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Chapter 876: Chang Fen Hill
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

After Ye Mo set up the teleport and gave a few jade cards to Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling, he immediately left the city. He teleported out of the city and used the flying pike to travel for a day. Finally, at midnight, he arrived in the Chang Fen Hill.

There was no one living there on radius of a few hundred kilometers. It was indeed a barren graveyard.

This place didn't pose a threat for high-level cultivator but for ordinary people, passing by this place almost meant death. The place had very strong yin chi, together with some strange beings and phenomenons.

Ye Mo immediately felt a bleak chi in the place. It seemed lifeless and even the plants on the ground looked very gnarled. The spirit chi there was a lot less strong than in other places. If there wasn't the occasional shriek of a vulture, Ye Mo would've thought this place was the underworld.

Ye Mo's spirit sense had scanned around - this graveyard hadn't been artificially created. It had been formed by countless bones and remnant weapons. On the top, spirit fire could be seen everywhere.

Ye Mo shook his head. He didn't understand why Li Yuqian would have come here. It was not a good place for cultivation and it couldn't have any rare items. He looked at the marking on the map and wanted to go there immediately when he felt something wasn't right. Ever since he had started cultivating Three Birth Chant, his sixth sense was very acute.

Ye Mo subconsciously hid himself. No matter who would come, Ye Mo didn't want people to know he was there to take the Li Zhe Fire.

As soon as Ye Mo hid, a flying cart magic artefact landed at the frontiers of the place. It was soundless. If he hadn't had his sixth sense, he would've never found out about the cart's arrival. Ye Mo noticed that the cart was majestic, it seemed to be an extreme grade magic artefact.

Just when Ye Mo was about to check this extreme grade magic artefact out, he had an extreme sense of danger. He had met countless dangers before, yet never one as strong as that day. It was a feeling of irresistible danger, as though no matter what he tried he would die for sure.

Without thinking, Ye Mo immediately went into the golden page world and didn't dare move.

After going in, Ye Mo realized that the flying cart he had seen was no magic artefac - it was a cultivation artefact.

Ye Mo immediately felt cold sweat going down his back. Those who could use a cultivation artefact were at least at nascent soul state tertiary stage or even at hollow spirit state. Ye Mo was sure that the cultivator on it was not at nascent soul state.

In the cultivation realm, artefacts were divided into magic artefacts, spirit artefacts, cultivation artefacts and immortal artefacts. Each one of them could be low-grade, middle-grade, top-grade and extreme-grade. Usually, a cultivator at golden core state used mostly spirit artefacts. Those who used cultivation artefacts were all cultivator with great power. As for immortal artefacts, that was the foundation of big sects.

Ye Mo rejoiced that he had gone into the golden page world quickly. Otherwise, if that master had found him, he could have annihilated him with a finger.

These power beings killed people without any restraints. They wouldn't even ask for their names.

From the golden page world, Ye Mo even felt that the cultivator in the cultivation artefact had slightly noticed him and scanned his spirit sense over. It was a pity that with his current power he couldn't let out his spirit sense in the golden page world.

Ye Mo had guessed right. The flying cart was indeed a cultivation artefact and on it was there was a dark-faced cultivator who looked like he was in his 50s. He had a black mole on his face and short hair. His eyes were extremely cold. He immediately frowned and scanned where Ye Mo was repeatedly.

The golden page world had fallen amongst the mud and bones. It really wasn't discernable unless he checked the bones one by one. The dark-faced cultivator scanned for a long time, but he didn't find anything. Hence, he took back his spirit sense.

Ye Mo didn't dare to be careless facing such a high-powered cultivator. He stayed in the golden page world for 24 hours. Only then, he suppressed his chi before carefully coming out.

When Ye Mo came out, he found that the cultivation artefact flying cart had been long gone. Ye Mo breathed at ease. He had been scared to come out and find the guy waiting for him.

But soon, Ye Mo noticed something was wrong. There were some minor changes there, but he couldn't tell exactly what had happened. Ye Mo sent out his spirit sense and carefully scanned the surroundings.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo took back his spirit sense and understood what had happened. The cultivator who had come yesterday had set up multiple formations, including a trap formation and a kill formation. These formations were very hidden and they had been linked together, which showed that the person who had set up this was very skilled.

What did this guy set up these formations for?

However, Ye Mo immediately realized that since the guy had set up formations there, he would be back. In that case, should he still get his Li Zhe Fire?

What if the guy caught him when he was trying to take the Li Zhe Fire? Ye Mo hesitated for a moment, but he still decided to get the fire. He had limited time and if he didn't get it today, he didn't know when he would the chance to again.

Moreover, it would only take a short time for him to take the fire. Once he got it, he would immediately dash away.

Ye Mo didn't go take the fire immediately. He went back into the golden page world and made a few formation flags before coming out.

He couldn't see what was going on outside the golden page world when he was inside, so he made a few surveillance formation flags.

Although he really wanted to change the person's formation and control it, he didn't dare to. His formation skills were stronger than this person's, but the difference in power between them was too great.

However, he still made many formation flags that could instantly change the trap and kill formation if he needed.

If the guy caught him and he changed the formations, that would stop him for a while.

After all of this was done, Ye Mo then headed towards where the Fire Seed was. Half an hour later, Ye Mo arrived at the southern-east border of the hill. It was a deep valley.

Ye Mo got there, but he didn't find anything there after scanning his spirit sense. Hence, he decided to use earth travel and went into the ground.

After going two hundred meters into the ground, Ye Mo stopped. He finally understood why his spirit sense couldn't find it.

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