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Chapter 919: Only One Move
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo looked at the messy valley and knew there had been a battle not long before. The oppositing side of that buttle must have been the cultivators from the South Peace State.

Guang Wei had guessed right - those people had indeed come with a clear purpose in mind.

The South Peace State's cultivation level was much higher than other places, much less the North Far State's, which was at the bottom.

"It's you? Where are Martial Brother Luo and Martial Brother Xin?" a golden core state level five recognized Guang Wei and yelled.

He thought that a golden core state level four and level three should easily have been able to kill a golden core state level one but now, this level one came back fine, while their two cultivators didn't come back.

Guang Wei sneered, "What's your Martial Brother going missing got to do with me? Am I responsible for watching him?"

Guang Wei's words made the cultivators from the North Far State laugh.

Qin Muxin also noticed Ye Mo and asked Guang Wei in confusion, "Martial Sister, why are you with him? Isn't it too... Bringing him here?"

Guang Wei said to Ye Mo, "Martial Brother Ye, come here."

She said to Qin Muxin, "I found Martial Brother Ye to help you, but I didn't expect you would already have a few Martial Brothers helping you."

"Haha!" One cultivator heard this and couldn't hold back his laughter.

This cultivator was standing near Zhe Qiushui, who was from the Duo Heart Valley too. He said, "You found a foundation establishment state cultivator to come help?"

"Laughing at someone else? You're a foundation establishment state too," Guang Wei replied coldly. She knew who this cultivator was. He was in the foundation establishment state hall of fame, but she didn't care.

Qin Muxin felt Guang Wei was being unreasonable, but the laugh had made her uncomfortable too. However, the Duo Heart Valley cultivators had just saved her, so she just glanced coldly at the cultivator who laughed.

"Hai Xin, don't be rude. Martial Sister Guang Wei is your Qianbei, how can you be so rude?" Zhe Qiushui immediately reproached.

The cultivator stopped laughing and bowed to Guang Wei and didn't speak again.

Zhe Qiushui saluted with his fists to Guang Wei and said, "Those two golden core state cultivators weren't simple. Even I can't say I could beat one of them with certainty. Also, Hai Xin might be at the peak stage of the foundation establishment state as well as number two in the foundation establishment state hall of fame, he has no right to talk in front of a golden core state."

Zhe Qiushui was still telling her in a polite roundabout way that it was quite blasphemous to 'find a foundation establishment state cultivator to help'. But Guang Wei didn't say anything. Even though this Hai Xin was the foundation establishment state hall of fame number two, he would be instantly killed by Ye Mo.

Even if Zhe Qiushui fought Ye Mo himself, who knew what might happen. Ye Mo was the craziest prodigy she had ever seen.

Hai Xin saw that Guang Wei didn't rebuke, but the contempt in her eyes was clear, so he was unsatisfied. He walked up to Ye Mo and said, "Having heard of your strength, I would like to see. Don't worry, three moves is enough."

Ye Mo was already unhappy about being unable to see the Yellow Three Leaves, and now this Hai Xin came up to challenge him.

So what if he was a bit stronger? Was foundation establishment state hall of fame number two really that great?

Seeing Ye Mo not planning on taking out his magic artefact, Hai Xin didn't plan to either. He just raised his hand and said, "I'll fight you with my fist, three moves. Don't worry, just three moves."

Ye Mo stared coldly at him, "Who is Hai Dan to you?"

Hai Xin was dazed, but he said "She's my younger sister, why?"

Hearing about his sister suddenly, his face looked bad. Why did Ye Mo ask about his sister? Did his sister suffer in his hands? If that were the case, this wouldn't be a matter of three fists.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Then hurry up, I don't have time to play with you. Don't worry, just one move."

Hai Xin's face went red. Even the number one foundation establishment state hall of fame Li Zhaohua didn't dare to be this cocky with him.

Hai Xin didn't speak anymore. He gathered all his cultivation essence and punched at Ye Mo with full force. He was going to teach Ye Mo a lesson. He wanted to break a few of Ye Mo's chest bones first.

Seeing Hai Xin do that, Qin Muxin frowned, because a few months ago, even she was no match for Hai Xin.

Zhe Qiushui sighed as he took out a recovery pill. It was for Ye Mo for after he got injured or else they would be offending Guang Wei.

But Qin Muxin and Zhe Qiushui felt confused that Guang Wei didn't seem to care at all.

Ye Mo felt the overpowering fist wind which locked down his surroundings. He knew that Hai Xin was out to heavily injure him. His eyes went cold as he punched out too.

Everyone could see the essence of Hai Xin's punch. It bound the opponents space and then forced them to take the fist. With Hai Xin's cultivation essence, ordinary foundation establishment state cultivators wouldn't be able to escape it at all.

Yet Ye Mo Broke free and actually punched out normally.

Hai Xin was completely shocked. He was attacking with full power, but Ye Mo broke free from the binding so easily.

The two fists clashed and with a crack, Hai Xin flew out.

Zhe Qiushui quickly caught Hai Xin and found that all the bones in his hand were broken. He quickly fed him a pill.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo in shock. Even an ordinary golden core state level one wouldn't be able to punch Hai Xin away with just his fist.

Ye Mo patted his hand and said, "You're the same type of person as your sister indeed. But on account of Yu Ruyu, I'll only break one arm."

Hai Xin clearly knew who Yu Ruyu was. He was the God Sword Sect member who was about to marry his sister.

After a long while, everyone realized what had happened. This foundation establishment state cultivator was too strong! He had sent the foundation establishment state hall of fame number two flying with one fist. And he had clearly not even been using his full power. No one would dare to believe it if they didn't see it with their own eyes.

"He was this strong?" Qin Muxin muttered.

Guang Wei nodded, "He's strong, but he's got a very low temperament. After this guy saved me, you know what the first thing he said was? He repeated to me what I told him back then, telling me to, "Go back home and concoct pills."

"Wait, he saved you?" Qin Muxin was even more shocked.

Before Guang Wei could reply, the golden core state cultivator who stopped Qin Muxin before spoke to Ye Mo coldly, "Do you have something to do with Martial Brother not coming back?"

Ye Mo's power didn't seem to be weaker than a golden core state primary stage cultivator's, and he had come back with Guang Wei after all.

Ye Mo glanced contemptuously at this golden core state fellow and didn't reply. He just wanted to ask Guang Wei why he wasn't seeing any Yellow Three Leaves.

At this moment, a few more sword lights flew over. On both sides a few more golden core state cultivators arrives.

"Okay, we have enough people, let's move," the South Peace side's golden core state peak stage cultivator said.

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