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"Where did she go?" Tang Mengrao asked. She wanted to see Ao Qiandie. It was lucky she could find her here, if she was gone it would be hard to see her again.

Hai Tong shook her head. "I don't know. Sister Xiao Yi didn't say; she only said she was busy."

Ye Mo asked heavily, "Why did Xiao Yi come here? How long did she stay here, was there anything strange about her?"

No matter how innocent Hai Tong was, she realized Ye Mo didn't come here for her but to investigate that Xiao Yi. She didn't dare to hide anything, "Sister Xiao Yi seemed to be heavily injured. She stayed here for a month or so and left two days ago. As for strange things…."

Hai Tong thought for a while and said, "She often dazes off alone and is always murmuring something to herself. Every time I asked her, she always says she's thinking. By the way, she seems to be very powerful but the necklace she wore was very low grade. It was only a spirit artifact and was broken in half. I gave her a better one but she didn't wear it."

Hearing this, Ye Mo finally realized why the name felt strange. Xiao Yi was the last two words of Chu Xiaoyi. She had the half necklace, clearly meaning she was related to Chu Xiaoyi.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo took out the jade box and took out half a necklace. "Is it like this?"

Hai Tong saw this and said in shock, "Yes, it's that, how, how is it… brother Ye, you guys are…"

Hai Tong seemed to have understood something and gave the necklace back to Ye Mo after a long while.

It was her indeed.

Although Tang Mengrao was certain there was nothing between Ye Mo and Ao Qiandie, seeing this, she still thought a little much. But she couldn't ask Ye Mo about this.

Ye Mo fell silent and no one spoke.

Ye Mo was thinking, since Ao Qiandie was Chu Xiaoyi's other woman, why was she trying to destroy North Far State, conspiring with spirit beasts and starting trouble between the three disaster transformation state cultivators of North Far State? If he didn't come back to North Far State that time, North Far State might really be taken over by spirit beasts.

Chu Xiaoyi was the guardian of North Far State, Ao Qiandie shouldn't be acting against Chu Xiaoyi.

Everything that happened at Mo Yue was planned by her. She went to seek revenge at Mo Yue at the perfect time right when Ling Zhongtian went and invited Yi Yi of Wang Yue Sect.

She probably calculated Yi Yi's personality when she met him. This woman was too scary. She wanted to kill him because he ruined her plans but another reason was because she possessed Ao Qiandie so she would help her brother get revenge.

Ye Mo shook his head, he didn't understand why Ao Qiandie had such aggression towards North Far State human cultivators. Was it because Chu Xiaoyi mistreated her and she wanted to use this as revenge? This didn't make sense, how could this get revenge on Chu Xiaoyi?

Even if she annihilated North Far State, Chu Xiaoyi was still Chu Xiaoyi, he would at most achieve immortal ascension.

Immortal ascension?

A spark shone in Ye Mo's brain, he began to realise why Ao Qiandie did this.

Chu Xiaoyi was the guardian of North Far State, Chu Yun said that for one day North Far State existed for one day the Chu family would guard it.

But what if human cultivators of North Far State were annihilated, would the Chu family guard spirit beasts? Impossible, the powerful beings of Chu family would leave North Far State and achieve immortal ascension when they reach the level.

Ao Qiandie wanted to force Chu Xiaoyi into immortal ascension through this? In order to be with Chu Xiaoyi she couldn't achieve immortal ascension too so she could only use such means.

Ye Mo shook his head, this idea was too crazy, Ao Qiandie wouldn't be this crazy right?

Chu Xiaoyi already died at West Extreme State. he wouldn't come out no matter what.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of another possibility. Chu Xiaoyi was dead but Ao Qiandie didn't know. Perhaps she was using this to force out Chu Xiaoyi.

No matter what, Ye Mo felt the situation to be tricky due to Chu Xiaoyi's relationship with Ao Qiandie.

Should he kill her? He wanted to, but if he did, he would owe Chu XIaoyi too much.

Ye Mo suddenly asked, "Sect leader Tang have you heard of Chu Xiaoyi?"

Tang Mengrao shook her head. "No, what's wrong with him?"

"Can a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator live for more than 10000 years?" Ye Mo asked again.

Tang Mengrao thought of a long while before answering, "I don't know clearly if they can live for more than 10000 years, but even if they could live for that long they wouldn't be able to stay in the cultivation realm because they have to achieve immortal ascension."

Ye Mo nodded, so how was Ao Qiandie so sure Chu Xiaoyi wasn't dead and could live till now even without achieving immortal ascension?

If there was an extremely rare herb then that was possible. The 7-color Pan Peach was the same level spirit fruit as Immortal Curl Flower. Eating that would grant 10000 years of life to a cultivator. This was rarer than Immortal Curl Flower because it was usually eaten by spirit beasts before maturing.

Increasing life was possible but not ascending was hard. Ye Mo didn't keep thinking; perhaps they had their own ways.

"Ye Mo, let's leave if there's nothing else." Tang Mengrao could tell there was a lot on Ye Mo's mind.

Ye Mo nodded and left Dual Heart Valley with Tang Mengrao. The elders and sect leader sent them all the way until they couldn't see them before daring to leave.

"Are you going to Ghost Immortal Sect?" Tang Mengrao asked.

"I will go see Herb Pill Sect first. I was able to go to the herb plain due to their help. I have to get revenge for their sect leader who was killed due to me. The sect leader has a disciple and a daughter I want to see if they're there. If they are, I will take them away." Ye Mo was dejected.

Tang Mengrao sighed, "Are you leaving North Far State after this?"

Ye Mo nodded but didn't say anything.

Tang Mengrao quickly said, "Don't worry about Yimo, I will keep searching for her. Don't worry about Mo Yue either, I will help look out for it."


"Thank you sect leader Tang." Ye Mo saluted with his fists. "Farewell, we'll meet again."

Then, Ye Mo released Blue Moon and disappeared.

She looked at the direction Ye Mo disappeared and stood there for a long time before sighing. She thought of that day when Ye Mo hugged her and the feeling she had.

After 15 minutes, Tang Mengrao shook her head and cast the thoughts aside. She released her flying cultivation artifact and flew in the opposite direction. She knew she lived in a different world than Ye Mo. Unless she could find Yimo, they would never see each other again.

Four hours later, Ye Mo appeared at a mountain range that had a decent spirit range. This was the Herb Pill Sect. This place was more ruined than the south mountain market.

Seeing this, Ye Mo's fury was uncontrollable. He also felt regret, if it wasn't for him, Herb Pill Sect wouldn't be famous and the Ghost Immortal Sect wouldn't blame this on them.

He scanned his spirit sense out, there were no cultivators here, only a few low level spirit beasts.

Ye Mo couldn't resist anymore and released Blue Moon, he was going to tear the mountain range of Ghost Immortal Sect apart.

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