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Crack, that disaster transformation state level four beast cultivator retreated a few hundred meters away and had his soul destroyed by Ye Mo's lightning arc. His rune wasn't able to activate at all under Ye Mo's powerful domain.

At the same time this beast cultivator was killed, on a huge island in the Heartless Sea, a dominating force rose into the sky. A coarse woman's voice sounded "you're asking to die…"

Then, it dashed out from the island and instantly disappeared.

Ye Mo felt a little more comfortable after killing the two insects but soon he noticed something was wrong. The place he hacked open was 100 meters deep but they were all blue sturdy rocks. Clearly, something was wrong.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense inside and moments later, he found drops of blue water stuck to the crevice.

"spirit nourishing well…" Ye Mo called out in surprise and joy. this was the real spirit nourishing well, what they took was just the liquid gathered after countless years.

Ye Mo's surprise and joy was no lesser than when he first saw the bitter bamboo. The cultivator who had the spirit refining pearl was very smart and didn't put the pearl in the jade pond.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo hacked out but he controlled his sword chi to not harm the spirit refining pearl.

The place was hacked opened again and a blue pearl sat peacefully embedded in the wall. A drop of colorless liquid just dripped down.

"spirit refining pearl." Ye Mo couldn't control his joy anymore and took that pearl into a jade box without hesitation and put it in his golden page world.

The colorless liquid was the real spirit nourishing well liquid. The liquid filtered by the blue rock would be much less effective.

After getting this, Ye Mo didn't want to stop at all. He released his black flying ship and disappeared from the Lost Soul Ruins.

Not long after Ye Mo left, another dashing light appeared. It was extremely fast.

It was a skinny female cultivator wearing a pink dress. She didn't have any jewelries on her but her eyes had this superiority that no one could compare.

She landed next to the charred body and said hatefully "a lighting element cultivator, how dare you kill me son, I will eat you alive."

Then, she howled again.

Then, her eyes landed on the empty white jade pond and her eyes became furious "so my son found the spirit nourishing well first and this person killed my son. Very well, I, Yu, Zizhen, will annihilate you all."

The next moment, she jumped inside the well and sniffed everywhere.

After half a minute, she got up abruptly and said "it's Zhu Yin island Jie Feng and Dragon Teng palace Teng Xiong and QI Tian island Lan killing my son together. There's another nasty woman that I can't identify."

Ye Mo had been cultivating under the bitter bamboo and his chi was one with nature. Although he left last and was the true culprit, Yu Zizhen didn't recognized her instead.

Ye Mo didn't know that he killed the beast cultivator but the consequence would be taken by the other few people.

Ye Mo left this region of the sea and headed towards the South Peace State.

Gong Zhe was very annoyed, although he was heavily injured by Ye Mo he recovered by 70% other his arm being unable to regenerate. He believed that if he chased up to that female cultivator, he would be able to rob the spirit nourishing well from her.

But he had been chasing for two hours and there was no sign of her. He was helpless and just when he wanted to return to his island, his spirit sense scanned a pink dashing light. He rejoiced and immediately chased up.

Miao Huizhen also wore pink and thus he thought it was her.

What Gong Zhe didn't expect was that as soon as he moved, that pink figure dashed to him instead.

Moments later, that pink figure stopped in front of him.

Gong Zhe immediately recognized this female cultivator, within a tens of million of kilometer radius of this Heartless Sea region, no one dared to mess with her, she was Peng island Yu Zizhen.

"Gong Zhe greet Yu qian bei…" Gong Zhe cursed himself for being unlucky.

Yu Zizhen looked coldly at him and said "where di dyou come from?"

If it was some other time, Yu Zizhen wouldn't' want to waste time with Gong Zhe but today, she was full of fury.

Gong Zhe quickly said "wan bei just came from Lost Soul Ruins, I'm so lucky to encounter qian bei…"

"you came from Lost Soul Ruins?" Yu Zizhen raised her voice to a sharp level.

Gong Zhe didn't know what she meant and could only say respectfully "yes, wan bei did come from Lost Soul Ruins indeed."

"who else went there?" her voice was getting cold.

Gong Zhe didn't hide anything and said "Dragon Teng palace lord Teng, Yu Tian island lord Lan, Zhu Yin island lord Jie and one male and female cultivator…"

Speaking of this, Gong Zhe suddenly thought. He didn't get any of the spirit nourishing well before. now that Yu Zizhen was here, why don't he bring the disaster to them so they can't live well? Perhaps that Ye wasn't gone yet and was caught by Yu Zizhen. No matter how powerful Ye Mo was he wouldn't be a match for Yu Zizhen right?

Suddenly, Yu Zizhen said coldly "I didn't expect you to be able to hide from me about going to Lost Soul Ruins. I heard you have a 5 lightning seal, that can shoot out lightning arcs right?"

Gong Zhe also realized something was wrong and just when he wanted to talk, he felt cold. He felt the discomfort of being bound by domain already.

Gong Zhe immediately realized his situation and ran his cultivation essence like crazy wanting to release his 5 lightning seal.

But as soon as he broke free from her domain, he was hit by her grey handkerchief.

"argh…." A terrifying howl sounded and as soon as Gong Zhe's essence spirit came out, it was crushed by Yu Zizhen's cultivation essence giant hand.

He didn't even get a chance to explain himself and was killed by this crazy woman. Compared to this woman, Ye Mo was a righteous judge.

She casually took Gong Zhe's storage ring and couldn't' even be bothered checking.

Lan Qirui was rejoicing over his loot today when a sudden rumble sounded. Lan Qirui got up, he felt his island was under attack. He was an overlord in this region, other than Ye Mo that mad man, who would dare to attack his formation?

"Lan Qirui, hand over your life." a furious voice interrupted Lan Qirui's thoughts.

"Peng Island, Yu Zizhen?" Lan Qirui flew out and saw who attacked his island. His face changed greatly.

"rumble…" another terrifying explosion sounded and Yu Zizhen's handkerchief smashed down from the heavens. The defense formation immediately showed a crack.

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