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The other two truth realisation state beast cultivator were shook seeing that the two were seemingly evenly matched. A truth realisation state level one was evenly matched with truth realisation state level seven, this wasn't normal at all.
At this moment, there was another crack. Everyone else didn't hear it cleary but Ye Mo and the beast cultivator fighting him did.
His domain cracked and the beast cultivator's face changed. If he fell in Ye Mo's domain, even if he didn't get killed he would be heavily injured.
Before Ye Mo could completely extend his domain, his red axe swiped and the flames enveloped by the purple sword rays broke free and instantly condensed into one big flower.
As soon as it formed, it turned more than ten meter long. It smashed at Ye Mo above his head. At the same time he released his axe again but this time, the axe shadow wasn't aimed at Ye Mo but the hundreds of meters of air around Ye Mo.
The beast cultivator clearly wanted to kill Ye Mo before Ye Mo fully expanded his domain. He didn't believe that Ye Mo would be able to escape.
With such power, the beast cultivator were cheering. Everyone on Ye Mo's side saw this but none of them could help Ye Mo. Even if they could there were two truth realisation state cultivators watching on the side.
Ye Mo sneered, he also instantly expanded his domain. It was many times stronger than when he fought with the beast cultivator.
The beast cultivator instantly was bound by Ye Mo's domain. His face changed. He knew he was tricked. Ye Mo didn't use his domain completely at all before. he only used one fifth. This was his real domain.
The axe shadow had gone in Ye Mo's domain and became slow like a turtle sunk into mud. The huge flaming flower also seemed to be falling down slower.
The beast cultivator was shook, he suddenly spat essence blood at the red flower. With this, the flower shone brightly again and its temperature rose up drastically. Even space was distorting in this temperature.
Ye Mo's face changed. He waved Zi Xu in the air.
The beast cultivator wanted to call for help but when he saw Ye Mo face changed greatly. He resisted the urge to do so. He was fighting a truth realisation state level one insect and if he called for help, he would have no more face in the future.
The other two saw that Ku Cang didn't seem to be in the right state but he seemed to have the upper hand so they didn't mind.
At this moment, Zi Xu activated a vibrant purple ray and even the huge flower was immersed by the light. Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain strike.
When the beast cultivator realized that his flaming flower didn't stop the purple ray and it arrived above his head, his face went pale. Not good, he was tricked. Such a cunning human cultivator. He wasn't scared of his flower at all, he acted scared.
He immediately wanted to call for help but it was too late now. purple ray sliced over his body like it was made of tofu bringing about a bloody mist. Even his essence spirit was annihilated by the purple ray. At the same time, Ye Mo picked up a storage ring. This wasn't it, the red flaming flower wsa instantly put into a jade box by Ye Mo. Closing the lid, Ye Mo slapped on a few restrictions and threw the box in his storage ring.

A red Sha Mei flame, Ye Mo only needed a few seconds to put it away. He would have plenty of time to spirit control it later.
This set of actions was done very smoothly, clearly he was a professional.
"Ku Cang…" the truth realisation state peak stage was about to stare his eyes out. Ku Cang who had the clear upper hand was instantly killed moments later.
"I'm going to tear you apart…" the truth realisation state peak stage couldn't keep calm anymore and waved a blue shadow in his hand as he charged up.
Ye Mo sneered, he didn't use his full power fighting that Ku Cang at all. He killed one first just in case these guys went to attack Blue Moon. Now that there was only two truth realisation state cultivators left, he didn't worry at all. Ji Ling could deal with the remaining cultivators.
Before the truth realisation state peak stage reached Ye Mo, the blue shadow whipped out tens of small beads. Some were blue some were white.
Ye Mo felt strange, what cultivation method was this? he immediately released octagonal cauldron. It was better to be safe no matter what.
As soon as he did, the beads exploded into a waterfall of killing intent.
Each bead of the water fall and killing intent as though just touching these water beads would mean being torn apart. The space around here were completely squeezed making Ye Mo unable to escape.
Ye Mo sighed, so powerful. If it wasn't him, other cultivators would really be unable to escape. There were endless means in this world indeed.
But he wasn't scared, his domain had completely expanded out and octagonal cauldron's shadow shielded him.
Rumble. Octagonal cauldron clashed with the water fall but the sound wasn't of water but metal clashing together.
The vibration even made Ye Mo's meridians rattle a little.
The water spark and water arrow was block by Ye Mo's domain again and not a single drop could enter Ye Mo's domain.
At this moment, Ye Mo released Zi Xu too.
The water falls' killing intent didn't affect Ye Mo at all. The truth realisation state peak stage's heart sunk. He realized that they kicked a hard brick this time. He also realized that Ye Mo was being serious when he said he didn't want to run.
But there was no way back now.
Just when the beast cultivator was planning to let everyone go up together, space rattled again and the sea roared too.
The truth realisation state peak stage was furious and stared at the disaster transformation state tertiary stage cultivator controlling the formation "Shan Yu, who let you to start the formation."
This formation was enough to stop Ye Mo's flying magic artefact but not enough to injure a cultivator like Ye Mo.
The next moment, he realized Shan Yu didn't activate the formation. A space disposition appeared at where Shan YU was tearing him into bloody mist. Even his essence spirit was gone.
One kilometer tall wave rose up into the air and before the wave even hit people, the rattling space flow made the cultivators feeling a powerful suction force.
"Sea quake..."
The truth realisation state peak stage beast cultivator's face change drastically. He knew this was a real seaquake, not the power of the formation. He no longer had the will to fight Ye Mo and immediately released a shield wanting to dash out of the range of the seaquake.
The other beast cultivators realized this too. As a cauldron filling state beast cultivator was swooped away by space fissure, the rest of the cultivators' face went extremely pale.
This wasn't something that humans could defend against. So what if you're truth realisation state peak stage, there was nothing you can do against this sea quake.
Ye Mo's face changed too, he saw Blue Moon rattling in the space as though it would be swooped away by space fissures at anytime.
Song Yangzhu's face was pale. Ye Ling called out "brother, get back here."
But Ye Mo knew there was no difference being on Blue Moon and being outside right now. Blue Moon had a larger volume and was easier to be taken away. Plus, there were some small space fissures between him and the Blue Moon. Who knows if they would explode when he went near them.
Ye Mo put away his octagonal cauldron and yelled to Ji Ling "Ji qian bei, put Blue Moon on full throttle and go back to South Peace State first. I'll come after."
"no, I'm going to wait for you to come before I go." Song Yangzhu yelled.

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