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In that instant, Truth divine emperor didn't think about running away, he knew better than anyone the terror of the Golden Bow of Divine Extermination. It would be idiotic to run away in front of the Golden Bow of Divine Extermination.

Truth divine emperor was shaking with cold but he didn't think he lost. First, Ye Mo was just an immortal emperor.

Even if an immortal emperor had the Golden Bow of Divine Extermination, he wouldn't be able to release most of instant second power. Second, it was uncertain how many arrows Ye Mo had.

Truth divine emperor didn't speak and stretched his domain out like crazy. He was going to use his domain to crush Ye Mo's domain and then deal with the bone arrows.

But soon Truth divine emperor found something was wrong. His domain clashed with Ye Mo's done and it was like mud entering an ocean. Suddenly, Ye Mo's domain increased in power. The powerful charge from domain shaked his domain.

Truth divine emperor was shocked. He knew clearly now that Ye Mo wasn't an immortal emperor but was a divine emperor who wasn't any weaker than him.

A faint golden mark swiped across their domains and smashed towards Truth divine emperor. This area of void fell bleak and lifeless. A terrifying mark was left in the void by this arrow. Void wind blades few out of the marks and hit their divine emperor domains before turning into nothing.

Splurge..." Blood mist exploded. Truth divine emperor's arm that stopped the bone arro was completely pulverized.

Truth divine emperor used this opportunity to charge into the void fissure created by the golden bone arrow. Using his experience, he felt Ye Mo's cultivation level and knew that even without the Golden Bow of Divine Extermination, he might not be able to beat Ye Mo.

He was already thinking about how to get away now. The void fissure created byt eh arrow was where he was going to flee.

After Ye Mo vindicated dao, he had been fighting in the God Necropolis Domain. The God Necropolis Domain space was very stable and even if a Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor attacked with full power, it couldn't creat void fissures. He didn't expect this many void fissures would be created in the cultivation realm void with one arrow. He didn't expect even more that Truth divine emperor would sacrifice an arm to flee.

The instant Truth divine emperor fled, Ye Mo knew that he wasn't as experienced as Truth divine emperor and he knew the terror of Truth divine emperor. His golden bone arrow was spirit controlled to the 99thlevel restriction but Truth divine emperor could block one arrow with his arm. If Truth divine emperor gathered his magic artefact, then six arrows that weren't completely controlled really might not be able to kill him.

One couldn't flee against the bone arrow but after the first shot was made and the second arrow wasn't readied, you could escape to another realm if you were capable.

These thoughts flashed in an instant and Ye Mo grabbed his bone arrow and charged into the void.

Truth divine emperor knew Ye Mo chased but there was nothing he could do. He knew he was too careless. How could someone who got the chaos tree be simple. The reason Ye Mo fled before was probably because he was injured too.

The only thing he could do now was keep tearing space before Ye Mo's golden bone arrow locked onto him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to escape even if he reached Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor. Plus, he didn't have any magic artefacts on him.

Ye Mo didn't even release space time boat and just kept hunting Truth divine emperor. He wouldn't allow Truth divine emperor to escape or Yimo would be indanger.

Truth divine emperor really wanted to know why Ye Mo hunted him this crazily. Even if he was scared that news of the chaos tree had spilled Ye Mo shouldn't chase him. The news was already leaked. He was certain he wasn't the only one who sensed the chaos tree.

There were void fissures, storms and wind blades between the voids but Ye Mo and Truth divine emperor pretty much ignored these. It was like a tickle to them.

When Ye Mo's Golden Bow of Divine Extermination locked onto Truth divine emperor, Truth divine emperor had to stop again.

Three golden beams shot out.

These three golden arrows didn't create void fissures again. Truth divine emperor knew that Ye Mo learned from his past mistake.

Since Ye Mo could control the bone arrow to not damage the nearby void, Truth divine emperor knew that Ye Mo's power was subtly higher than his. He was very shocked and didn't understand things. He knew his cultivation level. Before divine dao rebirth, he wouldn't dare to say he was invincible amongst peers but after that, his body and power were many times stronger. Yet, Ye Mo was on par with him. Just what cultivation method was Ye Mo using?

Someone slightly stronger than him and pointed the Golden Bow of Divine Extermination at him who had no defense magic artefacts. How could the Truth divine emperor not know he was in extreme danger today. Feeling the terrifying destruction chi around him, Truth divine emperor roared and divine golden rings spread out from his body forming ripples.

As these ripples expanded, Truth divine emperor's face rapidly aged. He had to fight with his life now.

The first arrow smashed on the ripple and the ripple instantly exploded. The destructive chi of the first arrow was mitigated.

Rumble rumble. The second and third arrow struck the two later ripples which exploded at the same time. Destructive chi expanded from the void.

Before Truth divine emperor could breath, two more golden beams shot out. These two faint destructive chis crossed the void instantly. Truth divine emperor was in despair as he stared at the golden ripple "How can you have six real golden bone arrows?"

There were only five remaining real arrows and each arrow needed some time to recover after being shot.

Ye Mo shot out six arrows and their power was at peak.

The fourth arrow blasted Truth divine emperor's last ripple and the fifth arrow struck onto his chest.

Skin and bones were blasted to pieces. Truth divine emperor didn't have a single drop of blood on him. He burned all his life, essence blood and even his essence spirit to block the first four arrows.

But despite this, he couldn't escape his fate.

He could never image that he had forbeared in the void for countless years and even succeeded in cultivating the divine dao rebirth but only ended up living a short year afterwards. He didn't even find a decent magic artefact in this year.

Ye Mo felt his hands shaky. Even he couldn't take shooting five arrows in a row. Truth divine emperor was far stronger than he had imagined. He didn't have any magic artefact and didn't convert his immortal essence to god essence but blocked five of his arrows before being shot down.

Ye Mo admired his grit but Ye Mo knew he had to kill Truth divine emperor.

Otherwise, Truth divine emperor would kill him. He had Truth divine emperor's time formation disk, bitter bamboo and immortal carnage tower.

Ye Mo threw the bow and arrow into the golden page world and rested on an asteroid.

At the same time, he was thinking that if Truth divine emperor had all his magic artefact, he might not be able to kill Truth divine emperor.

Ye Mo rested for a moment and found that he didn't know where he was at all.

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