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"You killed one eye..." A soon as Ye Mo and Pu Na came in a coarse voice sounded while a dark ray shot at Ye Mo.

The dark faced man was shook and quickly went up and stopped that dark ray while palming out. The dark ray was shot out by an incompletely morphed wolf beast. Wolf head and human body. He was palmed by Pu Na and immediately flipped a few times before smashing on the pole.

"Pu Na what are you doing?" The blue haired man roared.

"Young wolf king what are you doing?" The wolf beast also roared.

Pu Na didn't seem to hear the two and said to Ye Mo respectfully "Qian bei, this is one eye's father. If qian bei wants revenge I can kill him immediately."

"What did you say?" The blue haired man got up in fury as blue sha chi surrounded him. He was the big wolf king and Pu Na dared to ignore him and be this cocky.

Ye Mo sneered. Did he think he would let them go like this? He didn't need Pu Na to do it.

Just when he was about to kill the half wolf half human, Ye Mo's face suddenly changed and looked up at the sky.

An extremely powerful chi landed from the void. Ye Mo burned his essence chi and used instant transmission without hesitation.

Rumble. A huge palm landed and the entire Tuo Mi mountain ranges was palmed a terrifying deep hole by this hand.

All spirit beasts and cultivators within the range turned to dust. Liu Zha and them who just left were swept flying by that force and heavily injured. They didn't dare to stop at all.

The wolf king valley at the fore front of this was completely annihilated.

With this palm, volcanos, floods and mountain slides erupted everywhere on Shen Qiong continent. Countless mountains and ciites crumbled due to this palm.

Ye Mo was a Dao Moulding Divine Emperor. How could he not know that it was definitely a divine emperor who made this palm. It was probably a Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor. This palm didn't even use one percent of instant second full power.

At this moment, Ye Mo realised. Nothing in the cultivation realm can attract a divine emperor. The only thing that could was the branch of the chaos tree. When he gave the branch to Wanqing, he removed his chi and this definitely let a powerful being notice.

As for the chaos tree chi, it wasn't rare for it to be sensed by divine emperor through a few realms.

Lu Zhengqun sealed the chaos tree seed in a place in the cultivation realm and sent someone there to guard it and then sealed the entire cultivation realm fearing that the chi would be spilled. Of course, this was with Kai Mi teaching him.

Lu Zhengqun himself wouldn't be able to seal cultivation realm.

After realizing this, Ye Mo kept using instant transmission. He knew that powerful being didn't use full power for that palm or the entire cultivation realm wouldn't be able to take it.

He must not be sealed on this continent by that powerful being or Shen Qiong continent was over. He was heavily injured but he was still a divine emperor. It would be strange if any piece of a cultivation realm could remain if two divine emperors fought in it.

Ye Mo couldn't care about his wounds and kept using transmissions like crazy. Although he didn't have time to dedicate to recovery, his cultivation level recovered quickly with the help of the chaos tree.

Ye Mo didn't even think and tore open the void of the continent and dashed out.

He wanted to wait till his power recovered and find Meng Qi and visit lotus glory sect and then find a way to go back to Luo Yue continent.

But now, he couldn't care. He just dashed into the endless void.

Ye Mo knew that although it seemed easy to tear open the void of the cultivation realm but it wasn't that easy tearing the void from immortal realm to cultivation realm. He didn't understand how this Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor came from the immortal realm to the cultivation realm. If it was that easy, he would've come down ages ago.

After going into the void, Ye Mo immediately called out the chaos tree and purposely released its chi. Then, he put away the chaos tree and dashed away.

As a cultivator, Ye Mo can also be very selfish when his interests were at stake but he had his bottom line. He couldn't use the entire Shen Qiong continent as his shield. If that Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor couldn't find his chi, he might instantly crush the Shen Qiong continent and find his chi amongst there.

He didn't need to worry about destroying the chaos tree. If it was that easily destroyed, it wouldn't be the number one tree in the universe.

"Hmm, it's not an ordinary truth realisation state cultivator and he escaped from my palm?" A white faced man appeared at the wolf king valley rubbles and murmured.

But after this he looked at the direction Ye Mo disappeared and murmured "Interesting, you're not a cultivation realm cultivator and you can easily tear the void here. You want to draw me into the void? As you wish then. So what if you're already a divine emperor. I'll let you know what a true Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor is. A small immortal like you don't deserve the chaos tree.

Then, the man just dashed into the void without needing to tear with his hands. At this moment, Shen Qiong continent was still crippling everywhere. The world laws were on the verge of breaking.

A cultivation realm law couldn't withstand a Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor who didn't hold back his power at all. Once the realm laws broke here, the Shen Qiong continent would be on the verge of destruction and perhaps become a place like the God Necropolis Domain.

After the man disappeared, the world laws slowly recovered.

When Ye Mo went into the void, he immediately released space time boat.

After flying for five minutes, Ye Mo gave the space time boat to shadowless and told him to run. He quickly went into the golden page world to recover. If he was fully recovered, how could he be scare of a Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor. Even if a Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor came, he would let him have it.

A grey robed figure dashed into the void and just when he was about to grab Ye Mo, he saw Ye Mo release a flying magic artefact and instantly disappeared.

"Low grade flying god artefact?" The man was dazed and chased up.

Half a day later, he could only follow the space time boat from a distance.

The man curesd "Just give me a flying immortal artefact and I would've caught you already."

He was furious. He didn't have anything on him, not even a crystal.

A month later, Ye Mo came out of the time formation disk. He felt he didn't recover that well in the time formation disk. It ran for a month but he only recovered half his injuries.

Ye Mo knew this was because his power involved world laws. The time formation disk only had time law and could no longer satisfy him.

Ye Mo asked shadowless. Although they couldn't shake the Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor off, the Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor couldn't catch up to them.

Ye Mo ignored that Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor and set up a spirit gathering formation with god crystals and sat on a god spirit range to recover.

Time flew by. Without using the time formation disk, Ye Mo's injuries recovered extremely. Another month passed and Ye Mo had completely recovered. His cultivation level return to Dao Moulding Divine Emperor. He didn't completely wake up but he felt a new dao law. It was samsara law. It was obscure but had a framework in his mind.

A life crippling bridge formed in his will and below it was the life crippling river. He recovered every step he took on the bridge. Each step seemed to represent his every life print.

Just when he was about to be swept away by yin chi, he seemed to see his own samsara. This was the samsara he was about to enter into.

Life crippling, void, will, samsara...

These things circulated around Ye Mo forming a clear whirlpool. Ye Mo suddenly lifted his hand and released this whirlpool. It appeared as though time was flowing back in the golden page world.

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