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Moments later, Wu Lin's body turned completely into cultivation essence and dissipated even his essence spirit dissipated.

Ye Mo sighed and took Wu Lin's storage ring. Wu Lin knew he was no match for him and he ended his life by giving back to the world. this way, he didn't lose his chance to go through samsara.

The spirit chi here was so dense that it couldn't be explained with just spirit range. Just when Ye Mo wanted to check, a few people entered the palace.

"brother Ye Jing Xuecheng thank you for saving my life." the leading man was Jing Xuecheng and there was a truth realisation state level four next to him.

Jing Zhuoxiang said "paid guest Na was originally planning to save my brother and now we happened to come."

Ye Mo just realized that this truth realisation state was a paid guest that hadn't left. He clearly was someone decent to try to save Jing Xuecheng.

Seeing that Jing Xuecheng was fine, Ye Mo laughed and said "all is good as long as brother Jing is fine."

Jing Xuecheng sighed "when I made friends with brother Ye I knew you were no ordinary person. In such a few short years, brother Ye is already a truth realisation state master and yet I'm still stuck where I was. I was planning to help brother Ye before but eventually it turned out I needed your help."

Ye Mo answered "you still need to organize Cang Hai palace I believe you will be very busy. I'm leaving here, if I have time I will come visit brother Jing."

Jing Xuecheng nodded "okay, the reason that bastard Yong Lanyi didn't kill me was because I think he found out your whereabouts and wanted to kill me in front of you. He's much stronger than Wu Lin, brother Ye be careful."

Ye Mo laughed "okay, then I'll be leaving now. if you have any trouble, you can come find me at Mo Yue City in South Peace State."

Then Ye Mo disappeared from the golden palace.

"this person is so powerful." The truth realisation state cultivator next to Jing Xuecheng exclaimed.

"paid guest Na is right, Simu Lin was killed in one move by Ye qian bei. I believe palace lord Wu wasn't able to last very long either…" Wang Han added.

After Ye Mo left, he released his flying ship again. Since he came, he would definitely go kill that Yong Lanyi. In half a day's time, he came to the Ling island for the second time. He came here for one purpose only, to teach Wang Cang a lesson.

There was defense formation outside and Ye Mo couldn't scan the entire place but inside, his spirit sense blade could easily penetrate the spirit sense shielding formation of the alliance leader estate. But when he came in the island, he didn't find Wang Cang and was greatly disappointed. There were two truth realisation state primary stage at the alliance leader estate but he didn't know either of them.

With this, Ye Mo lost his interest left the island.

Tong Lin island was about the same area as Ling island and the Tong Hai cult was situated here.

The solo cultivators were most scared of the Tong Hai cult.

The cult leader was very cruel but as long as you didn't offend him, he usually wouldn't care about ordinary people.

But his son and daughter was even more cruel, any slight unhappiness and they would kill for no reason.

Yong Lanyi's son Yong Wuzi was very ugly and lustful. There were countless cultivators killed on the island by him. Yong Lanyi's daughter Yong Yuer was very beautiful but her heart was full of venom and killed more than Yong Wuzi.

Yong Wuzi would at least find a reasonable excuse to kill but Yong yuer killed completely as she pleased.

Yong Lanyi didn't restrict his children at all but instead spoil them. His son was killed at the Qu 18 disks but he couldn't get revenge for him and countless cultivators were harmed due to this. hundreds and thousands of female cultivators were assaulted just so Yong Lanyi could have another child. The Tong Lin island was full of mourns.

Everyone guessed that continuing like this Tong Hai cult would be the first to be annihilated but instead, it made the other two powers become a part of it.

A powerful wind chariot stood above the air tens of thousands of miles from Tong Ling island. A low grade cultivation artefact flying ship was stopped by this chariot.

Ye Mo slowed down and when the girl on the chariot swa Ye Mo's flying ship she immediately yelled "stop that flying ship."

The disaster transformation state cultivator on the chariot was planning to move anyways but soon he stopped, he saw that the flying ship didn't run and instead moved closer.

"miss, this person is gifting his ship over." That disaster transformation state level three sucked up to the girl and said.

The young girl saw who was on the ship and dazed for a moment. Then, she screamed "it's him, he's Ye Mo, he killed my brother. Stop him quickly, I'm going to drink his blood and slice off his flesh to feed the dogs."

It was of course Ye Mo who came and he saw Yong Yuer from very far. A few years has passed and she grew even more bustier, her skin was so silky smooth and her wavy hair was like a beautiful young girl of fairy tales. But Ye Mo knew this was a wretched woman.

The last time he saw her, she had two cauldron filling state cultivators. This time, it was a disaster transformation state cultivator. Yong Lanyi was probably scared of something happening to his daughter so he sent more power to protect her.

"Ye Mo…" Yong Yuer was also condescending and now seeing Ye Mo waltz over, she was furious even though she knew Ye Mo was about to be caught.

Ye Mo stopped and smiled "are you about to ask why I dare to come over? I purposely came over. Last time I told your father I would be back to visit him, see, I'm so credible, I came back so quickly. I thought I would have to break the turtle shell of Tong Lin island first but I encountered you instead."

Then, Ye Mo sighed and scanned her body a few times "last time, I looked at you once and you were going to kill me. this time, do you think I should rape and kill first or kill then rape. Hmm, maybe not, you're a female but you're half beast, you really can't get me aroused."

Last time, Ye Mo just glanced at her a little and she went crazy trying to kill him but this time, he said such words and eye raped her.

Yong Yuer's lips were purple with fury as she couldn't resist spitting blood. Since when was she angered like this, who dared to say such things in front of her?

"I'm going to skin him alive…" Yong Yuer finally said.

But the two disaster transformation state cultivators next to her watched Ye Mo vigilantly. Ye Mo didn't release his power but acting so cockily in front of them two, clearly he was no ordinary person. Plus, the flying ship below Ye Mo's feet was extreme grade cultivation artefact flying ship. All those who owned such flying magic artefact were all powerful beings.

"what are you guys afraid of? A few years ago this guy was only body condensation state. what can he be now? kill him?" Yong Yuer said unhappily.

The man and woman stopped on the flying ship by Yong Yuer dazed. They ran out from the Tong Ling island and knew that Yong Yuer was a demon and yet this young cultivator dared to say such words to this demon. Did he not know that sometimes there were things worse than death?

"okay miss." The disaster transformation state level five felt he was thinking too much. Ye Mo was standing cockily here but who knows if he was acting? Plus, he was this young, what state can he reached? At most cauldron filling state?

Realizing this, the disaster transformation state level five immediately released a net shaped magic artefact and flew out of the chariot attacking Ye Mo.

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