Strongest Abandoned Son
2079 One Palm
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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2079 One Palm

When the dark faced man saw that he couldn't see through Ye Mo's cultivation level, he didn't speak any tough words and just sent out a messenger flying sword with a frown.

Ye Mo didn't seem to see this and stared at the two older truth realisation states.

"I set up a cultivation home next to the Tuo Mi border. Did one of you attack it and then call a partner over?"

Ye Mo's tone was calm but there was extreme pressure. The truth realisation states instantly felt that. Now, they realised why Ye Mo talked so cockily and the dark faced man sent a messenger flying sword.

"Dao friend set up the cultivation home?" The grey robed truth realisation state asked in shock.

Ye Mo sneered but said nothing. The two truth realisation states didn't dare to say anything. Hong Youyi was spoiled but she wasn't dumb. She realised how far the gap between her and Ye Mo was. She just glanced at Liu Zhai.

She didn't understand how this ordinary looking woman was favored by Ye Mo.

"Brother Ye, this dark faced man is probably the small wolf king. It's said there are two wolf kings in the Tuo Mi mountain ranges. One is big one is small. Both are very powerful..."

Liu Zhai's voice was quiet but it didn't escape the man's ears. He sneered before she finished "Not bad, that's right, I'm the small wolf king."

He then looked at Ye Mo "You killed one eyed and set up a formation making me unable to retrieve his body. I believe you're a powerful being but I want to know why you killed one eye. Although he was kicked out of the wolf king valley, he's of wolf king blood. If you don't have enough reason this thing won't end here."

The four truth realisation states heard this and couldn't help feel annoyed. They asked why the man attacked but he couldn't even be bothered replying.

But now, this little wolf king learned to reason.

Ye Mo knew that even if the stone spears were forcefully removed, the one eyed wolf'd body would split apart. No one in the cultivation realm can take away the entire body but he was annoyed someone took it.

"My friend was only golden core state and yet she was chased to the edge of the snow plains 50 years ago and died in the snow plains. Do you think I will let this go after just killing an one eye? Just as you said, this won't end here." Ye Mo's tone was bleak.

"Haha fifty eyars ago, one eyed was level six peak stage. You're telling me that a level six peak stage spirit beast would hunt a golden core state and hunt all the way to the snow plains? Pfft, the king shall see how you won't end this here today." The man was careful but he had been respected for a long time. Even truth realisation state cultivators didn't dare to speak to him loudly and yet he was threatened by Ye Mo like this. How could he take it?

"50 years ago, that one eyed wolf chased me and Wanqing. It wasn't very fast at the time. We used a speed rune and barely made it to the snow plains." Liu Zhai rebuked.

"Bullshit, the king..."

Before the man finished, Ye Mo waved his hand in the air and this dark faced man was slapped out tens of teeth.

Seeing this man sit on the ground with half of his face bloodied and looking at him in terror, Ye Mo said coldly "Calling yourself king in front of me? You're too young. Do you know why I haven't killed you yet? Because I heard there was a big wolf king of the wolf king valley..."

The dark faced man stared at Ye Mo in shock. He was a level 10 wolf king. Even the strongest person on Shen Qiong continent can't slap him away in one palm like a fly. This difference was the difference between heaven and earth.

The four truth realisation states stared at Ye Mo in shock, what power was this?

Hong Youyi reacted first. Her eyes were shining with light. She had forgotten about how Ye Mo told her to piss off. She had made up her mind that no matter what she would get Ye Mo.

At this moment, a messenger flying sword came. Just when the wolf king wanted to grab it, he found that flying sword turn and fall into Ye Mo's hands.

The wolf king crawled up and looked dazily at Ye Mo but didn't dare to talk nor run off. Ye Mo's palm made him wake up. He was certain that Ye Mo's power was much higher than truth realisation state peak stage. His power was beyond the realm suppression of the cultivation realm.

Ye Mo glanced at this flying sword and then gave it back to the wolf king "Big wolf king asked you to invite me to your home. Lead the way, my patience is limited."

Yes..." The wolf king didn’t dare to say an extra word.

Ye Mo turned to Liu Zhai and said "I'm going to the wolf home. If you want to join a sect go to Lotus Glory sect. I know elder Guang Jie from there. Tell her I let you go and tell her to take you in as disciple. After I'm done with things here, I will go to Lotus Glory sect."

Liu Zhai suppressed her excitement and said "Thank you brother Ye, Liu Zhai will go there first."

After seeing Ye Mo's power, she immediately knew that with Ye Mo's power no matter how unfamiliar he was with the place, there was no way he would suffer.

After Ye Mo went into the depth with the wolf king, the rest of the truth realisation states came up to greet Liu Zhai a nascent soul cultivator. They were even sucking up to her.

Other cultivators didn't dare to use flying magic artefact in the Tuo Mi mountain ranges but the wolf king dared to. He was the wolf king here, no high level spirit beast would dare to raid him.

The wolf king flew the magic artefact extremely fast probably because he was too scared of Ye Mo and wanted to bring the news back to the wolf king valley first but no matter how fast he was, Ye Mo always followed behind him. what shocked him was that Ye Mo didn't use any flying magic artefact. He was just walking in air and still kept up with him.

Half a day later, a green mountain valley appeared before Ye Mo. Seeing the wolf king land, Ye Mo knew this was wolf king valley.

Only such place would have this dense spirit chi. It was no lesser than his Mo Yue City. He set many spirit ranges below it.

"Qian bei, please go in." The wolf king said respectfully.

A path stretched into the quiet valley. The low level spirit beasts on the side looked at the wolf king just like how the wolf king looked at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo's spirit sense landed on the side of the valley. It was a natural formation and there was a defense formation nearing level one immortal formation.

It was extremely hard to set up immortal formation in the cultivation realm as there was no immortal crystals. Even extreme grade spirit range can't support immortal formation. The Tuo Mi mountain ranges wasn't big but there clearly was reason why the wolf king chose their home here.

After crossing the green valley, Ye Mo saw a patch of grand palaces. In the middle of these, there was a blue palace.

"Is Pu Na back?" A voice sounded from the main palace.

Ye Mo's spirit sense saw that it was a bulky man speaking too but his hair was blue like the palace.
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