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"okay." Miao Huizhen agreed without hesitation. Lan Qirui agreed to split evenly not because of her but because of Ye Mo.
Soon, the four spirit ranges and the spirit nourishing well was divided up. Gong Zhe looked at this in jealousy and fury but didn't dare to say a thing. The reason he was able to stay alive was partly due to Ye Mo not killing him but also due to Teng Xiong and Lan Qirui helping him.
Gong Zhe knew how useful the spirit nourishing well was to him. His five lightning seal was more powerful the more powerful his spirit sense was and yet he didn't get any of the well. How could he not be furious?
Other than Ye Mo, everyone took out their magic artefact planning to take the well away but Ye Mo didn't do this. it wasn't that he didn't want to but he couldn't. he hasn't found the spirit refining pearl yet. Ye Mo was certain it was in his area but before he found it, he wasn't going to take the well away.
But in his area, no one could scan their spirit sense in anymore.
What shook everyone was that it was Miao Huizhen who took her portion first. She flew up and saluted with his fists "Miao Huizhen thank pill king Ye for helping but I still have some business now so I'll be leaving. If I have time, I will come up to thank pill king Ye personally."
Ye Mo nodded and didn't say anything. He didn't expect her to help in the future but she better not expect him to do anything for her. She was able to take her portion so quickly clearly because she has a powerful magic artefact.
Miao Huizhen immediately let out her magic artefact. She knew her predicament well. She was using Ye Mo's relationship with her, if everyone knew that they weren't as close as they thought, she would be in danger. In less than half a minute, she was out of everyone's spirit sense range.
Gong Zhe saw this and really wanted to chase up but he looked at Ye Mo and resisted his urge. He didn't want to get killed.
Little did Gong Zhe know that even if he fought with Miao Huizhen npw, Ye Mo wasn't going to kill him for that. At most, he would just protect Miao Huizhen.
Few seconds later, Jie Feng took his portion and laughed but then his face changed immediately and saluted with his fists "brother Ye, something happened at home, I need to go first. If you have the time, please come to my island, goodbye."
Then, Jie Feng disappeared into the horizon in a bolt of yellow light.
Teng Xiong and Lan Qirui also took their portion. Although they didn't know why Ye Mo didn't take his and was wasting timehere but they didn't want to ask. They saluted with their fists and left.
Gong Zhe took this opportunity and left with them.
Gong Zhe was hoping the two would share some with him when Teng XIong suddenly said "there's some minor problem at my palace, I need to go, good bye you two." Then, he disappeared before anyone could say anything.
Lan Qirui looked at Gong Zhe and said "island lord Gong my friend Huang Qi died today, I feel sad. We can meet again another time."

Then, Lan Qirui also disappeared. Gong Zhe's heart was itching with anger, Huang Qi had been dead for that long and this Lan didn't seem sad but now he had to be sad. But there was nothing he could do, it was already good that they didn't try to attack him. It was impossible to expect them to share some with him.
Gong Zhe looked at the direction Miao Huizhen left and chased up. He didn't want to challenge Ye Mo but he could certainly beat that truth realisation state level four.
Ye Mo was desperate, the spirit refining pearl seemed to have hid itself.
The spirit nourishing wellw as precious but it would be used up one day. If he had the spirit refining pearl, it would be a different story.
Ye Mo searched the bottom of the pond more than ten times but still didn't find the spirit refining pearl.
This place was clearly set up, with the pearl, how could it be like this?
Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense into other areas and still didn't find anything.
Ye Mo was very disappointed and just forged a huge jade well in the golden page world and put all the liquid inside.
There was still nothing at the bottom. Was he really wrong, there was no spirit refining pearl?
Just when Ye Mo was confused, two ray of lights flashed across the sky of the Lost Soul Ruins. But then they turned back and landed next to white jade pond.
"it's you?" one of them blurted out.
Seeing this bearded cultivator who recognized him, Ye Mo sneered. There was the path to heaven that this guy didn't take and he had to choose the path to hell. When he was sending off Meng Qi, there was this guy hunting Bian Fengta. He was disaster transformation state level one at the time but now he was disaster transformation state level two.
The other cultivator had loose hair and a sharp mouth, clearly he was a beast cultivator. But he was much more powerful than the bearded cultivator, he was disaster transformation state level four.
"you know this person?" the disaster transformation state level four beast cultivator asked.
The bearded cultivator laughed "this guy is only body condensation state he hid his power. He's an insect that escaped from me. but I encountered him today, he's really unlucky."
He was beaten away by Ye Mo and Bian Fengta before but now he shamelessly claimed Ye Mo ran away.
The beast cultivator just looked at the white jade pond and said "I suspect there was spirit nourishing well here, it has a strange smell."
Then he wiped his finger on the pond and put it into his mouth. Moments later, his face changed greatly "it's spirit nourishing well indeed."
The next moment, his eyes stared deadly at Ye Mo.
The bearded cultivator couldn't lose his mouth. He was overjoyed and yelled at Ye Mo "speak, did you take the things here…"
Before he finished, Ye Mo already hacked out with Zi Xu. He didn't need to use Zi Xu against two disaster transformation state but he felt annoyed not finding the spirit refining pearl and this bearded guy dared to waste his time.
Purple ray flashed and blood splashed in the air. When the blood was gone, the bearded cultivator was gone. The sturdy rock bed showed a ravine that was 100 meters deep, nothing else.
Ye Mo's strike hacked this disaster transformation state level two to nothing, his armor, storage ring all was gone.
Seeing this, the sharp mouthed beast cultivator was dazed and moments later he reacted quickly retreating and saying to Ye Mo "wan bei didn't know qian bei was here, sorry for offending you I will leave now…"
How could Ye Mo let him go. A lightning sword flew out. The disaster transformation state level four saw this and quickly broke a rune saying "you can't kill me, I'm from the Peng island…"
Ye Mo would even dare to fight Suo Anshan, what was Peng island to him?

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