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The woman's fist hit Bao'er. Bao'er didn't even try to dodge or block it. She just glared at the woman.


The woman's pupils suddenly shrank as her fist was about to touch Bao'er's body. A strange light emanated from Bao'er, and a soft leaf extended out of her ragged shirt. It grabbed the woman's fist.

The terrifying force of the woman's punch hit the soft golden leaf, but the leaf wasn't knocked away or damaged. Instead, the leaf only trembled a bit

"How is that possible?" The woman stared at Bao'er in horror.

Even a top-tier demigod couldn't resist the power she had after she put on a geno armor. She didn't know where that leaf came from that it could resist her fist.

She took a few steps back and stared at Bao'er in horror. The gold leaves extended from Bao'er's body and covered her like scales. They formed a unique leaf armor and cloaked Bao'er as if she was a child wearing golden dragon scales.

However, they weren't dragon scales; they were just golden leaves that looked like they belonged on a maple tree.

"Geno armor... How is it possible... Why can a pet have a geno armor... Impossible..." The woman finally saw what it really was, but she couldn't believe her eyes. "What are you?"

Bao'er didn't hear what the woman said. She stared at the woman with her terrifying eyes and walked toward the woman step by step.

"I'll use your blood to pay for the tears of Littleflower!" she hissed.

"Impossible... Impossible... It's impossible that they can use their self geno armors here... Impossible..." the woman screamed, and the black and purple light surged again like a volcano exploding. She dashed toward Bao'er, as if she had gone completely mad.

Previously, the woman had still been controlling her power, but now, she didn't have any concerns anymore. She just wanted to kill Bao'er, and as her power exploded out from her, even the residual waves of her strength could crush the entire children's entertainment zone.

Even if Littleflower could survive, the other children wouldn't.

However, just when the woman threw her punch, Bao'er's body appeared right in front of the woman, and the small hand covered by golden leaves pressed against the woman's fist.

The raging power of the devil flames withered away under the Bao'er's palm. Suddenly, the entire world became peaceful again.

The woman felt her eyes popping as if she had seen a ghost. She tried to pull her fist back, but she found that her hand was being held as firmly as if it was in a vice.

Seeing Bao'er's eyes, which were filled with bloodlust, the woman was terrified.

"You deserve to die..." Bao'er squeezed the words out of her mouth as if each word was tainted by blood.

After finishing the last word, Bao'er clenched the woman's fist harder, and threw the woman up into the air.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Bao'er teleported in front of the woman instantly, and she punched the woman with fists that were like hammers. Each punch left a giant hole in the woman's armor, and they cracked the flesh and blood and bones inside the woman's body.

"The geno armor is being crushed... Ah!" The woman couldn't help screaming as she couldn't think of anything else now.

Bao'er's fists kept crushing the armor and hitting her body directly, rolling her in the sky and forcing her to scream. Blood dropped like rain, and the fragments of her geno armor also flew everywhere. Her entire body was twisted, and finally, she couldn't even make a sound anymore.


With the last punch, Bao'er completely smashed the woman's rugged geno armor and her body, and blood fell like rain.

Right after the woman died, the Sen Luo illusion disappeared, and the golden leaf armor on Bao'er's body also disappeared. She was still holding a gourd, and she sucked all the blood and fragments into her gourd. Aside from some broken grounds and facilities, no evidence of the fight was visible anymore.

"Don't be scared, Littleflower... I'm here... I won't let anyone hurt you..." Bao'er walked to Littleflower and touched his head, giving him a smile.

However, in the next second, Bao'er fell down beside Littleflower.

"Sister Bao'er..." Littleflower held Bao'er, and he looked very worried.

Children who had gotten free suddenly started to cry, and the Al of the supermarket found that the children's section was damaged. The Al gave a warning, and all the security people rushed to the children's entertainment zone immediately. Everyone nearby rushed toward the entertainment zone regardless of whether they had left their children there or not. They wanted to see what was happening and whether they could help.

It was a chaotic scene, and when Han Sen arrived, he found Bao'er lying beside Littleflower. He was terrified. He immediately checked Bao'er's body. Fortunately, Bao'er was still alive, although she was very fragile and weak.

Han Sen took Bao'er and Littleflower and rushed home as fast as he could. He took Bao'er into the sanctuary and asked Little Silver to help her.

Only Little Silver could save Bao'er now.

Little Silver used the power of silver lightning to cure Bao'er. Though it took a very long time, Bao'er began to recover, and Han Sen was relieved.

Bao'er was safe now. However, she had been gravely injured, so she needed a long time to recover.

Han Sen asked Little Silver to keep curing Bao'er. As for him, he went back to the Alliance to ask Littleflower what had happened and why Bao'er was so injured.

Littleflower was only about a year old, but he was already able to talk a lot. Although he couldn't describe much, Han Sen still understood what had happened.

"That woman... Is that woman from the God's organization? She dared to attack Littleflower... Fortunately, Bao'er was there. Otherwise, she might have actually gotten what she wanted... D*mn it..." Han Sen couldn't be more furious.

After more than ten hours of healing from Little Silver, Bao'er finally woke up. However, her body was still very weak, so she wouldn't be able to recover in a short period of time.

After waking up, Bao'er grabbed Han Sen and asked, "Is Littleflower okay?".

"Little Flower is very safe, and he didn't get injured. You protected him, and he's safe because of you. You're an excellent sister, no, you're the best sister." Han Sen suddenly felt terrible.

"Hmph. Littleflower is one of my toys. Only I can bully him. Nobody else can bully him," said Bao'er, pouting.

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