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Chapter 901: Pill Concoction Hall of Fame Number One
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Hearing this, Ye Chengjun looked at Ye Mo with a face full of shock. He finally understood why Ye Mo placed first.

Ye Chengjun accepted his loss. Although he had also made pills, three of them at that, they were nothing compared to the spirit weaving pill. He had at most made some changes to another existing recipe.

The spirit weaving pill meant countless wealth and more safety for a cultivator.

Due to this, Ye Mo would be number one even if he didn't participate in the third round.

Countless people looked at Ye Mo with fiery eyes. There wasn't a person around who didn't want to get on Ye Mo's good side now.

At the spectator area, the Herb Pill Sect's people were completely dumbfounded. They never would've thought that a random pill master they found would help their sect get first place.

But then, they also immediately thought of how much pandemonium the spirit weaving pill would create. As long as Ye Mo just gave a little spirit weaving pill to their sect to sell, their sect would rise into the sky. Their other pills would sell well too.

Uncle Zao was very excited, but he knew what Mu Yiqing would be thinking. He coughed and said, "Sect Leader, such a high profile might not be a good thing, I think."

Mu Yiqing calmed down. He knew what Uncle Zao meant of course, "I know, but our Herb Pill Sect was on the brink of its end anyway. If we don't create some sensation now, I don't think there will be anymore purpose to our existence. Since the opportunity is here, I have to grasp it even if there's a hefty price to pay."

Uncle Zao nodded and didn't say anything. He knew Mu Yiqing was right. Sometimes, being too timid would only lead a sect slowly towards destruction.

Meanwhile the Immortal Treasure Tower's big manager's face was so bleak right now that it felt like water could come out. He stared coldly at Feng Jicheng and said, "This is the pill master you said is just so-so? Ranked number one, and he created a pill like the spirit weaving pill?"

Feng Jicheng didn't dare to reply anything at all. He was also shocked that Ye Mo was able to create the spirit weaving pill recipe and even make it.

Even if Ye Mo hadn't gotten a top ten spot, just the spirit weaving pill alone could have allowed the Immortal Treasure Tower's fame to extend throughout the entire North Far State.

If Ye Mo had represented the Immortal Treasure Tower to participate in the tournament, then they would be the ones benefiting the most, yet he had pushed away such an opportunity. There was no way the manager wouldn't be angry.

"Big Manager, I don't think there's no opportunity left. Yan Zheng is close to Ye Mo, and Ye Mo is helping the River State Immortal Treasure Tower. I think we should let Yan Zheng talk to Ye Mo after the tournament and let him come back to us. Yan Zheng used 10.000 sqm of land to get Ye Mo's help before. Now we can give him even better things, and there's no way he wouldn't agree."

Big Manager's face stayed bleak, but he still looked towards Yan Zheng.

Yan Zheng knew he had to talk now. He was sneering inside, but he still bowed and said, "Big Manager, Ye Mo's character is strong-willed. Although he values relationships, he is very keen on remembering good will and bad will. If we had always been nice to him and let him represent us, I think he wouldn't be able to reject our invitation, and he would even let the spirit weaving pill be our unique pill, but since we already rejected him, I think it would be very hard to succeed even if I manage to talk to him."

The big manager sneered and said, "No matter what, you must succeed. We cannot let him work with other pill towers. He has to be ours."

Then he looked coldly at Yan Jun.

Yan Jun knew what the big manager meant and said helplessly, "Xiao Zheng, try harder, aren't you close to that Ye Mo? Try to satisfy whatever needs he might have."

"If you succeed, the Immortal Treasure Tower won't disappoint you," the big manager added.

Yan Zheng was feeling contemptuous, but he didn't dare to show it and could only nod in agreement.

The craze finally ended and everyone calmed down. Some powers were already thinking about how to establish relations with Ye Mo and get the sales talks going for the spirit weaving pill.

Kong Ye looked at the crowd and continued, "I've already tested the spirit weaving pill, and it really does have an immeasurable potency for spirit sense recovery."

Some cultivators yelled, "Pill Master Ye was able to create the spirit weaving pill, I don't think a third round is necessary. Why don't we just give him the number one spot in the pill concoction hall of fame?"

"Yeah, we should!" multiple people voiced their agreement.

Kong Ye saw this and nodded happily. He was very happy that the people were able to realize how important the spirit weaving pill was.

"In that case, I hereby announce that the hall of fame will be ranked according to the second round. The second round itself is already very convincing. Furthermore, the Herb Valley that was scheduled to open in a month will now be opened up early," Kong Ye said.

It was not just pill masters who could go to the Desert Plane Herb Valley.

Kong Ye knew everyone was very anxious and immediately waved his hand, "But don't be hasty everyone, although it will open early, there will still be four days before you can go in. In three days, Broken Leaf City will open up the portal to the Herb Valley. I wish everyone luck. Now I would like to invite City Lord Fang of Broken Leaf City to give out the awards for the hall of fame as well as the Herb Valley spots and my jade card for a one time pill concoction from me."

A round of heated applause ensued. Everyone was pretty happy with the results.

Ye Chengjun knew that if the tournament went to the third round, he would be number one for sure, but since Kong Ye already said this much and he had been first in three consecutive times already, he didn't really mind. He felt that Ye Mo deserved getting in first once for making the spirit weaving pill.

Little did he know that if Ye Mo used his Shen Nong Cauldron and Mist Lotus Heart Fire, he would be able to concoct even heaven grade level 3 pills.

"Kong Ye Qianbei-" As one of the judges, Elder Yu, heard this, he came out in shock. He knew that the Herb Valley would be opening up early, but the third round would only take half a day. It wouldn't affect going to the Herb Valley.

But before he could finish, Kong Ye waved his hand and said, "That will be all."

Then he looked at Ye Mo and said, "Ye Mo, I am always at the Pill Association's HQ, if you have time, you can always come find me."

Countless people looked at Ye Mo in admiration. Clearly Kong Ye treated Ye Mo very differently.

Ye Mo said respectfully, "Thank you, Kong Ye Qianbei. Wanbei will most certainly come visit Qianbei." He could feel that Kong Ye seemed to have nothing but goodwill towards him.

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