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But Ye Mo knew this was far from enough, his goal was to reach into the three god states. Even the lowest monarch state was enough for him.
In the four month in this void space, Ye Mo gritted his teeth and went into the space whirlpool. He knew that if he didn't fight for it with his life, he would never reach king state much less monarch state.
As soon as Ye Mo went into the space whirlpool, a powerful space disruption instantly brought Ye Mo in. in the blink of an eye, Ye Mo's clothes were torn off. His skin started to crack. Even his soul state body wasn't able to block it for a moment. Compared to these space whirlpools, those black lines, chaos flow and the sands were nothing.
This was really the epicenter of death.
Ye Mo used three god body refinement chant to the extreme but still he felt his skin and bones were going to be stripped away.
Ye Mo even wanted to charge into the golden page world but he knew he that if he did, he wouldn't be able to reach king state in a short time. Or even if he did, there would be a sliver of fear in his heart.
Ye Mo ate a few pills and the 6thstate cultivation method was run at full power. The mistakes were being corrected and his essence blood being purified. His bones, flesh and even essence spirit were being strengthened.
15 minutes later, that tearing feeling was still there but compared to when he first came in it was completely. Ye Mo knew if he continued doing this, his king state cultivation method would be perfected.
Three days later, his skin and was still being taken away and so was his blood. Even his bones were being broken down inch by inch. Six days later, the loss of blood and skin were very slow but now, Ye Mo's entire body was pale due to loss of blood. However, he shut his eyes close and kept weaving hand signs, bringing the broken meridians and the blood to flow in a certain way. It was as though the space whirlpool hurting him didn't exist.
Nine days later, the blood on his body had stopped splashing uot, even his bones stopped breaking.
Twelve days later, Ye Mo's wounds gradually started healing. 18 days later, his torn skin started to grow back but at this moment he suddenly opened his eyes and ate a few pills. At the same time, he broke off a piece of the icl and ate it.
This was his last Immortal Curl Flower. Even when Chu Yun broke her arm he didn't give her one. He could give her pills and spirit range because he got things from Chu Xiaoyi but also due to Kong Ye.
The Immortal Curl Flower was different, there was no price for this, this was something to save life with, how can he give it to Chu Yun so easily.
He gave one to Miao Huizhen because she was guarding them to begin with so he robbed her. He gave one to Jie Feng because he was no match for Jie Feng, if he didn't give it him him, he would rob him. Luckily, Jie Feng didn't and gave him some pills instead.
He gave the third one to JI Ling because Ji Ling was someone he respected and lost his body due to him.

But Chu Yun was different. He kept his last remaining Immortal Curl Flower and now indeed he used it himself.
On the 25thday, Ye Mo's wounds completely disappeared and his skin had recovered being smoother than before. it was a little darker but Ye Mo liked it this way, he didn't want his skin to be too white like a girl's.
28 days later, Ye Mo's bones cracked and his cultivation essence flowed even faster. This cracking continued for two hours.
Afterwards, Ye Mo took a step forward and joy flashed in his eyes. He knew he had reached king state now. he took a step forward and could easily stand in the space whirlpool that destroyed his armor before.
As Ye Mo stepped out more, the space whirlpools even split apart. Ye Mo howled and used his hands to break the whirlpool.
His body was extremely strong now, Ye Mo could tell that even though his cultivation level didn't increase, the king state body refinement greatly enhanced his cultivation speed. He would only be cultivating faster in the future.
At the same time, Ye Mo sighed, if he knew body refinement was helpful to cultivation he would've long began doing that. But soon, Ye Mo realized that it was impracticable. If he wasn't body refining here, he wouldn't be this fast.
When he reached king state, Ye Mo had the feeling that if he wanted to reach monarch state in a short time, he would need to increase his power to truth realisation state middle stage. Otherwise, he might not be able to reach monarch state in 100 years.
There was definitely some correlation between him reaching king state in four month and his cultivation level. In other words, if he was still disaster transformation state, he would at most reach soul state here or he might die in this space whirlpool.
Nevertheless, Ye Mo didn't want to give up.
Five months had passed and Ye Mo passed through all the dangers in this space but there was still no clue to monarch state.
The three god states were still too far fetched for him now.
Ye Mo sighed, this was a perfect body refinement place but he was still truth realisation state level one. If he wanted to reach the three god states, he would either have to reach truth realisation state middle stage or spend a few decades here.
There were still disposition rivers and space storms in here but Ye Mo didn't dare to go in there at all. Ye Mo felt that it would be suicide to go in there without reaching three god state.
Luckily for him, his king state power was enough for him to survive in this void space. He can even walk around freely as long as he avoided the centre of the space storm or those chaos flow rivers.
When the space wind blades hit him, they were knocked away. The black lines that almost cut Ye Mo in half before broken into two parts when they hit him.
In the Luo Yue continent, there had been people who reached king state but Ye Mo believed that even if they did they were a far cry compared to him.
One was because that his body refinement cultivation method was birthed from Three Birth Chant. Second, was that they didn't have a training ground like this place.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to check where the dimension barriers were at, an ice crystal thing appeared before him.
Ye Mo casually grabbed it and this soft cool sensation passed into his hands.
"void ice heart rock?" Ye Mo blurted out.
This was a level 10 material!
At this omment, Ye Mo looked at this dull gray space and his eyes lit up, was he going to get rich here?

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