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Chapter 796: Old Friend in Trouble
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Pei Ang immediately replied, "The hidden sects have always stayed hidden. What is more, after a few sects offended Qianbei more than ten years ago, the hidden sects have been even more hidden. Even the tournament has changed to be held in one of the hidden sects' places. But these last years, many hidden sects have just disappeared strangely and not a single person was left behind."

Ye Mo frowned. He knew the power of the hidden sects. If he hadn't been a truth cultivator, it would be a dream to put up a fight against the hidden sects. What kind of person could make the hidden sects disappear? And many of them.

Pei Ang continued, "When the Lian Hang Jing Mosque and Guang Hang Sect disappeared, no one cared and it was said that they had moved to Luo Yue. But these few years, more sects disappeared strangely, such as Xuan Du Sect, Yi Jian Sect, Meng Family. They were all annihilated in one night. Moreover, the disciples died in all sorts of ways. Even 36 Rivers-"

Hearing this, Ye Mo's eyes narrowed, "What happened to 36 Rivers?"

The Sect Leader Zeng Zhengxia, who had stood up for Ye Mo without hesitation when he had conflict with Xiang Mingwang, was his friend.

Ye Mo wasn't just going to sit and watch when something had happened to 36 Rivers.

Pei Ang knew that Gourd Cove's annihilation was related to Ye Mo, so he didn't dare to mention that. However, he was aware that Ye Mo was friends with Zeng Zhengxia. Hence, since something had happened to 36 Rivers, he knew that Ye Mo hadn't done it.

Pei Ang said immediately, "36 Rivers was also attacked not long ago. Their HQ were completely destroyed. If their sect leader hadn't been at half way great heaven and their disciples hadn't fought hard to escape, they would've all died."

Ye Mo's expression sunk. Zeng Zhengxia must've have suffered heavy losses. Ye Mo had been wondering if it could be the same people who had attacked Song Yangzhu, but now it didn't seem so.

The black person was a Gu mater and he had been by himself. For a sect like 36 Rivers to have to escape of, it couldn't just be one person. Why did these people want to annihilate all of the hidden sects?

At this moment, the police sirens sounded. Ye Mo grabbed Pei Ang and left the meeting room.

Pei Ang just felt his head spin for a bit and then somehow, he appeared in a park.

Pei Ang was shook. He felt like he had been flying, but it was day time already. Could Ye Mo really fly? He feared Ye Mo even more, so he didn't dare to ask.

"Where is Sect Leader Zeng right now?" Ye Mo asked.

Pei Ang replied at once, "He took his 36 River disciples and escaped to Jiu Ming Academy. Because he was heavily injured, he sent his disciple to Luo Yue asking for your protection - he wanted to move 36 Rivers to Luo Yue. However, the disciples he sent had no news."

Ye Mo's heart sunk. He thought of Dongfang Wang. When he had sent people there, it must have still been under the reign of the Dongfang family.

"The Vice Sect Leader of Jiu Ming Academy, Feng-Qianbei invited all earth level masters to gather at Kun Lun to discuss about this matter. Due to the severity of the issue, the earth levels of the Heaven Squad will also be going. I came to Ning Hai because Ning Hai has flights to Le Qing City. There are Jiu Ming Academy sect members there leading the way," Pei Ang said carefully.

Ye Mo nodded and gave a porcelain bottle to Pei Ang, "There's a pill here. Give it to Sect Leader Zeng for me when you get to Jing Ming Academy. Tell him I will go visit him after I've finished my business."

"Yes, Qianbei." Pei Ang felt relieved. The fact that Ye Mo was telling him to take something to Zeng Zhengxia meant that Ye-Qianbei no longer meant to kill him.

When Pei Ang took the bottle and looked up, he was shook even more. Ye Mo had long disappeared.

Ye Mo knew the hidden sects power all too well. Even the outer hidden sects were still strong.

Any hidden sect that had managed to exist until now was no simple being and had their secret powers.

Who was it that was so crazy to challenge the entire hidden sects and annihilate them one by one?

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and saw Song Yangzhu and Yimo go into a shopping mall. He had gone to Ning Hai to see Su Jingwen but he hadn't seen her there. Instead, he had found Song Yangzhu and his daughter. He planned to take them back to Luo Yue first before going to see Zeng Zhengxia to Jiu Ming Academy.

"Mom, why is there so much money on dad's card? What business does he do?" when Yimo saw so many zero's on the atm, she asked.

"Uhm-" Song Yangzhu didn't know how to explain it to Yimo. She had always told Yimo that her dad was very capable. Yet, whenever she asked what Ye Mo did, she tried to avoid it in case she asked her to go look for her dad.

"Yimo, is your dad back?" A girl the same age as Yimo saw her and immediately ran over to them.

Yimo turned around and looked at this girl. She replied joyfully, "Ning Lan, how come are you here? Didn't you go to class today?"

The girl said happily, "Yes, I was worried about you yesterday afternoon when you didn't go to class. Did that Di guy do anything to you?"

Yimo shook her head. "Yes, my dad came back yesterday, so he didn't dare do anything to me. Oh, why didn't you go to class today again?"

"My dad came to Ning Hai too, so I might be going back to Beijing. Oh, by the way, I heard your dad gave you a lot of money. Now you can buy that phone," Ning Lan said. She was very close to Yimo. They both loved a certain kind of phone, but she knew Yimo didn't have the money to buy it so she didn't buy it either.

She was planning to get one for herself and Yimo since she was leaving. However now, it seemed Yimo would be buying it herself.

"Hillbillies who haven't seen any real money! My pocket money is more than what your dad gave you," a contemptuous voice sounded.

Yimo frowned but didn't reply - she had learned to endure. She usually didn't say a thing until it touched her bottom line.

Ning Lan couldn't help but to say, "Ning Zhenwu, what does this have to do with you? I can buy my own things. You don't need to come with me, go back first! Yimo, ignore him."

Ning Wuzhen only looked 2 years older than Ning Lan but he was already 1.7 m tall. He studied Ye Yimo in contempt and then shook his head, but he didn't talk nor leave. From his perspective, Yimo's dad couldn't be very rich just judging by the clothes she was wearing.

Song Yangzhu wasn't going to argue with little kids. She pulled Yimo's hands and said, "Yimo, let's go buy things. Perhaps your dad is already back."

"I'll go shopping with you guys. Aunty, you're really pretty! If Yimo hadn't called you 'mom', I would've thought you were her sister," Ning Lan said.

"Yangzhu!" a joyful voice interrupted them.

"Is it you?" Song Yangzhu was also dazed when she saw the man who was coming.

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