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Chapter 780: Psycho Dongfang Wang

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Xin Li Ni island was in between the Philippines and Indonesia. Ye Mo had never been someone who wouldn't strike back after being attacked. The first thing he did after handing Luo Yue over to the others was to go find Dongfang Wang to this island.

The island wasn't small - it was rather big. It belonged to an European tycoon before and somehow it had become Dongfang Wang's.

Ye Mo had indeed seen some soldiers training there and their equipment was rather good. Their defenses were very thorough, but to Ye Mo they were non-existent.

Ye Mo got to the centre of the island. There was an impressive estate and there were many barracks outside of it.

There were about 1000 thousand barracks on that small island. Ye Mo looked at their flag, which had two ancient characters, yet he could tell it was Xi Tang.

This was Dongfang Wang's base indeed, and a place where he trained his troops. It seemed that Dongfang Wang was much more decisive than his brothers. Both of them had wanted to rely on other people to build their own empire.

After seeing that many of the Dongfang family's people had come to Luo Yue, Ye Mo realized that Dongfang Wang was the real young master of the Dongfang family. Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Tang had probably wanted to be the young master too, but they couldn't get the support of the Dongfang family. Hence, they had no way but to rely on themselves.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and saw two new battleships. However, it was a pity that he couldn't find Dongfang Wang. It seemed he wouldn't be able to kill that guy that day.

Ye Mo didn't care that much. He believed that with his current spirit sense, it wouldn't be very hard to find Dongfang Wang.

Ye Mo planted the bombs he had taken out of Luo Yue City on the island and even on the two battleships. Although it was easy for him to kill the people in it, to Ye Mo it was much more satisfying to let Dongfang Wang have a taste of his own medicine.

As soon as Ye Mo was done, he received Xu Yuehua's call.

Luo Yue's biggest meeting center was full of people by the time Ye Mo got there. They all got up when Ye Mo entered the room.

He looked at the screen in the meeting room and saw it was Dongfang Wang's face.

"What's going on?" Ye Mo asked Yu Miaodan.

"Dongfang Wang spoke on Zero Degree International TV attacking Luo Yue, saying that we went against international laws and ignore human rights," Yu Miaodan said in contempt.

Ye Mo nodded and sat down. He had never heard of Zero Degree TV.

Xu Yuehua explained, "Zero Degree TV belongs to the Northern Sand Country. Although it has a short history, it's one of the top ten biggest tv channels on earth."

Ye Mo looked at Xu Yuehua in shock. "Northern Sand formed a country?!"

Xu Yuehua nodded. "Yes, six years ago. There were some internal conflicts in a small country in Africa. A party took over the other party and reestablished national constitution. Two years later, the country was renamed as Northern Sand."

Ye Mo thought about this - now things made sense. He didn't keep asking and instead focused his attention on Dongfang Wang.

Dongfang Wang seemed much more mature than ten years ago. His face was also bleaker.

"Our Dongfang family had been contributing to Luo Yue, our entire family had even moved there. Yet what did the dictator of Luo Yue do? He did something as inhumane as annihilating our entire family. Are we a primitive society? Is he a dark fascist ruler? The only option is carnage in the eyes of Luo Yue's dictator. I feel deeply worried for the citizens living in Luo Yue. I am representing the entire Dongfang family to call out to the world, we can't allow these butchers to continue! We need to resist! We need to destroy the dictator of Luo Yue!"

Dongfang Wang's expression was crazed and he waved his hand every time he spoke a word.

"Yes, I know the union won't do anything to Luo Yue. However, no matter how cruel and bloody Luo Yue's dictator is, he can't stop our resistance-"

Suddenly, the screen changed to another channel.

Ye Mo sneered. No matter how much Dongfang Wang tried to stir things up, the reality was more powerful than his arguments.

Ye Mo didn't think the Northern Sand Country issue was so simple. Northern Sand, unlike Dongfang Wang, was a powerful organization that had the same technology level as America. Meanwhile, Dongfang Wang was just a mad man.

Most importantly, their goal wasn't just to build a country - it was world domination. They hadn't had an open land to stay in before, but now that they had built their own country, they could do things openly.

Northern Sand was not like the US. The US dominated, by they still had some sense. They wouldn't try to annihilate every country on the planet, but North Sand was different. Those who followed them would prevail and those who didn't would get annihilated. That was their ideal world. If they had the power to destroy the world, they would just shoot nukes casually. Life was worthless in their eyes.

Just when Ye Mo was about to talk, Dongfang Wang tried to videocall with him.

Ye Mo was dazed but he immediately sneered. He knew what Dongfang Wang was going to do.

"Accept the call and send what he says to the world through Luo Yue TV," Ye Mo sneered.

Xu Yuehua dazed. "President, are we really going to broadcast our conversation with Dongfang Wang to the world?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, let the whole world know what he's talking about. If he wants this satisfaction, I'll let him have it. I'm sure he won't expect this."

When the videocall was accepted, it was immediately broadcasted live.

The news reporter of Luo Yue said, "After Dongfang Wang undermined Luo Yue on Zero Degree TV, he immediately requested to videocall with Luo Yue. This is a live broadcast of his video call. Let us see what this hypocrite has to say!"

The screen changed to Dongfang Wang's face.

Dongfang Wang was holding a controller and laughing hysterically, "Ye Mo, I know you're watching this, I came to tell you exciting news. If you hadn't killed the Dongfang family's people, perhaps we could have negotiated. But you psycho killed my family without even negotiating first! I will let you know who I am! I will make you remember forever!

You're a psycho, okay. But I'm more psycho than you. This controller can detonate timed bombs all across the world. You will be very happy with the explosion of 60 bombs under you. Enjoy the fireworks at Luo Yue! Hahaha!"

Then, Dongfang Wang pressed the controller.

Everyone in the meeting room was dazed. Dongfang Wang had planted so many bombs in Luo Yue, yet none of the people there knew.

The people's heart sunk. They had just gotten out of jail, but now they were going to get bombed?!

Ye Mo's heart also skipped a beat. He had only found 59 - where was the last one?

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