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Seeing the power of Ye Mo's Zi Xu, Suo Anshan was also shook himself. He didn't expect a truth realisation state level two would have such powerful sword technique. But he only wanted Ye Mo to be stronger and stronger. Even if Ye Mo kills him in the end, as long as he can see Shi Taa die first he would be satisfied. Plus, he had void life force marrow. As long as Ye Mo and Shi Taa can fight for a while, he would be able to recover 80 percent.
The reason he gave his storage ring to Ye Mo without hesitation was because he didn't want Ye Mo to remember he still had voice life force marrow. No one knew that the instant the explosion occurred, he took out the void life force marrow from the storage ring.
But Shi Taa's power was far beyond his expectation. He was injured in the explosion of the level nine formation but he was still able to send Ye Mo flying in one move. There was disappointment in his eyes. His hatred towards Shi Taa was inexplicable. This person knew princess Chuan was his daughter but still let her sleep with his son.
Comparatively, Ye Mo only killed his son and therefore the hatred wasn't that big. Unfortunately, Ye Mo had some power but he was still far too weak. Shi Taa wasn't going to let him go.
Thinking about this, Shi Taa indeed charged at Ye Mo again. His hands sprayed out countless seeds.
These seeds instantly budded in the air and countless buds sprouted. They turned into countless vines
If these vines joined together, Ye Mo wouldn't have the opportunity to attack again. Shi Taa would only need to watch Ye Mo being killed by these vines or keep spraying out seeds when the vines were being burned by the heaven flame.
Seeing this, Ye Mo was furious. This Shi Taa didn't take him seriously at all.
"brother Ye why do this? we agreed to cooperate but you want to rob my thing, sigh…"
Shi Taa said calmly while forming the 9 spear shadows again.
Seeing this, Ye Mo sneered and hacked Zi Xu at the ruin spirit spear while releasing mist lotus heart fire.
Seeing this Shi Taa sneered, Suo Anshan's heaven flame was ranked lower than Ye Mo's but the difference wasn't huge. And Suo Anshan was truth realisation state peak stage, if he wasn't afraid of Suo Anshan's heaven flame why would he be afraid of Ye Mo's heaven flame? Even if heaven flame can really counter his vines, he still had other means to easily kill Ye Mo.
What shook Shi Taa was that Ye Mo didn't form a fire cloud with the heaven flame. Instead, the heaven flame formed into a huge blue sun that hung mid air.
The sun emitted countless blue rays that instantly covered this entire space. Moments later, this area turned into a blue world.
If they didn't see Ye Mo release this sun they would've thought they went back to solid land, back to the cultivation realm.
Seeing this, Suo Anshan's eyes narrowed. He was already the peak of the cultivation realm. how could he not know that this was Ye Mo's heaven flame cultivation method? This was a true method of using heaven flame.

He had been searching for countless years and couldn't find a heaven flame cultivation method. Yet today, he saw this on a young truth realisation state cultivator. This made Suo Anshan sigh, just how many good thigns did this cultivator have?
The terrifying blue rays didn't give him time to think anymore. He barely released his Li Ming flame forming a heaven flame barrier to block the blue rays.
But Shi Taa didn't have it so easy now. Ye Mo didn't even need to use the fire cloud to burn his vines, just releasing this sun put him at the complete lower hand of the battle.
Sizzle… the putrid stench grew and the endless vines were all turned to dust under the Heaven Flame Nine Suns.
Shi Taa was shook, he didn't expect the pawn he found to be able to use the heaven flame better than the original opponent.
Zi Xu and ruin spirit spear clashed together. The 9 spear shadows were scattered.
Ye Mo flew back more than ten meters back into the storm center before. Ye Mo knew there was still a huge difference between him and Shi Taa in terms of cultivation essence and spirit sense. both of their powers were beyond truth realisation state peak stage, one could call them a fake immortal.
Shi Taa wasn't happy at all striking Ye Mo away. He knew that he was stronger than Ye Mo in cultivation essence but because of his injuries and over exertion of cultivation essence, he might not be able to finish Ye Mo off quickly.
He really didn't understand why Ye Mo was fine when he self destructed his level nine formation.
Shi Taa didn't understand but he didn't have time to think about that. He looked coldly at Ye Mo and said "you forced me, I will let you know true despair."
He waved his hand again and countless shadows appeared in the air. Then, he spat many mouthfuls of essence blood into it. then, the shadows started t omove.
When Ye Mo saw them, he was shook "corpse pupppets, truth realisation state corpse puppets.
Corpse puppet was an extremely cruel cultivation method. The practitioner would capture other cultivators alive and bind their essence spirit. Then he would sink the cultivator into a special fluid for 100 years. But the cultivator wouldn't die and his body would become extremely tough. At this time, the cultivator would pull the puppet out and burn him with his own cultivation essence fire for a 100 years.
During this time, the puppet would be conscious. He would have to endure inhumane torture and endless horror. 200 years later, their conscious would be devoured by the puppet master but their essence spirit would be kept.
At this moment, they would just be a puppet but they would be stronger than they were alive.
Their levels are based on their cultivation level when they were alive. These corpse puppets were clearly made with truth realisation state cultivators.
Seeing this, Suo Anshan pointed at Shi Taa in shock "you, so all those missing cultivators were turned into corpse puppets by you, you, you…"
Shi Taa's face was pale too and he looked coldly at Suo Anshan "you will be my 931sttruth realisation state corpse puppet."
Then he looked coldly at Ye Mo "forcing my to use this, you will be my weakest corpse puppet."
Ye Mo had annihilated all the vines and didn't want to waste his spirit sense so he took away the mist lotus heart fire and ate a few spirit recovery pills. The he looked at Shi Taa and said coldly "Shi, you have such power but you waited till today to attack and asked me to help. I don't think you're afraid of the Li Ming fire. And, your acting skills are quite good, I almost thought it was real."
Shi Taa ate a few pills and looked snarly at Ye Mo "I wasn't acting, I'm really furious. I did give her away but am I not allowed to be angry?"
He then said coldly "do you know why I haven't turned DI Xueming into a corpse puppet yet? Because she's the only woman I've ever loved. Before I turn her into a corpse puppet, I will satisfy her wish. I know Xue Qingfei doesn't really like Suo Anshan but I know she really did fall in love with Di Xueming. I will turn her into a corpse puppet with DI Xueming. Pity, it's too early to show my corpse puppets today…"
Shi Taa calmed down.
"psychopath." Ye Mo sneered. Both of them were recovering their spirit sense and cultivation essence.
"I know why you waited till now to attack, you didn't wait for Ye to stop my LI Ming fire. Even if he didn't appear you were planning to attack in these two months because you're waiting for…"
Shi Taa suddenly roared "shut up."
Then, Shi Taa waved his ruin spirit spear and those few hundred corpse puppets rushed at Ye Mo.

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