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Lang Ying saw the big elder Weng Wen but she didn't have much anticipation. Even she was no match for this absurd young man much less Weng Wen. she hoped Weng Wen would be able to save her essence spirit.

Weng Wen just got here and saw Ye Mo kill Lang Ying with one strike. He was scared soulless. He knew the power of the palace lord too well, he definitely couldn't beat her. It's been a while since palace lord asked for help and thus it was clear that the young man beat the palace lord head on. Facing such person, going over was suicide. Without hesitation, he released all his power and the rainbow cloud in the sky rustled.

"you actually started your immortal ascension divine damnation…" Lang Ying looked at Weng Wen in fury. She was hoping for her loyal big elder to save her essence spirit but he instantly went to immortal ascension. Purple flame moved and Lang Ying couldn't keep thinking anymore.

Ye Mo didn't know that killing Lang Ying equaled to saving Ting Ting and An Zhiqi. He didn't like to leave threats behind, since there was already conflict between them, he might as well end it now.

Seeing Weng Wen suddenly go immortal ascension, he immediately knew this guy was from Ice God Palace but now, he couldn't kill him in time.

"thank you city lord Ye for saving me, I'm number one elder of Mo Hai city Qiu Beiou. This demon killed the vice city lord and two truth realisation state elders. If city lord Ye didn't come over, I would be dead for sure." Qiu Beiou was very grateful to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said calmly "how come I heard that vice city lord is very murderous? If I see that type of trash I would kill him too. Are you going to hunt me down elder Qiu?"

Qiu Beiou immediately knew that Ye Mo had a very bad impression of the vice city lord "I wouldn't dare, the vice city lord spoils his son to dominate the city, I've long disliked this too."

Ye Mo said "oh" and couldn't be bothered talking to this guy anymore. He clearly knew what the vice city lord did but still didn't do anything.

Seeing Ye Mo have no intentions of talking, Jie Youkui didn't dare to keep staying here. He quickly saluted with his fists "Mo Hai city is very chaotic now, I need to go back and check. If there are more people like Luan Chang I definitely will kill them."

He was a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator after all, and Ye Mo didn't want him to look too bad so he waved his hand "in that case, go do what you need to do elder Qiu."

"yes, thank you city lord Ye." Qiu Beiou didn't dare to stay anymore and took the two bodies of the Mo Hai city elders and left.

Ye Mo didn't know his few casual words changed the culture at Mo Hai city. When QIu Beiou got back, he didn't show any mercy on those domineering cultivators. Eventually, Mo Hai city grew to a city more prosperous than the South Peace City.

Then, Jie Youkui went up and thanked "Youkui thank Ye qian bei for helping…"

Ye Mo waved his hand signaling her not to be pressued and asked "what happened at Zhu Yin island? How is your father?"

Jie Youkui's eyes went red "we were fine but a few months ago, Peng island Yu Zizhen suddenly attacked…"

Hearing this, Ye Mo understood what happened. JIe Feng definitely was no match for Yu Zizhen, she was a mad woman. She did that either for the spirit nourishing well or brought her fury on the island for no reason. Little did Ye Mo know, the reason Yu Zizhen was going to kill Jie Feng was also due to Lan Qirui's words.

"my dad knew he was no match for Yu Zizhen so he let aunty Yi take us sisters and leave. He stopped Yu Zizhen and she didn't chase up indeed but I'm worried about my father." Jie Youkui cried.

Ye Mo fell silent. If it was something that just happened, he could go help but now it had been a few months.

"how did you fall into the hands of the Ice God Palace palace lord?" Ye Mo changed the subject.

Jie Youkui sniffed "my dad wanted me to go to South Peace State and ask for help from you. Aunty Yi was heading towards South Peace State but on the way we encountered a level 10 spirit beast. In the fight we got separated. Before I could find them, that palace lord just took me away."

"what power is your aunty Yi? Where did you guys get separated?"

"truth realisation state primary stage, I don't know where we got lost. It was far beyond the range of the Zhu Yin island. I've never been there."

Ye Mo nodded "a truth realisation state primary stage should be fine against a level 10 beast, don't worry. I'm going to South Peace State now, are you coming with me?"

"I'm willing to go with Ye qian bei." Jie Youkui said without hesitation.

Ye Mo released Blue Moon and sped off towards home. He couldn't even be bothered taking the teleportation formation. It would waste some time getting on and off as it was like taking the plane.

Ice God Palace, Yun Tingting and An Zhiqi were sitting in the room nervously discussing.

"sister Qiqi, did elder Tu and elder Peng really confirm they will be on our side? I'm still a bit nervous." Ting Ting said again and again.

An Zhiqi said helplessly "Ting Ting stop being so indecisive. If the palace lord immortal ascends, you're the palace lord. Elder Tu is your teacher, he's not your master but there's still a relationship there. He will definitely support you being palace lord. Elder Peng is my martial ancestor. I've mentioned it to my master, master said his master would support you being palace lord."

An Zhiqi then said "there's five elders altogether now. there's an elder Liu, palace lord reproached him before he left and Lang Yue's death is related to him. After palace lord ascends, he probably will support you but we need to show our good will first."

"sister Qiqi, is that why you've been telling me to say good morning to them?' Yun Tingting asked.

An ZHiqi nodded "if course. Those elders are all very cunning, they would know what you mean but it's fine. As long as you show your respect they would have a good impression of you. Plus, we're in a lot of danger. If we can't grab power before the two other sons are back, good things won't await us."

Just when Ting Ting nodded, he felt the restriction outside shake. She quickly signaled to An Zhiqi and opened the door.

"Muxin what happened?" Ting Ting looked at the worried girl and asked.

"sister Ting Ting save me, save me…" Mu Xin knelt down immediately.

An Zhiqi pulled Muxin in and closed the door, signaling Ting Ting to put the restriction on.

Ting Ting did so already.

"what happened, Muxin, don't worry speak slowly." Ting Ting said.

Muxin sniffed "just then, just then…. Palace lord's soul card shattered…"

She clearly thought of Xiao Ji's fate.

"what?" Ting Ting and An Zhiqi were shook and couldn't speak a word.

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