Strongest Abandoned Son
2081 Battle Truth Divine emperor
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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2081 Battle Truth Divine emperor

However, before that chi could completely explode that feeling disappeared from Ye Mo. Ye Mo opened his eyes with dissatisfaction.

He knew that he didn't have enough foundation and couldn't completely learn this time samsara god art. He only learned less than half. It was due to his own cultivation level that he couldn't keep learning it. Who knew when he would have such enlightenment next time.

Ye Mo dashed out of the golden page world and looked at shadowless "Have I been in solitary cultivation for more than half a year?"

"Boss, it's almost a year but don't worry even if we run for another year that guy wouldn't be able to catch up to us." Shadowless gloated.

Ye Mo slapped over "My power has recovered, do we need to run for another year? It's just a Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor, I can even beat a Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor."

Yes, it's that guy's misfortune that he chased after boss." Shadowless waved his tail "Boss, when are we going after that Hun Tian Pan Dragon fruit? I heard small ginseng say that thing is the best for making wine. Qiu Rang and small ginseng said it many times so I had to come ask boss, hehe."

"After things here are done, we'll go." Ye Mo knew that shadowless desperately wanted to increase his power.

Ye Mo let shadowless go into the golden page world and slowed the space time boat down.

If it wasn't for the chaos tree, Truth divine emperor would've long stopped chasing. But thinking about the chaos tree, Truth Divine emperor was on fire. He wasn't going to stop even if he chased for decades or a century.

He had changed his mind set. He was in no rush to catch up to Ye Mo. He was going to get close to it slowly. After a year, he found that he was getting closer.

If he continued at this pace, in just ten years he could catch up.

And he knew it might even be less than ten years as the space time boat probably burned a huge number of immortal crystals.

Just when he set his mind, he found that the space time boat slowed.

Truth divine emperor was confused for a moment and just rejoiced. He thought he would need to chase for a decade but in just a year, that guy couldn't keep running. At this moment, he sped up.

A huge planet appeared in Ye Mo's spirit sense and he was planning to go there to battle. Regardless if this planet had life, Ye Mo stopped and stood on an asteroid that flew over.

Half a minute later, Truth Divine emperor appeared before Ye Mo.

"Hahaha.... I finally caught up to you. Kid give me the chaos tree. The emperor shall give you a quick death." Truth divine emperor laughed.

Ye Mo looked calmly at Truth divine emperor "We can discuss that later. Tell me how you came from the immortal realm to the cultivation realm? I used a lot of means to come from over there."

"It seems I overestimated you. I thought you were a divine emperor but you're a mere immortal emperor. You can cross to the cultivation realm and not have your cultivation level restricted. That's very amazing. If I'm not wrong you probably mastered a law." Truth Divine emperor calmed down and praised Ye Mo.

Ye Mo ddin't answer, he was waiting for Truth divine emperor to answer him.

"Even an immortal emperor who mastered a law can't completely hide the chaos world unless you're the chaos tree's master or you have a wolrd with all five elements, or you have a chaos world..." Truth divine emperor's eyes shot out with beam.

Before divine dao rebirth, he had the best things amongst the divine emperors in the immortal realm but even he didn't have chaos world.

"You talk a lot of useless shit. I asked how you came down from the immortal realm." Ye Mo really couldn't contain himself anymore. If it wasn't that he wanted to know how this divine emperor came down from the immortal realm, he would've attacked already.

"Immortal realm? Haha..." Truth divine emperor laughed "For the immortal realm, I burned my life and immortal essence to kill that divine dao powerful being who came but the sly bunch in the immortal realm ambushed me. I should be grateful to them. If they didn't break the immortal realm barrier together, I wouldn't be able to charge out of the immortal realm with me essence spirit..."

Ye Mo immediately realised who this person was and asked "So you're Truth Divine emperor, the number one divine emperor of the immortal realm."

"That's right, I'm Truth divine emperor." Truth divine emperor said pridefully. Ye Mo came from the immortal realm, it wasn't strange that Ye Mo knew his name.

Then he glanced at Ye Mo "I'm amazed that a mere immortal emperor like you can come to the cultivation realm and ignore the world law suppression.

If the world law couldn't suppress a powerful being, then the world law may cripple at anytime. But if the suppression worked then even the most powerful being would have to be suppressed in the cultivation realm.

"You body and essence spirit was destroyed but you completely recovered?" Ye Mo asked in shock. He was amazed that Truth divine emperor didn't lose any power after reviving.

Truth divine emperor said coldly "If you think that the ghost spirit ships are my true soul then stop. I was hunted by those sly bunch, would I leave my essence spirit in the immortal realm? If it wasn't for the divine dao realm powerful being battle, even if a few divine emperors attacked me, the immortal realm barrier might not be broken. I can only say that the heavens didn't want me to die. As soon as I rebirthed, I sensed my Immortal Carnage Tower. After I take the chaos tree, I'll go back and thke my tower..."

You felt the immortal carnage tower in the immortal realm?" Ye Mo was suddenly sweating cold.

He had known from Su Jingwen that the tower was in Yimo's hands. If Truth divine emperor sensed it in the immortal realm, it meant that Yimo had ascended. If the Truth divine emperor wasn't drawn over by the chaos tree then...

Ye Mo didn't dare to keep imagining.

"Hand it over, don't force me to attack or you would've even get a chance to go into samsara." Truth divine emperor stared at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sighed "I was thinking about letting you live but there's no need now. Die."

"You're asking to die..." Truth divine emperor didn't expect he talked for so long but this immortal emperor was just playing with him. He wasn't going to tolerate this and grabbed at Ye Mo with his hand.

An immortal emperor was no different to an insect to him.

But just when he lifted his hand, he felt this terror coming from his soul. A powerful murderous chi broke his Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor domain and locked onto his soul and body.

His body was reborn but he couldn't find any way out of that powerful lethal force.

"Golden Bow of Divine Extermination..." Truth divine emperor recognized it when he saw Ye Mo draw the bow at him.
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