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"I'm also planning to annihilate the entire Mo Hai city, what are you going to do?" the female cultivator said coldly.

Ye Mo frowned and asked Jie Youkui "who is she to you?"

Jie Youkui didn't dare to look up and said quietly "I don't know her but she wants to take me back to some palace to be some young palace lord…"

The female cultivator sneered "that's right, it's your fortune. My Ice God Palace young palace lord is too timid. I'm going to change one, you're lucky to be chosen by me."

This beautiful female cultivator was Ice God Palace palace lord Lang Ying. She came with the big manager to come find who killed her son Lang Yue. Dai Yun was good but her character was too soft. She wasn't her best choice.

She was about to immortal ascension and couldn't find someone to replace Ting Ting but now, she saw Jie Youkui in the Heartless Sea. she was young and pretty but also very talented. She favoured Jie Youkui immediately.

Ice God Palace palace lord? Ye Mo immediately thought of Lang Yue. It seems this was really passed down the family. They were all very selfish and did what they liked.

"so it's Ice God Palace people, no wonder you're so selfish." Ye Mo sneered "in the demon prison forbidden grounds, there was a trash called Lang Yue. I killed him because he wanted to kill my disciple, could it be…."

Before Ye Mo finished, Lang Ying's eyes were about to burst out. She went crazy and her force burst out as though about to devour Ye Mo.

"so you killed my son, if I don't slice your essence spirit to pieces and burn them one by one, I swear I'm not a human…" there was crazy killing intent in Lang Ying's eyes. In her eyes, only her son could kill other people and they weren't allowed to resist.

Jie Youkui was shook and retreated. Ye Mo just waved his hand calmly and all his crazy killing intent was swept away as though nothing happened here.

That heavily injured truth realisation state cultivator was planning to run when he saw Lang Ying's attention was focused on Ye Mo but after seeing what Ye Mo did, he immediately knew Ye Mo wasn't ordinary too and stopped.

Seeing this, Lang Ying dazed and the craze disappeared from her eyes. She calmed down and flung out a messenger flying sword.

Ye Mo didn't seem to see this. Lang Ying was rather strong amongst truth realisation state tertiary stage but he didn't care. Could she compare with Suo Anshan, Hong Yixing? She was at most a Yu Zizhen but in fact she was far from Yu Zizhen.

"I remember, you're the city lord Ye Mo who killed 11 truth realisation state of Pill City and annihilated 9 star sect Lightning Cloud Sect and Infinity Sect…" the heavily injured truth realisation state finally remembered who Ye Mo was.

He realized he was probably safe now. Ye Mo was extremely powerful, unrivalled in the same state but he never killed innocents. He had no enmity with him so Ye Mo probably wouldn't kill him. No matter how powerful this female cultivator, she wouldn't be able to beat Ye Mo without a doubt.

She suddenly stopped the purple gold band she released. She completely calmed down now. Ye Mo easily annihilating her killing force made her take him seriously but not feel threatened. But this truth realisation state on the side said he killed 11 truth realisation states and annihilated two 9 star sects. This made her not only feel threatened but astonished.

She rarely came to South Peace State but it didn't mean she didn't know Pill City, Lightning Cloud Sect and Infinity Sect. any of them were on par with her Ice God Palace. This guy could annihilate these two sects and challenge the Pill City, didn't that mean he could easily annihilate her Ice God Palace.

She was protective and trusted in her power but she was no idiot.

Seeing her fury retreat, Ye Mo said calmly "weren't you going to tear my essence spirit to pieces and burn them one by one? Why don't you attack? If you're not going to fight I'm going to go, I don't like to fight women."

Jie Youkui watched with surprise and joy. she could tell this palace lord felt very threatened by Ye Mo.

Lang Ying finally couldn't bear the scorn and released her purple gold band. Purple gold light covered the heavens as they swept towards Ye Mo.

The truth realisation state quickly retreated. He knew that if this band formed a humanoid wave ring, cultivation essence and even spirit sense would be bound.

He was bound by that and in his worry detonated a rune to escape.

He thought Ye Mo would be very powerful and Lang Ying wouldn't be able to do anything to him. However, Ye Mo was caught in one round.

The band had no form but it looked like a colourful rope wrapping Ye Mo tightly.

This magic artefact was so powerful, this was the first time Ye Mo saw an magic artefact that could bind cultivation essence and spirit sense. however, it was useless to him.

Lang Ying didn't expect her to succeed this quickly, she was overjoyed. She thought she would need to use her 13 purple gold sword self destruction to injure Ye Mo.

She knew that by the time her magic artefact formed a humanoid wave, no one would be able to break free.

There was a cruel look on Lang Ying's face seeing that her magic artefact bound Ye Mo. She kept inserting cultivation essence in wanting to completely bind Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and released a few spirit sense blades. The waved band immediately were falling apart. Before Lang Ying could react, Zi Xu hacked out.


Lang Ying felt the backlash of her magic artefact and immediately spat a few mouthful of blood. She completely don't understand how Ye Mo broke free.

She quickly used a few more hand signs before the band completely collapsed. 13 purple gold flying sword flew out faster than lightning.


The sword rays tore through space creating waves of distortion ripples.

The battle was in an instant and there were multiple explosions. The injured truth realisation state peak stage looked dazily at the 13 swords and realized she didn't use her full power when fighting him.

Lang Ying breathed easy, the self destruction of her 13 purple gold sword made her lose a top grade magic artefact but she finally killed him.

Moments later she was completely dumbfounded. Ye Mo appeared after the explosions, only his hair was a little messy.

"you…" she really didn't understand how Ye Mo was fine. Even a body refinement cultivator wouldn't be able to surive that unscathed. Yet, Ye Mo was perfectly fine.

Ye Mo was very annoyed, the self destruction was so fast that even he didn't react fast enough.

Before Lang Ying could react, Zi Xu hacked out, Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain.

Seeing this, Lang Ying wanted to retreat but she felt that space around her had turned to solid. Just taking one step back was extremely hard.

"such powerful domain…" Lang Ying looked at the nearing purple ray in despair.

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