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When Ye Mo arrived at Ghost Immortal Sect, he found that the cultivators there already all left and there was just an empty sect.
Its location was better than dual heart valley and there was an incomplete low grade spirit range. This was top level cultivation environment in the North Far State.
Ye Mo didn't have the intention to hunt the rest of the sect members, the main culprit Wen Fuqi was dead.
With his truth realisation state power, he easily stamped the sect grounds and those extremely tall peaks were destroyed.
15 minutes later, Ye Mo left the ghost immortal sect. the once very famous Ghost Immortal Sect was a stamped to the ground due to annihilating a 3 star sect.
The ghost immortal sect members escaped but no one dared to say he came from Ghost Immortal Sect.

After annihilating the Ghost Immortal sect Ye Mo kept searching for Yimo and started looking for Mu He and Lu Ming.
Half a month later, Ye Mo found nothing. When he was extremely disappointed, he arrived at Kong Ye's place. he now knew that Kong Ye lived at the highest peak in North Far State.
At the top there were the words, Hui Dang Ling Peak.
Looking at these words, Ye Mo knew Kong Ye didn't write it. he can't imagine Chu Xiaoyi writing this but other than, there was no one who Ye Mo knew could leave this behind.
Ye Mo stood before the words for a long time and just when he wanted to go top the peak, another flying ray came over.
Ye Mo immediately recognized who it was. It was Shan Di. He was able to escape Yin Xu.
"it's you?" Shan Di neared and recognized Ye Mo. When he saw that Ye Mo was truth realisation state level one, he couldn't hide the shock in his eyes anymore.
After a long while, he asked "you're already truth realisation state?"
Ye Mo glanced at him coldly and didn't reply. Clearly he was invited here by Kong Ye too.
Shan Di was joyful when he saw Ye Mo because he long wanted to teach him a lesson but now he was hesitant. Ye Mo reached truth realisation state in such a short time. It was eerie but not impossible. It was because Ye Mo got three low grade immortal crystals. He didn't know the cultivation effect of lw immortal crystals.
And, when Ye Mo was cauldron filling state, he didn't fear his disaster transformation state level nine. If Ye Mo really reached truth realisation state, then he probably was no match for Ye Mo despite being truth realisation state.
Realizing this, Shan Di granted and wanted to go up.
But Ye Mo suddenly stopped in front of him and said calmly "sect leader Shan, why are you leaving when you see me? aren't you going to get revenge for your disciple Yi YI?"
"what are you going to do?" Seeing this, Shan Di's heart sunk. He immediately knew Ye Mo was really truth realisation state and he was certain he was no match for Ye Mo.
Shan Di quickly said again "Ye Mo, my disciple Yi YI offended your Mo Yue and you've killed him, I didn't go get revenge what else do you want?"

Shan Di was backing down but Ye Mo said calmly "sect leader Shan, what did I tell you when I left Pei Hai? You took my spirit recovery pill but you didn't do anything. Instead you help people attack my Mo Yue. What do you think I want to do?"
Shan Di's heart sunk and he knew things wouldn't be settled easily today. He took out his fire rune mirror and said "Ye Mo, Yi Yi is my disciple but how can I know everything that he does? Plus, if it wasn't for my sect protecting Mo Yue, it would've long been annihilated by the black and white pill king or the ghost immortal sect cultivators. Why don't you mention that?"
Before Ye Mo could speak he heard Kong Ye's voice "haha, Ye Mo you're here, sect leader so are you. Come up together then."
Hearing this, Shan Di put away the mirror and went up instead.
Ye Mo wanted to teach Shan Di a lesson but it wasn't convenient Shan Di wasn't completely wrong too.
When Ye Mo reached the peak, the restriction was open. The building made Ye Mo feel very strange. This was where Chu Xiaoyi lived, he thought there would be some moderate buildings but there was just a simple bamboo room and in front of it was an empty space with a stone table and chair.
Ye Mo was sitting on a stone chair and he smiled "sect leader Shan, Ye Mo please have a seat."
As soon as he sat down, Ye Mo felt awkward. The people carrying tea out were Chu Yun and Chu Yulan. His lie was exposed.
When Chu Yun put the tea on the table, she walked up to Ye Mo and bowed. "wan bei didn't know qian bei was Ye Mo, sorry."
Then, she went to greet Ye Mo. Clearly, Ye Mo had much higher status in her heart than Ye Mo.
But when Chu Yulan realized Ye Mo was the qian bei they met, she dazed and realized to greet him after a long while.
Ye Mo nodded.
Kong Ye laughed. "great, great, I didn't think before my death both of you can reach truth realisation state, this is great."
The two girls just realized that Shan Di also reached truth realisation state and were very shocked.
Shan Di got up and saluted with his fists "Kong Ye qian bei, only after reaching truth realisation state did I know there was qian bei protecting North Far State otherwise, we would've long disappeared."
Kong Ye nodded "I didn't expect that after you sect leader Tang also reached truth realisation state, North Far State is safe."
Shan Di asked in shock. "Kong Ye qian bei, martial sister Tang also reached truth realisation state?"
Kong Ye smiled "Ye Mo brought this news, I guessed that the qian bei in Chu Yun's words was Ye Mo and it is him indeed now, haha."
Kong Ye looked at Ye Mo "Ye Mo, did you kill Heartless Sea Chi Xie?"
Ye Mo immediately answered "yes, when I came back to North Far State, I saw him so I killed him."
Kong Ye nodded "he's truth realisation state level two and you can kill him. Clearly your cultivation method is quite powerful."
Shan Di was full of shock. Ye Mo just reached truth realisation state and he could kill truth realisation state level two beast cultivator. Wouldn't it be even easier to kill him?
After a long while, Kong Ye asked. "Ye Mo, where did you get martial ancestor's remains from?"
Ye Mo replied "in West Extreme State heaven domains."
Kong Ye nodded and said to the two "with sect leader Tang, you three are the strongest in North Far State. Chi Xie is dead and North Far State should be safe for a few hundred years. It's perfect that Ye Mo came today, I will be leaving North Far State soon."
"I have a small world, I want to give it to one of you before I leave. I hope the person who takes it will offer some powr to North Far State before immortal ascension."
Hearing this, Ye Mo was fine but Shan Di seemed very aspiring.
Chu Yun's heart was shaking hearing this wondering why the martial ancestor didn't give it to her?
Ye Mo didn't understand why Kong Ye was giving this to someone else instead of the Chu family but he said "Kong Ye qian bei, wan bei will be leaving North Far State sooner or later. I can't take it."
With this, even Kong Ye looked at him in shock. There was a truth realisation state cultivator who could reject small world, this was incomprehensible.

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