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Ye Mo had three extreme grade spirit range and one herb king spirit range.
Although it was too much of a waste to use extreme grade spirit range to power the time formation disk but he couldn't care at this moment.
One month outside and one year passed in the time formation disk. Ye Mo used this year to reform the new body refinement cultivation method system.
Ye Mo called it the three god body refinement chant.
Ye Mo had never seen body refinement cultivation method bethod and he knew his body refinement system was imperfect. He needed to cultivate and find mistakes inside to perfect the system.
When Ye Mo left the golden page world, he had used up nearly half of the extreme grade spirit range. This was so wasteful and it could only reach 12 times speed.
The immortal crystals were so much better, it easily reached 100 times speed.
The second level of body refinement was gan state, forming a barrier of golden chi outside your body. This chi attached to the surface of the body making it hard like a rock. Even ordinary magic artefact wouldn't be able to break through it.
Ye Mo thought he would be able to reach it shortly but when Ye Mo used the three god body refinement chant he found that the second state was completely different to the first. He spent three days inside and dind't get any progress.
Ye Mo thought of body refinement because of the chaos flow outside so now that he had no progress in the golden page world, he immediately left.
As soon as he came out, the space wind blades with the space chaos flow started to swipe across his body. The fine sands started tearing at his armor.
But this time, as soon as his armor was marked, a golden light formed on the surface of his body.
The golden body protection cultivation essence came out and the find sands hit on the golden barrier.
A light crack sounded and the golden barrier was torn open but it started to repair itself under Ye Mo's cultivation essence.
Ye Mo saw this and rejoiced. This body refinement cultivation method was really good, he only reached the first level and he could last this long. If it was before, he would've long been scarred.
The golden barrier broke not because the cultivation method was bad but because his level was too low.
He reformed the barrier and started to cultivate the second level of body refinement, gan state.
In this dangerous environment, Ye Mo soon felt a difference. He started to repair the weak parts and correct the mistakes.
Ye Mo closed his eyes, he learned state, he could use state to feel the cultivation essence flow and the reorganization of his bones and blood.
When Ye Mo woke up again, he found he had stayed outside the golden page world for an entire day. He didn't even need to activate the gan chi and it would repair the golden barrier itself.
So this was gan state, Ye Mo realized. He didn't go in the golden page world and started to cultivate the third state master state.

When Ye Mo reached the master state, he felt no progress. It was like something was missing.
Three days later, Ye Mo was stuck in master state. because he had the experience of the first and second level, Ye Mo left where he was. He felt the space windblades and chaos flow there was too little.
He came to a place with more clustered space chaos flow and immediately felt pressure. He felt the fine sands were also more dense here. Even the black lines were more congregated.
Moments later, the faint golden barrier was tattered and a space wind blade sliced across Ye Mo's body bringing up a bloody mist. Ye Mo was shook and just when he wanted to go into the golden page world, he found that the third state's meridian flow suddenly opened and instantly, his golden barrier formed again.
The next wave of space windblades and black lines came. Ye Mo's barrier broke again and when he was covered in wounds, his meridians were unblocked.
Ye Mo immediately realized the way to cultivate three god body refinement chant. This wasn't cultivation, this was self abuse.
The master state was many times harder than the gan state but even so Ye Mo reached it on the fourth day.
He stayed at the same spot for a day and then moved to a place with more space wind blades and chaos flows. He found that this void space was the best place for body refinement cultivation.
As Ye Mo came to densely clustered places, he found a rule. In this void space, spirit chi wasn't evenly spread. Some places had dense spirit chi some places didn't, some places didn't have spirit chi at all. The places with more spirit chi had more space wind blades and chaos flows.
Ye Mo also realized that the most dangerous thing here wasn't the slow moving chaos flow or wind blades but the black lines and the swirling chaos flows. The most dangerous was the space fine sands that Ye Mo didn't think was very powerful.
When densely clustered, it can instantly tear a person into pieces and the powerful lines and instantly slice a person in half. If Ye Mo didn't have golden page world and the three god body refinement chant, he would've died more than once.
As for the space eddies and space storms, Ye Mo didn't even dare to go near.
Despite so, this place was indeed the best place for body refinement. Ye Mo suspected that the small world Kong Ye gave Shan Di would be torn apart by the sands here.
If some other cultivator wanted to practice body refinement here he would need to be at least hollow state or above and can't stay in dangerous places to cultivate. Otherwise, he might be killed at anytime.
Even with Ye Mo's experience, the body refinement cultivation method and golden page world, he was heavily injured more than ten times. Once he almost lost an arm. Another time, a powerful space blade line almost cut him in half. Luckily he instantly went into the golden page world and saved his life.
He went in not because his reaction was fast but that his sixth sense was strong.
If it wasn't that he wanted to go out so he had to cultivate body refinement, Ye Mo woudlnt' risk his life like this.
He knew that if he didn't risk his life now he would need to do so later. Waiting would never result in progress.
After countless dangerous times and as his body refinement power is increasing, Ye Mo got injured less times. Sometimes, he would dash into the golden page world as soon as he sensed danger.
A month later, Ye Mo came to a denser place and broke through hollow state reaching soul state.
After that, Ye Mo finally felt a little safer in here. He didn't need to dodge ordinary space chaos flows. He could easily set up a powerful defense and that golden barrier fused with his skin.
Ordinary wind blades did nothing to him now. his body refinement even progressed towards essence spirit so his essence spirit had some defense now too.

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