Strongest Abandoned Son
2078 Roaring Wolf King
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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2078 Roaring Wolf King

When Ye Mo saw Liu Zhai, she had already passed her final divine damnation. Although her armor was smashed apart, Ye Mo gave her a few extreme grade spirit artefact so she had minimal injuries.

Liu Zhai just quickly stabilized her cultivation level and came up to Ye Mo. She was filled with joy. She had always dreamed of reaching nascent soul and now it was realised.

"Brother Ye, thank you." Liu Zhai couldn't express her joy.

"Congratulations, Liu Zhai change your clothes and then we'll go out." Ye Mo felt happy for her too but he really couldn't bring up his mood.

Liu Zhai thought of what Ye Mo went to do and subconsciously asked "Brother Ye, did you find Wanqing?"

Ye Mo nodded "Yes, thanks for telling me about her."

Seeing Ye Mo's look, Liu Zhai knew that Wanqing was probably no longer alive. She said in self reproach "Sorry brother Ye, I wasn't able to find her."

"This has nothing to do with you." Ye Mo said sadly.

Liu Zhai wasn't able to help Chi Wanqing at all. Those who could help Wanqing from down there had to be at least disaster transformation state tertiary stage and must have some luck.

Liu Zhai silently went in and changed her clothes but Ye Mo's thoughts were focused.

Liu Zhai soon changed her clothes and came out of the cultivation home mansion. Just when Ye Mo was going to put it away, he felt something wrong. His cultivation home magic artefact was attacked from the outside. He set up immortal crystals and the level was very high so the attacks didn't do much to the formation. He didn't believe Liu Zhai would attack the place she cultivated.

"Liu Zhai, did someone come and attack here?" Ye Mo immediately asked.

"No, I had been cultivating inside. I didn't feel any attacks." Liu Zhai said.

Ye Mo knew she was in solitary cultivation and didn't sense the attacks from outside. His formation was too high level. Even if a truth realisation state primary stage came to attack it, the people inside wouldn't be affected.

"Was this place attacked?" Liu Zhai asked.

Ye Mo nodded "yes, definitely but the formation's level is too high and the attacker didn't open it so he left. He probably went back for him. We can ignore him, let's go out first."

There was another roar with fury. The depth of the Tuo Mi mountain ranges swept over a rotting scent.

"Brother Ye, it seems to be the level 10 Tuo Mi mountain ranges wolf king..." Seeing that Ye Mo didn't seem to hear it, Liu Zhai said shakily. The level 10 wolf king was very powerful. It's said even a few truth realisation state level nine can't kill it.

Ye Mo released a flying magic artefact and said "It has nothing to do with us." He wouldn't even care about a level 10 immortal beast much less a level 10 spirit beast.

"Wait brother Ye, I think the one eyed wolf we killed before might be related to the wolf king..." Liu Zhai said worriedly.

"One eyed wolf?" Ye Mo immediately thought of the wolf he killed. The fury in his heart immediately found a venting point.

If it wasn't for that wolf, Wanqing wouldn't be lost in the snow plains. Now that there was a beast coming out to avenge the wolf how can Ye Mo show mercy.

"Wait." Ye Mo said and disappeared.

Ye Mo used a transmission and came to the valley he killed the wolf at a few days ago. The wolf pinned in the air was gone.

"You have some power, you actually took the body away." Ye Mo sneered and flashed back to Liu Zhai.

"The wolf I killed is taken away. It's probably by a high level spirit beast in the depth. I didn't even go to them and they actually come to me. I'm going to go check, how about I send you out first." Ye Mo was going to annihilate this wolf family.

"Brother Ye I'll go with you even though I can't help much. If you don't think I'm deadweight..." Liu Zhai said.

Ye Mo said "Okay, let's go see that roaring wolf king."

"Qian bei, it's there, the border of the Tuo Mi plains. I saw a very high level cultivation home. Even when I attacked the defense formation with full power, I couldn't open it. I suspect that the cultivation home showed because a stealth formation was broken." A brown robed cauldron filling state said to the two truth realisation states behind him.

He was full of bitterness. He found this cultivation home and realised he couldn't break open it so he immediately sent a messenger flying sword wanting to ask for help. However, his message was seen by a truth realisation state qian bei and now, he had to lead the way for the truth realisation state qian bei.

"Just lead the way. If what you're saying is true I have good things to give you." The grey robed truth realisation state said expressionlessly.

"Yes, yes..." The cauldron filling state nodded shakily.

Just when he said this, a powerful roar sounded. The cauldron filling state's face changed and immediately stopped. The two truth realisation states behind him also stopped.

Soon, they saw two young truth realisation state charging out. Their eyes were filled with anxiety.

"Dao friends, what happened? Why is the wolf king out?" The grey robed truth realisation state asked.

Suddenly, there was huge space ripple. A three meter tall dark faced man stood before them.

"A few mere truth realisation states dare to kill my wolf race. Die." The man waved out thousands of win dblades forming space bindings that bound the five. The four truth realisation state immediately released their defense magic artefact and their domain before breaking free and retreating.

If it was outside, these truth realisation states wouldn't have such low hand of the battle but in here, the gravity was strong and the dark faced man had the advantage.

The cauldron filling state was torn to pieces.

"You're the wolf king of the Tuo Mi mountain ranges, you can't just attack without reason like this." The grey robed cultivator said.

"So what? Can you deny that humans killed our wolf race? You guys are getting bolder and bolder. You dare to kill my wolf race." The man's force was very powerful.

"You're wrong. I killed that wolf. I never denied it. I just checked. Someone moved the body of the wolf I killed. That person is quite bold." Ye Mo's voice sounded.

No wonder it was called wolf king, it could morph into human form.

You..." The man saw Ye Mo bring a nascent soul cultivator over and immediately stared at him in shock. He didn't understand where Ye Mo got his confidence from.

The four truth realisation states stared at Ye Mo with uncertaintiy. They didn't understand why Ye Mo dared to mess with the dragon in the ocean. Hong Youyi cursed Ye Mo for being an idiot but rejoiced that Ye Mo was going to die before she attacked.
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