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Chapter 975: Mo Yue City
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

"Yes, brother Ye, you should start a sect and we'll be the first generation disciples," Li Jingwen said desperately.

He had followed Ye Mo for a while and knew his wealth better than anyone. Regardless of whether Ye Mo started a sect or not, his future would be unparalleled. Once Ye Mo formed a sect, he would have a position as well and not just be a follower.

"How about call it Mo sect." Yu Qiyang also hoped Ye Mo would start a sect.

Ye Mo nodded. Luo Yue continent was this big. Even if he was all powerful, he wouldn't be able to take on 8 star or 9 star sects by himself. Right now, he couldn't even take on 4 or 5 star sects.

China Pharmaceuticals was a good example. If he wanted to have his own ground in this world, he needed his own power. If he didn't want to be easily annihilated, then forming a sect was the obvious thing.

"Okay, starting from now, we'll have a new sect. it'll be called Mo sect for now…" Ye Mo hesitated and said again, "Mo sect doesn't sound powerful enough, let's add my Luo Yue city to it too…"

After thinking for a while, Ye Mo suddenly said, "Let's call it Mo Yue city."

In Ye Mo's ideal, he didn't just want to form a sect, he wanted to form a city. He didn't want to be like other sects, find a place and rule it out to be theirs and dominate it, he wanted Mo Yue city to be like what Ning Qingxue wanted, a place of peace and freedom. He knew it was too idealistic and it couldn't completely be like that, but he still hoped it would.

He didn't want the people of Mo Yue city to have cultivation as the only thing in their lives. He wanted them to have their own life and pursuit.

"The city of Mo Yue, good name."

Li Jingwen and Yu Qiyang applauded. Although they didn't know what was good about it, it sounded good.

Just like that, Mo Yue city was formed. But they didn't even have their own land. Ye Mo didn't take the two as his disciples, but they could receive knowledge from Ye Mo.

In the remaining days, Ye Mo visited Su Jingwen a few times. She was focused in cultivation everyday, so Ye Mo didn't interrupt her. He found a room and started studying the Heaven Glory Pill, or cultivating the purple eye soul sever and 5 element mobility.

Days flew by like this. Half a month later, Yu Qiyang reached foundation establishment state level four from level three. Even Li Jingwen reached golden core state level eight. Although Ye Mo used the most spirit crystals and pills, he was still stuck in golden core state level two.

Another half a month later, Li Jingwen told him that they would be nearing Pei Hai city in two days. Ye Mo stopped cultivation and went to visit Su Jingwen.

When he saw Su Jingwen, he almost couldn't believe his eyes. In a mere month, she had reached chi gathering level five.

"You're chi gathering level five?" Ye Mo subconsciously asked. Once the hidden spirit root was acitivated, its speed was this terrifying.

Su Jingwen smiled sweetly and nodded, "I feel that my speed of spirit chi intake was just a little faster, but my progress in cultivation is many times faster. I'm going to take a shower and go have a look with you at the head of the ship."

Ye Mo shook his head, it was clear that Su Jingwen's cultivation speed would be surpassing his in the future. He needed to hurry up and study the Heaven Glory pill, otherwise, by the time Su Jingwen was about to form a soul, she wouldn't be able to.

That wasn't really awkward but if he was weak, he wouldn't be able to face the enemies he needed to face. Even if he got to Pei Hai city they would eventually be able to find their way there.

What made Ye Mo feel comfortable was that Su Jingwen could cultivate the cultivation method he gave her.

Su Jingwen walked up to Ye Mo with a refreshing feel. Her mood had changed greatly since all these things happened.

"Is there something on your mind?" Su Jingwen was very meticulous, and although Ye Mo didn't say anything, Su Jingwen still caught on to his mood.

Ye Mo sighed and pulled on her hand, bringing her along to the head of the ship. "It's nothing really. A person who had ill intentions gave me a pill. The pill is very good but I don't dare to use it, so I tried to dissect it instead. I've used up more than half of it but I still can't find the last main ingredient."

The Heaven Glory Pill had 5 main ingredients. The supplementary ingredients were very easy to find but Ye Mo only found four of the main ingredients: Smoke Zhi Lan, Yellow Three Leaf, Red Light Fruit, all of which Ye Mo had, and the Water Magic Artifact Weed which he didn't. But Ye Mo wasn't too worried as he was sure he could find it.

However, without the last ingredient, he wouldn't be able to concoct the heaven glory pill.

Hearing this, Su Jingwen laughed and said "You don't dare to eat the pill because you don't know if something is wrong with it?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, I'm sure that person wouldn't be that kind hearted." Ye Mo still felt threatened by that voice in the hexagonal hall.

Su Jingwen squeezed Ye Mo's hand and smiled, "Then was there anything wrong with the herbs you separated?"

"No," Ye Mo said without hesitation.

"Then that's it, the herb you couldn't find is probably the one that person wanted to use to harm you. You can ignore it," Su Jingwen explained.

Although she wasn't as good as Ye Mo in other areas, she was good in business and often dealt with schemes in business deals.

Ye Mo suddenly felt enlightened, why couldn't he think of that? In that case, if the recipe had nothing to do with the last herb, he had already found the recipe. He was 50% sure he could concoct the pill but he needed to find the Water Magic Artifact Weed.

If he could concoct it, it meant he would reach golden core state peak stage in a short time. Ye Mo hugged Su Jingwen in excitement. "Thank you, Jingwen, you're really smart."

Su Jingwen blushed and looked at Li Jingwen and Yu Qiyang and quickly broke free. "There are still people on the side."

Ye Mo laughed and his mood turned good. He pointed at the two and said, "Jingwen, we have our own sect now. It's called Mo Yue city, and they're the first bunch."

Su Jingwen repeated in joy, "Mo Yue city, such a beautiful name, I imagine that the city will also be very beautiful."

Two days later, Ye Mo put away the flying cloud boat and the four entered Pei Hai city.

The streets were very busy and pretty much everyone here were cultivators. They all had the faint smell of the sea on them.

There were spirit sense and anti flight restrictions here. He could easily see golden core state and nascent soul state cultivators on the streets. As for chi gathering and foundation establishment state, they were everywhere. There were even a few hollow spirit state cultivators passing by occasionally. Clearly, this was a big cultivation city.

"Where do we go now? Are Yangzhu and Ye Ling really here?" Su Jingwen asked worriedly. She wanted to find a place to settle down, she had been running around too much these past years.

Ye Mo shook his head, "I'm not sure but it was indeed Yangzhu who left behind the jade card. They should've been here a long time ago. Let's go to some pill towers and see, they might have opened another one here."

Ye Mo thought that if they were to stay, they needed a way to earn money. He left behind large sums of pills before he left. The most likely thing for them to do was to open a pill tower.

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