asked shakily.

Lu Heshen replied immediately seeing someone as pretty as Ning Qingxue ask him something, "Yes, if Ye-Qianbei hadn't disappeared for at least a few years, the Taiyi Sect members wouldn't have dared to rebuild their sect."

"If he has been gone for a few years, why did the waiter not dare to answer us?" Ning Qingxue asked coldly.

Lu Heshen replied, "Because a month ago, a certain youth came to Chan City. He also asked for Ye-Qianbei's whereabouts, but this was heard by a half step great heaven elder of the Taiyi Sect who immediately ridiculed Ye-Qianbei and told that youth to piss off. After that, he called Ye-Qianbei a coward and said that if he dared to come out, Taiyi would get it's revenge."

"He's asking to die, how dare he talk about my brother like that!" Tang Beiwei was furious.

Lu Heshen smiled, "That youth said the same, though he called Ye Mo his master. When that Taiyi fellow heard this, he stood up to kill him. However, that youth killed the Taiyi master with just two moves. That wasn't the end of it - he went to the campsite of Taiyi in Chan City and killed a few earth levels and kicked all the other disciples out of Chan City as well."

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