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Ye Mo just nodded saluted with his fists to Jie Feng ignoring Teng Xiong and the truth realisation state level seven "island lord Jie, long time no see."
"haha…." Jie Feng laughed and came up patting Ye Mo on the shoulder "brother Ye Mo, long time no see, thanks for the spirit herb you left last time allowing my daughter to have a new life. now that I finally see you again if you're free you must come to my island."
Ye Mo knew Jie Feng wanted to help him. He knew last time that Teng Xiong and them wanted to forcefully take him away. he probably thought he was forced over here by Lan Qirui and thus he invited him over to his island as a guest. He's implying that Ye Mo is my guest if anyone wants to harm him then he's looking for trouble with me.
Seeing Ye Mo only nod to them, Teng Xiong and the truth realisation state level seven were very annoyed. A mere cauldron filling state level two dared to be like this but remember Ye Mo was a level seven pill king, they forced down their anger. A level seven pill king was a money making tree.
Just imagine what owning a level seven pill king in the Heartless Sea meant? Countless high level beast cultivator and cultivators would come asking for pills and all sorts of good resources would be provided to him.
Seeing that Jie Feng wants to have a piece, Teng Xiong was immediately unhappy. JIe Feng was powerful but not powerful enough to take on them three.
Teng Xiong immediately signaled to Lan Qirui wanting to join up against Jie Feng but Lan Qirui kept his head low and didn't even look over nor use his spirit sense.
Seeing this, both Teng Xiong and Lan Qirui were shocked.
Jie Feng thought that after saying that, Teng Xiong and them would join up against him. Ye Mo saved his daughter, regardless if he could save Ye Mo this time he would do his best. If he really can't, then he woudln't feel guilty as he tried his best.
But he didn't expect Lan Qirui to back out, Jie Feng immediately realized that Lan Qirui definitely Ye Mo was a pill king and wanted Ye Mo to work for him long time. He didn't want to share Ye Mo with Teng Xiong and Gong Zhe. But if Lan Qirui had such thoughts why bring Ye Mo over. Could he beat Teng Xiong? That was impossible.
There were only 16 truth realisation state cultivators in this area of the truth realisation state and everyone knew each other. Lan Qirui was definitely no match for Teng Xiong.
Even Gong Zhe stopped his rage, even though he wasn't afraid of Lan Qirui, he was the weakest here. He didn't believe Teng Xiong would give up Ye Mo easily. As long as Teng Xiong didn't give up on Ye Mo he would have a way to split some benefits.
Ye Mo just smiled and saluted with his fists "thank you island lord Jie but Ye Mo is busy and I'm about to go back. I just heard that island lord Lan say he found a few extreme grade spirit ranges here so I came to earn something wealth and get a few spirit ranges to use…"
Hearing this, Teng Xiong and Gong Zhe realized that Ye Mo and Lan Qirui reached an agreement. He would only help Lan Qirui and because Lan Qirui was backing him up, Ye Mo dared to speak like this.

Jie Feng was bewildered, with him helping it was strange that Ye Mo still rejected his offer to help. Even though Lan Qirui was a truth realisation state level nine, what right did he have to take all the spirit ranges here. But concerning Ye Mo, he didn't talk. Extreme grade spirit ranges were valuable but if he could use it to not owe Ye Mo anymore, he would be willing to.
Teng Xiong knew it was Lan Qirui behind this but he still sneered to Ye Mo "little brother Ye, you're so bold. Do you think you can certainly beat island lord Jie, island lord Gong and me?"
"then what do you want?" Ye Mo asked.
"we found it first, since you came last then you can only wait till we've split it." Teng Xiogn said this expecting Lan Qirui to immediately say something.
Everyone looked at Lan Qirui wanting to know if he would say something after having his rights to a share taken.
But he stood up and said "I have no objections to pill king Ye's words…"
Everyone sneered, it was indeed so.
Gong Zhe glanced at Teng Xiong and immediately knew that he was completely furious. Gong Zhe stood out and said "island lord Lan doesn't mind but I do. Ye Mo you came last but you want a few spirit ranges. Do you think you can do what ever you want just because someone is supporting you. No matter how powerful your support is, I Gong Zhe, will take back the share that belongs to me. what do you think island lord Jie?"
Jie Feng felt something was wrong. Unless Lan Qirui was crazy or he didn't want to live, he would dare to challenge all of them for a few spirit ranges.
Thinking about this, he said loudly. "if these three or four spirit ranges really belongs to Ye Mo then I don't' mind, I owe brother Ye one."
Gong Zhe was shook, he didn't expect Jie Feng would be willing to give up extreme grade spirit range to Lan Qirui. But he wasn't an idiot and also realized something was wrong.
Ye Mo sneered "island lord Gong's words are like farts. How come I heard that these few spirit ranges are first found by my friend Miao Huizhen? Now, it becomes you found it first. Is your face thicker than my magic artefact?"
Everyone else dazed, Miao Huizhen was a truth realisation state level four, who would take her seriously.
Gong Zhe's face burst red but this time he dind't waste time talking with Ye Mo, he looked coldly at Lan Qirui and said "island lord Lan do you think you can ridicule me however you like just because you're a little stronger than me? I'm truth realisation state level seven but I don't fear island lord Lan."
Lan Qirui sneered "Gong Zhe, you want to start trouble I'm not scared of you too. Which ear did you hear me insulting you? Point out someone who heard me insulting you. Am I looking for trouble or are you?"
"very well, very well…" after being insulted by a cauldron filling state level two and Lan Qirui, Gong Zhe couldn't hold his fury anymore and a blue magic artefact appeared on his hand. He released it was full power immediately.
At the same time, his blue magic artefact turned into a huge club that was covered in lightning that loomed over the nearby 100 meters. Ye Mo happened to be under it.
Gong Zhe used his full power immediately as he knew Lan Qirui would stop him.
Another lightning element magic artefact and a half extreme grade cultivation artefact. Ye Mo sneered.
Jie Feng was shook, Gong Zhe was only truth realisation state level seven so he didn't consider him a threat but this person had such a powerful magic artefact.
The lightning club emitted more than ten baby arm sized lightning arcs down. Its power was shocking. Even space itself seemed to be getting unstable.
Lan Qirui's face changed. He thought he would be able to beat Gong Zhe without trouble but with this move, Gong Zhe showed power not far from his. Plus, lightning arcs were one of the most powerful offensive means, this meant that Gong Zhe was on par with him. Even it he wanted to beat Gong Zhe it wouldn't' be a quick fight, he might even need to use secret techniques.
Everyone looked at Lan Qirui. They believed that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to live under such terrifying lightning arc attacks.
Seeing Lan Qirui's face changed, they realized that Lan Qirui's greed really took over his reason.
But both JIe Feng and teng Xiong dind't move. They knew that Lan Qirui would save Ye Mo.
But the next moment their face changed greatly. Lan Qirui didn't move at all.
Jie Feng regretted. No matter what, Ye Mo was dead for sure now, he wouldn't even be able to save him in time.

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