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Chapter 941: Departure
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ding Ling approached Ye Mo again to thank him for saving her life. Ye Mo knew that the Herb Valley was about to close in about half a month, so he wanted to give them some pills.

He had a good impression of the three. Ye Mo took out four jade bottles and gave one bottle to each of them, but to Ding Ling he gave two. One bottle contained a cultivation increasing pill.

Ding Ling was about to reach the golden core state, and she had come to the Valley precisely to look for a stroke of fortune for that. Ye Mo had quite a lot of such pills, so it didn't matter if he gave her one. Even in a five-star sect, it wouldn't be that easy to get a cultivation increasing pill, though.

Yan Qi was about to open it, but Ye Mo stopped him, "Look at it when you get back. I'll be going now. This is goodbye."

"Huh, Brother Ye, you're going?" Ding Ling had a good impression of Ye Mo. Now that Ye Mo was about to leave, she was a little sad and asked, "How about you come look for herbs with us? The Herb Valley will be closing in half a month."

Ye Mo shook his head and wanted to say something when a voice sounded by him, "Friend, I'm Wang Pu, seven-star sect Tian Xian Sect's disciple."

Ye Mo was confused. He didn't know this Wang Pu at all. How come a sect member from a big sect was coming to talk to him?

Even Guo Qifan and co. were bewildered.

Seeing how Ye Mo didn't speak, Wang Pu saluted with his fists politely and continued, "I saw that Brother Ye could even break through the Demonic Soul Binding Ray, and I wish to be friends with you. I hope you can excuse my sudden approach."

Ye Mo immediately became wary. He sensed that something more than that was up. A golden core state level eight cultivator came to call him brother? What Ye Mo was worried about the most was that someone might have been watching his fight with Gu Yicheng. Did this person see him use his Heaven Fire?

Ye Mo wasn't some thousand-year-old scheming master, but he had experienced a lot. His sixth sense told him that Wang Pu didn't have pure intentions in approaching him.

Ye Mo smiled plainly and saluted with his fists, "Just some small tricks."

Wang Pu shook his head, "Brother Ye, I think you're too humble. Although Brother Ye used a hidden means, I can still feel the scorching-"

Ye Mo's heart sunk, but this Wang Pu then suddenly changed the topic after saying the word 'scorching', "I just know Brother Ye's surname is Ye. What is your full name?"

"What's the meaning of this, Wang Pu?" before Ye Mo could answer, a cold voice sounded.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Qiu Xue and Wang Pu, and there was a sliver of disgust in his eyes. How could he not realize now that Wang Pu was there due to this woman?

Ye Mo ignored the two and saluted with his fists to Guo Qifan and company, "Brother Guo, Yan Qi, Martial Sister Ding, we'll meet again."

Then, Ye Mo stood on his kitchen knife and left.

Wang Pu looked at the direction Ye Mo left, and his face was green. He didn't think a mere golden core state level one would dare to be so rude to him.

But he didn't chase up. He had marked Ye Mo with his spirit sense already. He didn't need to chase Ye Mo in front of everyone right away.

When Qiu Xue saw Ye Mo look at her with a sliver of disgust, she felt very uncomfortable despite believing that Ye Mo was using this as a method to get close to her.

She thought for a moment and then started chasing after him on her flying sword without even telling Yang Rou.

Ye Mo believed that if he flew at full speed, even Qiu Xue wouldn't be able to catch up, but with so many people there watching, he really didn't know why Qiu Xue was doing this.

Hence, Ye Mo stopped and just stared coldly at Qiu Xue.

Qiu Xue seemed to know Ye Mo would stop and looked calmly at Ye Mo, "You gave me such a precious pill. Perhaps you knew I wouldn't be able to reject it, and-"

After pausing for a moment, Qiu Xue saw that Ye Mo didn't have any intentions of speaking, so she could only continue, "And indeed, that pill is very important to me, so I'll agree to one request of yours as long as it's not too over the line. Tell me."

Agree to my request?

Ye Mo immediately realized that this woman was still thinking so highly of herself, thinking that he was trying to catch her attention.

He gave her such a precious pill? Ye Mo only gave them some condense red pills and azure wen pills. Those were the lowest quality golden core state pills he had.

The condense red pill could be bought, so since he was desperate for Ning Qingxue and the others' whereabouts, he gave four azure wen pills in his desperation as well. But even then, he had nearly 100 of them! However, this woman thought it was some high level pill.

Wasn't she from a seven-star sect? How come an azure wen pill was so precious to her?

But then Ye Mo immediately realized why. Level five spirit herbs weren't abundant even for seven-star sects, and sect members would need sect contribution points to get something. Moreover, the pills he gave were special grade. That was something only pill kings could achieve.

Having gotten so many high level spirit herbs in the Valley and being a pill king, Ye Mo hadn't thought that much about it.

Ye Mo wasn't going to be low now and ask for her to give the pills back, but he still felt unhappy after realizing it.

"I already asked what I wanted to ask, and I don't need your help with anything else. I'm going now. I just hope you don't keep following me." Then, Ye Mo got on Zi Xu and disappeared in front of her.

Yang Rou had also followed over by now and saw Qiu Xue in a daze, so she asked immediately, "Sister Xue, what happened? Why did that guy leave? Did you make it clear that what he's doing is ridiculous?"

Qiu Xue shook her head. She didn't know what was going through Ye Mo's head anymore, but it didn't seem like he was playing hard to get.

After Ye Mo left, Guo Qifan and the others also left.

"Martial Brother, do you think that Qiu Xue would give Brother Ye a hard time?" Yan Qi asked.

Guo Qifan shook his head, "I've heard about that Qiu Xue. She doesn't like killing. She must have some other business with Brother Ye. Besides, even if she wanted to do anything, with Brother Ye being capable of killing Gu Yicheng, I don't think he would be afraid of her."

Ding Ling then took out two jade bottles and opened them, "Let me see what pills Brother Ye gave me. Huh?!"

"What's wrong?" Guo Qifan and Yan Qi immediately came over.

"It's a top grade cultivation increasing pill and a bottle of special grade condense red pills. This, this!" To a five-star sect member, these two pills were absurd.

Guo Qifan and Yan Qi also immediately opened the bottles Ye Mo gave them and said, "I also got 12 condense red pills."

"We owe him big time," Yan Qi murmured to himself.

Guo Qifan put the bottle away and said, "Put these things away. Don't speak about them. Brother Ye has no simple origin. We actually owe him more for saving Martial Sister, so let's just keep it in our hearts."

"Yes," Yan Qi and Ding Ling agreed.

The three sped away even faster.

Ye Mo stopped not far away, changed all his clothes, and washed himself.

He had experienced a lot, and this wasn't the first time someone planted a spirit sense mark on him.

If he wasn't concerned that Wang Pu might look for trouble with Guo Qifan and co., he would set up a trap formation here and kill Wang Pu. But he knew that Guo Qifan and co. had been there when Wang Pu talked to him, so if he died, they would be suspected.

Indeed, not long after Ye Mo left, Wang Pu appeared and said with a green face, "Cunning brat."

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