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An Zhiqi reacted first and said to Muxin "don't worry, go back and wait for news. Palace lord Ting Ting will do her best to help you."

Seeing Muxin leave, Ting Ting asked in confusion "sister Qiqi, do you have something to tell me?"

An Zhiqi grabbed Ting Ting's hand in excitement "Tingting, is is an opportunity. You should hold a meeting and use this to grab the power of the palace lord. I believe you don't need me to teach you what to do. hurry up, the quicker you do this the better."

"huh…" Tingting dazed and subconsciously said "even if something happened to the palace lord, big elder is still there, we didn't ask Muxin…"

An Zhiqi quickly said "I intentionally didn't ask. Just say you cared too much about the palace lord and don't have the mood to ask about big elder. He wouldn't be in a good position himself. It would be better to ask during the meeting."

Then, An Zhiqi added "I had a worry that I didn't tell you. Palace lord had the intention of removing you. If you're not the young palace lord, you would be the sex slave of her two sons. I won't be better off myself. You need to use this opportunity. The person who killed the palace lord pretty much saved our lives. He's really a good person.

"okay…" this time Ting Ting didn't hesitate and nodded firmly.

In the most grandiose palace in the Ice God Palace, all the elders and managers appeared here. However, the difference was that instead of the palace lord, it was a young girl sitting on the throne.

The Muxin girl knelt in the palace shivering.

The palace was dead silent and even the elders frowned. No one spoke.

Ting Ting was nervous but thinking about her discussion with sister Qiqi before, she forced herself to calm down "quite some things have been happening to Ice God Palace lately. After second young master died in South Peace State, our palace lord also died in South Peace State. I'm very sad, I don't know what to do. elders, please indicate what the Ice God Palace should do?"

This was the method they decided. She would place herself in a very low position in front of these elders. She must let them know that only if she was the palace lord would they have the greatest benefits.

One truth realisation state level nine elder nodded, he was happy with Ting Ting's attitude. He was about to be truth realisation state peak stage, he had no desire for power. He needed respect and cultivation resources.

Elder Liu Xizhu stood out and asked Muxin "are there any news of big elder Weng Wen?"

Muxin said shakily "when I saw palace lord's soul card shatter, I was out of my mind. Later, I saw big elder's soul card didn't shatter but it turned pure white."

"immortal ascension…" hearing this, they immediately knew great elder ascended to the immortal realm. they glanced at each other and looked confused. Theoretically, it should be big elder's soul card shattering and palace lord ascending. But reality was opposite, what was going on?

Muxin was very nervous but no one cared about someone insignificant like her and no one said she should die too.

Ting Ting waved her hand "go back first and keep guarding the soul cards. Report to the elders or me immediately if new situation arises."

"yes." Muxin resisted her excitement and retreated. She didn't hear the palace lord or the elders asking her to die.

The managers realized what Ting Ting meant too. But this wasn't in accord with the rules. Not long ago, the palace lord said the soul card watcher must die after the soul card shattered.

However, this manner of breaking rules made on cauldron filling state manager able to resist. He walked out and saluted to the elders first before casually saluting to Ting Ting. Clearly, his actions meant that the young palace lord was below the elders.

Ting Ting was nervous. She knew at this moment she needed to assert her dominance but she didn't have any capabilities to do so.

Then, the manager said "young palace lord, palace lord said last time that the Ice God Palace rules must not be broken. But it's only been a few days and our rule has been broken? The palace lord's soul card shattered but young palace lord didn't let the young girl watching it to die. Yan Miaopei don't understood, please enlighten me young palace lord."

Muxin almost fell to the floor hearing this.

Seeing everyone look at her, Ting Ting knew she had to assert her dominance or she might die immediately. Even if no elders supported her, she needed to show her temperament.

Ting Ting sneered "manager Yan, let me ask you. When the palace lord ascends or unfortunately dies, what is the rule of the Ice God Palace? Do we not have a palace lord?"

Yan Miaopei was shook. He realized he seemed to have said something wrong. He didn't dare to not answer her and quickly said "of course not, in such event, the palace lord will be immediately succeeded by the young palace lord. If there is no young palace lord, then the palace lord will be decided by the elders."

Ting Ting said sadly "the previous palace lord is my master, her death hurt me greatly…"

Then, her tone suddenly changed. She slammed the table and got up pointing at manager Yan yelling "the Ice God Palace rules are strict but what did you do? according to the rules, I'm the palace lord now and yet all you call me is young palace lord? Do you think your power is greater than the elders? Are you going to take away my position as palace lord?"

Yan Miaopei was shook. He didn't expect the timid young palace lord would change so much after the palace lord was dead. He sneaked a glance at the other managers and elders, no one came out to speak.

He was regretting but he still said "palace lord, my wrong choice of words but our Ice God Palace rules…"

Ting Ting sneered and interrupted "who decides the Ice God Palace rules?"

"of course the previous palace lord…" Yan Miaopei suddenly felt there were some holes in his words.

Ting Ting said pitifully "our Ice God Palace had survived for tens of thousands of years and now we go through hardship again. If we kill our own people because of this, wouldn't the enemy be joyful instead?

At this moment, one truth realisation state elder got up and said "palace lord is right but Yan MIaopei offended palace lord, he needs to be punished by the palace lord."

Seeing that it was Qiqi's martial ancestor helping her at a critical moment. If no elders reacted to her words just then, it wouldn't be convincing at all.

Yan Miaopei immediately knew he made a big mistake and quickly bowed "it's my fault, please punish me palace lord…"

A cold voice sounded "since you dare to offend the palace lord, then there's no need for punishment."

A cultivation essence giant hand reached over and crushed him into bloody mist.

What surprised everyone was that this was Liu Xizhu.

Soon, Ting Ting knew this was a signal that Liu Xizhu was going to help her. She quickly said "now that a big disaster has fallen upon us, but we're lucky to still have the elders here. But since he can defeat our palace lord, it wouldn't be wise for us to attack. In order to get revenge for the palace lord, I suggest we return to the rules before and seal the palace for 50 years. Elders can try to improve their power. After 50 years, when our power reach a certain level, we must get revenge for palace lord."

This 50 years was enough for them to grow in power.

The managers looked at each other. If the palace was sealed for 50 years, what about the young masters? Clearly the palace lord didn't want them to come back. Getting revenge 50 years later was a joke.

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