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In the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect, Ji Xi and the sect leader were sitting face to face. Ji Xi immediately asked her master why the saint was switched when she wasn't dead?

"Master, you probably knew that my soul lamp wasn't out. Why did you appoint another saint? I'm back now. I hope Xiaoyun can go back to Lanyi peak and I'll stay at immortal goddess peak." Ji Xi said.

"No, you can only become saint again after a hundred years." Ji Xinyi said without hesitation.

Seeing Ji Xi dejected, Ji Xinyi sighed "Ruoxi, do you know why the Great Sun God Mountain wants our saint? They want to sacrifice the saint to their mountain. The Great Sun God Mountain has a dao seeking peak being. They're far stronger than our Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect. Great Sun God Mountain hasn't been able to relive their prime. If they use our saint to sacrifice to their mountain, the Great Sun God peak might reappear and their Dao Essence Divine Emperor peak might be able to use this to break through to Primordial Essence Divine Emperor.

"Then why are we sending a saint there?" Ji Xi asked in confusion.

Ji Xinyi sighed "Because Great Sun God Mountain is too powerful. They annihilated the Xu Yue divine dao. If they weren't scared of Duanmu Yuebo, they would've flipped the sect grounds upside down. After all these years, Duanmu Yuebo didn't come back. I think they probably have nothing holding them back. Even if we didn't give them a saint, they can find an opportunity to cause trouble. If we agree, we can delay for a hundred years so you must not spread news of you coming back."

Ji Xi fell silent for a long while "Since we're sending a saint, why do we have to choose Xiaoyun? This is so unfair for her, she had the least time in our sect..."

After knowing that Ye Mo was Mu Xiaoyun's husband she planned to help Mu Xiaoyun. She felt that if she did, she wouldn't owe Ye Mo anything and then would be able to reach Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor in a short time.

"Plus, Xiaoyun has a husband. She's not suitable to be saint..." Ji Xi hesitated and said.

Ji Xinyi glanced at Ji Xi and said slowly "Ruoxi, do you think we're going to give Great Sun God Mountain a real saint for them to sacrifice?"

"Huh..." Ji Xi looked dazily at her master, the sect leader who raised her up.

She finally realised that although Xiaoyun was a sacrifice, she was also something that could prevent the Great Sun God Mountain from becoming divine. Xiaoyun was no longer a virgin. If she was sacrificed by the Great Sun God Mountain, how could the Great Sun God Mountain become a divine dao mountain?

"Is locking up martial uncle Jilan to prevent her from stopping Xiaoyun going there?" Ji Xi suddenly felt tired. The Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect was this famous in the divine dao realm. It was a place everyone respected. It was scared and selflessness and the spiritual epitaph of the broken realm, but now, the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect was scheming a lonely woman. Was this looking at the bigger picture or being selfish?

Seeing Ji Xi's look, Ji Xinyi said again "Ruoxi, our Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect saved Mu Xiaoyun's life. We're very grateful she can sacrifice for the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect. Perhaps we can leave her name in the future. Qilan is immersed in the past so locking her up for now is for the good of her. One day, she will understand my hard work."

Ji Xi let out a long sigh and suddenly made up her mind "Master, I hope we can find someone who's willing to be saint. Or perhaps I can do it. Regardless who it is, Xiaoyun can't be saint..."

Ji Xinyi frowned "You being saint is wasting the will of the entire sect and fulfilling Great Sun God Mountain. You attained huge fortune from the God Necropolis Domain and reached a Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor in such a short time. I don't know what fortune you got but this is a sign that the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect is about to rise. How can you be so emotional? How can you handle the great responsibilities ahead of you?"

As though feeling she was too heavy on her, Ji Xinyi eased up her tone and said "Xiaoyun has this ethereal temperament. Although she's no longer virgin, she has the chi of a saint. Another married woman wouldn't be able to be like saint. Xiaoyun has the best talent and a chi that other women don't have. Only she can be the saint without making Great Sun God Mountain suspicious."

Ji Xi stood up and said "Master, I'm afraid that making Xiaoyun saint would eventually harm the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect."

Ji Xinyi looked at Ji Xi in confusion "Xiaoyun probably came from the immortal realm. Although ordinary divine emperors don't know the passage to the immortal realm but we do. If you're not feeling safe, you can go with martial uncle Yunhuai and go annihilate her sect."

"Martial uncle Yunhuai already went to the immortal realm?" Ji Xi got up in shock.

Just when Ji Xinyi wanted to talk, she saw Yunhuai outside and quickly opened the restriction "Yunhuai come in, Ruoxi is back."

"It's great news that saint Xi is back." Yunhuai immediately said happily.

"Why are you here?" Ji Xinyi looked at Yunhuai in confusion.

Yun Huai also said in confusion "I'm very bewildered too. The place we found can definitely sense the immortal realm chi but this time, I couldn't find it at all. The immortal realm's chi had been completely segregated. It seems someone has set up a formation to separate the immortal realm from the divine dao realm. I'm planning to go check it again."

"Really?" Ji Xinyi frowned. Even if the immortal realm people knew there was a tunnel to the divine dao rea也 wouldn't be able to seal it.

"I suspect someone from this realm did it. I don't know the reason yet." Yunhuai answered.

Ji Xi suddenly said "Master, we don't need to go to the immortal realm. I'm talking about Xiaoyun's husband. I saw him at the God Necropolis Domain..."

"What? you're saying Xiaoyun's husband went to the God Necropolis Domain?" Ji Xinyi suddenly got up. How could that be, the news she got was that Xiaoyun's husband was probably dead already or fighting in the cultivation realm.

Ji Xi nodded "Yes, he's called Ye Mo. I owe him a favor. It was due to him that I could cross the life crippling bridge..."

"You cross the life crippling bridge?"

Ji Xinyi and Yunhuai both got up in shock. Crossing that bridge meant there was the chance to reach Primordial Essence Divine Emperor. This news was too shocking. Ji Xinyi thought Ji Xi came back from the God Necropolis Domain border.

"What was inside the life crippling forbidden grounds?" Ji Xinyi's tone was shaky.

Ji Xi shook her head "Just as I crossed it, I was devoured by a space fissure. When I came out, I found I was at the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect."

"So that's it." Ji Xinyi sat down. Moments later she explained "life crippling bridge is also called samsara heart bridge. The crevices at the end of the bridge pretty much is the border of samara. If you didn't go into the samsara river, those void fissures are called heart mark void. These heart mark voids would take the person where they want to go the most. You were able to return to the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect accurately probably because you were in the nine lotus stand."

"So that's it; Ji Xi said.

Ji Xinyi nodded "We'll talk about that later. Tell me about Xiaoyun's dao partner?"

Ji Xi's face went serious. She began talking about what Ye Mo and when she finished, she said worriedly "Master, Ye Mo is the strongest immortal emperor I've seen. Of course, I'm certain he's not immortal emperor. I owe him but most importantly, if he didn't die and the sect did something against Xiaoyun, our sect will..."

"You're saying he chatted very well with that Gongyang An and even became friends?" Ji Xinyi frowned.

"Yes, Gongyan qian bei indeed got along with Ye Mo. They're friends as equals." Ji Xi said.

Yunhuai suddenly said "Sect leader, that Ye Mo fell down the life crippling river. No matter how powerful he is, he can't survive. That Gongyang An only met him once and he's dead. I believe Gongyang An probably wouldn't remember him. Plus, it's not even certain if Gongyang An can come out of the God Necropolis Domain.

According to Ji Xi, Ye Mo just killed a Dao Moulding Divine Emperor so his power is probably at Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor. But our Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect has Dao Essence Divine Emperor. A mere Ye Mo is nothing.

"Master, I mean to give Xiaoyun's soul back to her." Ji Xi agreed to Xiaoyun that she would get her soul back. Ji Xinyi shook her head "I can only give it back when she heads to the Great Sun God Mountain."

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