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Blue Moon being a half immortal artefact was faster than a comet on the Heartless Sea. a month later, Blue Moon had gone nearly 1/3 of the way. If it was some extreme grade cultivation artefact, this 1/3 would take 7 or 8 months.
Meng Hanan stood aboard Blue Moon and sighed "with Blue Moon, even a foundation establishment state might dare to cross Heartless Sea. who can catch up with this speed."
Meng Hanan exaggerated a little but this was true. However, foundation establishment state wouldn't be able to have that speed.
With this speed, everyone didn't want to cultivate and just watched the sea view. After all, not any cultivator can cross the Heartless Sea. who knows when they would be crossing the Heartless Sea next.
Today, Meng Hanan, Su Jingwen and Ye Ling were chatting freely and Ye Mo was discussing formation with JI Lnig but Blue Moon suddenly shook violently.
This was the first time this happened.
Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and his face changed immediately.
"it's seaquake." Meng Hanan said first.
Seaquake was different to earthquake, not only did the huge waves roar but even the space tens of kilometers above is very shaky.
The space vibrations may even kickstart space fissures and space tears. If flying magic artefact encounters space tears, it would be ripped apart no matter how good it is. Cultivators would be ripped apart no matter how strong they were.
Hearing this, everyone's face changed except for Su Jingwen and them.
Ji Ling also got up. As the seaquake space, they might be swept away by the violent space fissures or space dispositions at anytime. This power wasn't something human cultivators could defend against. JI Ling had gone through a lot and was very calm now. with Blue Moon's speed, they can charge out before being affected.
He immediately said "don't worry, Blue Moon's speed is enough to charge out of the range. We just need to speed up Blue Moon."
As soon as Ji Ling said this, waves were already ten meter high.
Blue Moon descended rapidly until it was only one kilometer from the sea level. Ye Mo who was planning to speed up Blue Moon stopped instead and sneered "this isn't seaquake, it's a formation of the beast cultivator. A very powerful space disruption formation."
Ye Mo already saw some beast cultivators now. two of them were truth realisation state level seven and one was truth realisation state peak stage. The rest were disaster transformation state or cauldron filling state.
Even Ji Ling recognized this was a formation but before he could say anything he also saw a beast cultivator come over.
"haha…" a truth realisation state level seven beast cultivator laughed "keen eyes, you even know a little about my Shallow Sea palace's level 10 formation Tear Sea formation."
Hearing this, Meng Hanan's face changed and was even more scared than before. She said shakily "Shallow Sea Palace people."
Su Jingwen knew Ye Mo's power and wasn't so worried. She subconsciously asked "sister An, you know about the Shallow Sea Palace?"

Meng Hanan calmed down and nodded "Shallow Sea Palace is one of the strongest powers in the Heartless Sea. they're at the place where the spirit chi is the densest in the Heartless Sea."
"how are they compared to the Sea cultivator alliance?" Ye Ling asked.
Meng Hanan smiled bitterly "it's not easy to compare. The sea cultivator alliance is only a power in the border sea. they're a far cry from the overlord of the Heartless Sea."
"level 10 formation?" Ji Ling heard this and his face changed. He searched carefully with his spirit sense. level 10 formation was equivalent to the lowest level immortal formation. This wans't something ordinary level nine formation grand master can set up. Only immortal formation masters can set this up.
Ye Mo waved his hand to JI Ling "Ji Ling qian bei don't worry, this is indeed a level 10 formation disk. This is the second highest level formation disk I've seen but the formation isn't a level 10 formation."
"insolent brats, two mere truth realisation state primary stage cultivators dare to point fingers at our Tear Sea formation. How is this not level 10 formation? Where did you see a higher level formation than this? full of shit." The truth realisation state level seven said.
The beast cultivator sneered "your words made me unhappy. I was just going to keep your flying magic artefact and the women but now, you can all stay behind."
The other beast cultivator sealed off Blue Moon's exit path. The disaster transformation state tertiary stage left behind a formation flag and the shaky space stabled down.
Ye Mo sneered "a mere level 10 formation disk already made the formation half a grade lower. With this trash formation master, the formation disk's power is lowered again. If it wasn't that I wanted to stay do you think this trash formation can stop me?"
Ye Mo was telling the truth. Level 10 formation disk was weaker than level 10 formation and with only a level seven formation grand master controlling this, the formation disk's power was much weaker.
He really could leave out at anytime but there was two reaons he stayed. One was that although they were interested in his Blue Moon, he was also interested in the level 10 formation. The second was that he was interested in the extreme grade spirit range powering the level 10 formation disk.
The truth realisation state level seven heard this and laughed, releasing a flaming red axe about to attack. That truth realisation state peak stage stopped him and looked at Ye Mo in confusion.
Ye Mo had a lot of cultivators on his flying but there was only two truth realisation state level one cultivators and one disaster transformation state. the rest were much weaker. He really didn't understand why Ye Mo was so confident. But he really didn't see any fear from Ye Mo's face.
The truth realisation state level seven looked at the truth realisation state peak stage in confusion. it was clear he was wondering why he wasn't allowed to go.
The truth realisation state peak stage looked carefully again and didn't find anyone else on Ye Mo's ship. He nodded to the truth realisation state level seven "Ku Cang, go, be careful."
Ye Mo didn't want to fight on Blue Moon and said to Ji Ling "brother help me control Blue Moon and protect the formation."
"you have balls." The truth realisation state level seven saw Ye Mo dared to come out and challenge him.
Ye Mo didn't say anything and released Zi Xu while expanding his domain.
The red flaming axe hacked towards Ye Mo in a red arc. The area 100 meters around it were completely enveloped in this red arc.
Countless flames curled out of the arc. The flame had a terrifying heat. Clearly it was a rare flame.
Ye Mo was surprised, this was the first time he saw another rare flame cultivation method. However, this beast cultivator used the rare flame cultivation method through his axe.
This move was similar to his Illusion Cloud formation kill strike. Countless flames separated from the arc.
The beast cultivator said he didn't take Ye Mo seriously but he used a powerful move as soon as he came. Clearly he didn't really mean it.
Crack. The beast cultivator's face changed and he found that his domain was about to break. What was going on? This was a mere truth realisation state level one cultivator.
As he used more cultivation essence, his domain was about to be repaired but Ye Mo's domain was always stronger than his. His domain kept breaking and before it completely shattered, his axe wasn't affected at all.
Zi Xu's purple sword rays clashed with the red flaming axe. Flames and purple splashed everywhere rattling the space.
However, all those flames were swooped by Ye Mo's purple sword rays. None could escape.

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