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Chapter 899: Kong Ye’s Excitement
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"What 'genius'?" a judge heard Ming Xin's murmurs and asked, but right after that, he was dazed as his eye fell on the surveillance formation. He paused and exclaimed, "He really made the spirit weaving pill?!"

He was so shook because it was a spirit sense healing pill, and even Kong Ye said it would be impossible to make, yet this fellow really made it!

Spirit sense recovery pills were rare - they were at least heaven grade pills. Ordinary people wouldn't even be able to see one, much less use them. People mostly used spirit attraction grass directly to repair their spirit sense, but that was actually a huge waste of its potency. This caused most cultivators who had their spirit sense injured to never be recovered.

If someone really created the spirit weaving pill, that would fill the missing gap in terms of spirit sense recovery pills. It would cause an uproar in the entire Luo Yue Continent.

Yet this pill was created by a pill concocter in this tournament.

Ye Mo evaluated his process and let go of his spirit weaving pill as he started checking out the other contestants after opening the restriction around his spot.

Ye Mo immediately heard a few explosions. He looked over, and a contestant was jumping around with ash all over his face. Clearly, his pill and cauldron had exploded.

When Ye Mo scanned other places, he found out that there were far more explosions than just that one. There were tens of explosions on just a casual glance.

Ye Mo knew that this was unavoidable. This involved a new pill recipe after all, and everyone wanted to succeed on the first time.

Usually, people would stop if they knew they couldn't finish the pill, but this was a tournament, and so they forced it until the end. This resulted in explosions.

Ye Mo then looked at Ye Chengjun and saw him pull out three pills.

Ye Mo sighed - this old guy was good indeed. As expected of the triple first placed hall of fame winner. He designed a recipe, made it, and even ended up with one more pill than Ye Mo. His capabilities was perfect - recognizing 12 herbs, designing the right recipe and successfully making it!

"The first to finish is Ye Mo from stage number 10? This is unexpected," the judges noticed and said. They all went to watch Ye Mo's surveillance formation.

"Huh? He really made it?!"

"How is this possible?"

"Amazing, amazing! If it really is the spirit weaving pill, Ye Mo's contribution to the Luo Yue Continent is immeasurable!"

"Who is this Ye Mo?"

"Herb Pill Sect? What sect is this, how come I've never heard of it?"

"Kong Ye Qianbei is here!"

The judges saw Kong Ye who was rushing over and all got up. He was clearly very excited and was even shaking a little while walking.

Mu Yiqing and co. were watching stage 10 nervously. When Ye Mo finished, they finally saw him. Mu He shouted in excitement, "Martial Uncle Ye seems to be the first to finish - he really is good, isn't he?"

But Uncle Zao and Mu Yiqing's hearts sunk. They saw Ye Mo finish first, but he might not have been the first to actually finish the question.

Everyone of the top ten were more famous than Ye Mo, yet Ye Mo finished before them. They just hoped Ye Mo didn't mess up too much.

"Hmm, that Ye Mo finished already, did he finish the task?" The big manager was also watching Ye Mo.

Feng Jicheng saw this and breathed easy. Clearly, he assumed that Ye Mo had failed. "He probably failed. What a pity, but he's a greenhorn after all. He has never come to such a tournament, and he used foundation establishment state chi fire."

Yan Jun said coldly, "Elder Fen, how can you be sure that he failed? I see him sitting there calmly - he didn't seem to fail anything."

Big Manager sneered, and they both shut up.

15 minutes later, the examiner said, "All contestants please stop. Time is up. Whether you have finished your pill or not, please put your jade bottle in the teleportation formation and remain seated on your seats. The judges will give a ranking of the top 100."

Ye Mo heard this and thought, 'Does this mean that even before the third round, the top 100 of the hall of fame will be decided?'

The examiner continued at this moment, "The second round's top 20 will go into the third round. The 21st to the 100th contestants will end at the second round, but they will be the new members of the hall of fame."

Ye Mo understood. This meant that the exact rankings of the 1st to 20th spots were still yet to be decided. If this were on earth, there would be at least seven or eight rounds. But Ye Mo liked how quick they did things here more.

Ye Mo just wanted the tournament to end now. He didn't have to go to the third round.

Meanwhile at the judge panel, everyone stood around Kong Ye who was looking at the spirit weaving pill in his hands.

"Kong Ye Qianbei, the pill tester is here. Should we test it now?" someone came up and bowed to Kong Ye.

Kong Ye frowned and said, "When did I say to let a pill tester test the spirit weaving pill?"

The man was dazed and subconsciously replied, "Elder Yu ordered this."

He didn't understand why Kong Ye said this. Each tournament, there would be pill testers to test the pills. Even big sects who came by some new pills would let pill testers test them.

Kong Ye waved his hand, "No need, I will test this spirit weaving pill personally. If it really can recover spirit sense, then this is a revolutionary pill."

Kong Ye dazed for a moment as he looked to the south, "Our North Far State could be called lucky if so little as one cultivator were to reach the hollow spirit state each year, yet in the South Peace State, there are often cultivators ascending into the immortal realm! One reason for this is the lack of spirit chi here, but the main reason is that we don't have excellent talent, and when we do, we can't keep them either.

Then he looked around and said, "This pill concocter was able to create the spirit weaving pill. That is not only important to our state but also to the entire Luo Yue Continent. This is talent."

"Ye Mo, sigh-" Kong Ye sighed and ate the pill.

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